ROKU KYOTO A guide to summer products that you can taste in the inner parlor of Kyoto, where the bright greenery is beautiful

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[ROKU KYOTO] A guide to summer products that you can taste in the inner parlor of Kyoto, where the bright greenery is beautiful
ROKU KYOTO, LXR Hotels & Resorts (Kita Ward, Kyoto City, General Manager: Yoshinori Nishihara, hereinafter referred to as ROKU KYOTO) will be holding a hot summer in Kyoto from Thursday, June 1, 2023 to Thursday, August 31. We will sell summer limited products that you can enjoy coolly.
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Afternoon Tea -kitayama sugi-
At the foot of Takagamine Sanzan, the restaurant TENJIN, located in an environment rich in nature along the Tenjin River, serves fresh local ingredients from all over Kyoto, such as yuzu from Mizuo, Shishigaya pumpkin, Kyoto Mai corn, and Kamigamo tomato. We offer a summer-only afternoon tea where you can enjoy sweets and savory made with various vegetables and fruits.
In addition, the original shaved ice “Natsuroku Goori”, which combines various ingredients and textures, will be available for a limited time of two months from July, when the full-scale summer arrives. We offer two flavors: a milk Uji matcha flavor that you can enjoy with four different textures, and a tropical mango flavor with apricot kernels and coconut scented with fresh mango.
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“Natsuroku Goori”
At the “Chef’s Table”, which is only available for dinner, seasonal flavors such as spring rolls made with seasonal sweetfish and Kamo eggplant from Kyoto, combined with French techniques and Japanese ingredients, and main dishes with wild boar meat from Kyotanba and Saikyo miso. Enjoy a special course of all 10 items that make use of the pairing drink. At “The Bar”, a fantastic space facing the water basin, “ROKU Gin and Tonic Fair” where you can enjoy Japanese craft gin incorporating traditional Japanese botanicals and gin and tonic using Japanese ingredients such as yuzu and shiso. It will be held. [Image 3

THE ROKU SPA fasting plan
From the healing spa “THE ROKU SPA” that blends into nature, we will sell the accommodation plan “THE ROKU SPA Fasting Plan”. Surrounded by magnificent nature, the fasting program unique to this land encourages the elimination of toxins from the body through 24-hour fasting during your stay, purifying your mind and body. Through meditation, yoga, spa treatments, and early morning “balancing yoga” in a chartered outdoor thermal pool using natural hot springs, you can rejuvenate your mind and body. Experience the sensations.
Rakuhoku offers you a summer time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Enjoy a refreshing summer afternoon tea set with traditional Kyoto vegetables and fruits
Bonbon chocolate using “Kyoto Mai Corn”, white corn that is
characterized by its fruit-like sweetness, and “Shikagaya Pumpkin”, which has been cultivated for 200 years and has been designated as a “traditional vegetable of Kyoto”. In addition to the rare cheesecake, we will prepare items unique to ROKU KYOTO that incorporate plenty of local blessings, such as original sweets that combine homemade warabi mochi with baba soaked with plenty of fragrant yuzu juice from Mizuo, Kyoto. . In addition, there is a lineup of savory items such as temari sushi with seasonal sweetfish accented with chirimen sansho pepper, Kamigamo tomato caprese, and other savory items that allow you to enjoy the blessings of nature that Kyoto’s summer brings. In addition, the popular chef’s table menu “HOT Fumoto PIE” can be enjoyed at afternoon tea for a limited time. Spend an elegant tea time with an original tea selection including fresh herbal tea using herbs from the hotel’s own farm.
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■ Outline of “Afternoon Tea -kitayama sugi-”
[Sales period] Saturday, July 1, 2023 to Thursday, August 31 *Reservation required by the day before
[business hours] 14:00-16:30 (offer time 14:00-14:30)
[Provision place] Restaurant “TENJIN”
[Fee] 6,957 yen
[Menu] 6 types of sweets / 4 types of savory / 2 types of scones / 8 types of drinks (drink free flow 90 minute system)
Phone: 075-320-0176 (Reception hours weekdays 10:00-17:00)
*Prices shown include 15% service charge and 10% consumption tax. Two types of original shaved ice that combine various ingredients and textures are available only in summer
The gorgeous parfait ice “Natsuroku Goori”, which is a combination of parfait and shave ice, will be available again this year only in summer. Uji matcha is combined with milk shaved ice that melts in the mouth like light snow, and the inside is yuzu sorbet and Japanese pepper flavor.
“Natsu Roku Ice Uji Matcha” is reminiscent of panna cotta, and you can enjoy the change in taste and texture with various Japanese
ingredients such as Tanba black soybeans and yuzu confit, and almond and coconut flavor with fresh mango. We offer two types of fragrant tropical “Natsu Fumoto Ice Mango”. Enjoy a hybrid summer-only menu that uses shaved ice that melts in your mouth.
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Natsu Fumoto Ice Uji Matcha 3,795 yen
Shaved ice cream made from thick milk ice cream and finished with fragrant Uji matcha powder. pure white milk shave ice
Panna cotta of Japanese pepper and sorbet of yuzu are confined inside. You can customize the taste to your liking with 4 kinds of Japanese condiments such as Tamba black soybeans, gyuhi, and yuzu confit. [Image 6

Natsu Fumoto ice manka 4,048 yen
Smooth apricot kernel and coconut panna cotta is topped with smooth shave ice made from richly scented apple mango ice cream, and topped with a gentle sour yogurt espuma to create a tropical dish. To finish, sprinkle fresh sweet mango and homemade bracken-starch dumplings with a refreshing lemongrass scent.
■Overview of “Natsuroku Goori”
[Sales period] Saturday, July 1, 2023 to Thursday, August 31, 2023 [business hours] 12:00-21:00
[Provision place] Restaurant “TENJIN”
[Price] “Natsu Fumoto Ice Uji Matcha” 3,795 yen / “Natsu Fumoto Ice Mango” 4,048 yen
Phone: 075-320-0176 (Reception hours weekdays 10:00-17:00)
*Prices shown include 15% service charge and 10% consumption tax. Lunch and dinner using sweetfish, Kamo eggplant, and summer truffles that are in season in summer, and a summer-only cocktail fair At the restaurant “TENJIN”, which offers French cuisine that pursues unconventional beauty with the motif of “nature, art and cuisine”, there are three scenes: “Chef’s Table”, “All Day Dining” and “The Bar”. We will prepare a menu only for this season. Enjoy a dining experience that can only be enjoyed here while listening to the murmuring of the Tenjin River that flows right next to the restaurant. ◇ “Chef’s Table” An example of the summer menu
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Sweetfish Kamo eggplant spring rolls
Lemon puree is added to the spring rolls containing soft confit sweetfish and Kamo eggplant. It is a special dish that combines French techniques, Japanese ingredients, and Chinese cooking methods. [Image 8

Kyotamba wild boar zucchini
Boar meat from Tamba and Miyama is combined with Saikyo miso and carefully roasted to maximize the condensed umami of summer boar meat. Serve with parmesan cheese and zucchini risotto.
◇ An example of the “All Day Dining” summer menu
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corn scallop perilla
Chilled Kyoto corn soup with grilled corn and scallop tartare. We will add coffee oil as an accent and serve it with refreshing perilla ice cream.
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Lamb roast Kyoyamashina eggplant Provence style
A dish of roasted Australian lamb infused with herbs from Provence in southern France, topped with lamb ragout and Gruyère cheese, and served with Kyoyamashina eggplant gratin.
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Banana Mint Soup Summer Truffle
A summery dessert that combines the sweetness of bananas, the freshness of dill, the scent of truffles, and the sourness of passion fruit. Please enjoy it with clear mint soup.
◇ “The Bar”
“ROKU gin and tonic fair” 2,277 yen each
“ROKU Gin and Tonic Fair” will be held, where you can enjoy Japanese craft gin and gin and tonic using seasonal ingredients to blow away the summer heat of Kyoto. Based on Japanese craft gin “Ki no Bi” or “ROKU” that incorporates traditional Japanese botanicals, orange, perilla, and yuzu are added to the base and mixed with tonic water to create a refreshing gin and tonic. Did.
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・DAIDAI (left photo)
Based on the craft gin “ROKU”, which uses 6 botanicals unique to Japan that are harvested in season, such as cherry blossoms, leaves, and gyokuro. A bowl with a good balance of sweetness, sourness and bitterness.
・SHISO (in the photo)
A refreshing cup of craft gin “ROKU” with Japanese botanicals such as cherry blossoms and gyokuro that has been transferred to the scent of shiso.
・YUZU (right photo)
Based on rice spirits made from rice, 11 types of botanicals unique to Japan, Kyoto dry gin “KI NO BI” made with soft and fine underground water, yuzu liqueur, yuzu jam, and yuzu beer are added. A fruity cup. ■Restaurant “TENJIN” summer menu overview
[Offer period] Thursday, June 1, 2023 to Thursday, August 31, 2023 【business hours】
Chef’s table 18:15~
All Day Dining Lunch 12:00-13:30 (L.O.) / Dinner 17:30-21:00 (L.O.) The Bar 17:30-23:00 (L.O.)
Chef’s table ¥35,420 (includes drink pairing) *dinner only
All-day dining Lunch: from 8,855 yen / Dinner: 17,077 yen
The Bar “ROKU Gin Tonic Fair” ¥2,277 each
Phone: 075-320-0176 (Reception hours weekdays 10:00-17:00)
*Prices shown include 15% service charge and 10% consumption tax. A special 3 days to prepare the mind and body by fasting with meditation and yoga
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THE ROKU SPA Fasting Plan
“THE ROKU SPA Fasting Plan” is a 2-night, 3-day fasting program that purifies the mind and body in an environment surrounded by magnificent nature. During the 24 hours of fasting during your stay, you will experience the sensation of your body becoming lighter and your five senses being sharpened. On the first day, which starts with careful counseling and reset yoga, you will enjoy a meal to slowly prepare for fasting while warming your body.
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Meditation & Relaxation Yoga
On the second day, we will take care of your mind and body with a fulfilling relaxation such as meditation, yoga, and spa treatments in nature. After 24 hours of fasting, we will prepare a recovery meal with ingredients that are gentle on the stomach, such as Kyoto vegetables and tofu. The next morning, on the third day, you can feel the lightness of your body and the calmness of your breathing while relaxing in the moderately warm natural hot springs in the early morning of the outdoor thermal pool for balancing yoga. Also, at the end of the fast, you can enjoy an elegant hotel breakfast as a reward for your hard work. During your stay, enjoy your stay in a spacious room overlooking Takagamine’s rich nature while enjoying herb water made with freshly picked herbs from the hotel’s own farm. Under the supervision of medical doctor Yoshinori Kosugi and yoga instructor Chihiro Nagashima, spend three days facing your own body with a reasonable fasting plan.
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Room Deluxe
■ THE ROKU SPA Fasting Plan Overview
[Accommodation period] Thursday, June 1, 2023 to Thursday, August 31, 2023 【price】
1 person from 189,561 yen / 2 people from 274,392 yen / 3 people from 359,723 yen
(per deluxe room for 2 nights and 3 days)
・2 nights and 3 days stay at ROKU KYOTO
・Breakfast at restaurant “TENJIN” (3rd day morning only)
・Fasting menu during your stay (1 meal for preparation and 1 meal for recovery) ・Herb water
・Reset Yoga
・Meditation & Relaxation Yoga
・Meditation walk
・Spa treatment
・Balancing yoga in a thermal pool using natural hot springs
Phone: 075-320-0166 (reception hours 9:00-18:00)
*Prices shown include 15% service charge, 10% consumption tax, accommodation tax and bathing tax.
*Reservations must be made 7 days prior to the date of stay. * This plan is for healthy people in their 20s to 60s.
Outline of “ROKU KYOTO, LXR Hotels & Resorts”
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Name: ROKU KYOTO, LXR Hotels & Resorts
Opening date: Thursday, September 16, 2021
Location: 44-1 Kinugasa Kagamiishicho, Kita Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture Number of rooms: 114
Food and beverage facility: TENJIN (French)
Spa facilities: THE ROKU SPA
Official site:
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