Sichuan Festival 2023 held! 15 popular stores gathered! Szechuan Cuisine

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Sichuan Festival 2023 held! 15 popular stores gathered! Szechuan Cuisine A Sichuan cuisine festival that attracted a total of 400,000 people. This year, the Mapa Grand Prix will be held at the same time!
From May 13th (Sat) to May 14th (Sun), the Sichuan Festival Executive Committee (Mala Rengo, Tokiiro Co., Ltd., Bhaso Research Institute Co., Ltd.) and the China Tourist Representative Office in Tokyo will be at Nakano Central Park. “Sichuan Festival 2023 in Nakano Antenna Street” will be held. The Sichuan Festival is Japan’s largest Sichuan cuisine festival, and is a popular event that has been held five times from 2017 to 2023, attracting a total of 400,000 people.
■ Two days to be intoxicated with Sichuan cuisine
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There are more than 10 types of mapo tofu, including the shop that originated mapo tofu, mutton mapo tofu, green mapo tofu, and beef tendon mapo tofu. Furthermore, noodle dishes are enriched this year. From the familiar authentic Sichuan dandan noodles without soup to dandan noodles with soup and momen. You can also enjoy Sichuan cuisine with a local feel, such as hot pot and spicy chicken.
Since there is no rice booth this time, we recommend bringing your own rice. [Image 2

■ 7 new stores will appear for the first time at Sichuan Festival! A total of 15 popular shops gathered
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[Akasaka] Sichuan snack
A popular Sichuan restaurant in Akasaka, a battleground for Sichuan cuisine. Authentic Sichuan cuisine created by a Japanese owner and a skilled Chinese chef!
[Shinjuku] 175° DENO Dandan Noodles
The one and only DENO tantanmen, a well-known restaurant in Sapporo. By the way, the 175° in the store name is the temperature at which chili oil is made.
[Kanda] Kanda Unrin
Yunrin led by Chef Naruke. A well-known restaurant that creates dishes full of originality based on the basics of Chinese cuisine and traditional dishes.
[Shimokitazawa] Kinwei
A casual brand of Chinese restaurant Daizawa Kinwei. A restaurant specializing in dandan noodles and shrimp shumai is participating for the first time!
[Osaka] Sawada Hotel
Chef Sawada’s Sawada-affiliated “Sawada Hotel”, which is familiar with the job chain, will participate for the first time!
[Ebisu] Chinese Vegetable Rihaku
Led by Chef Sato, who trained in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, “Li Bai”, a fusion of Sichuan cuisine and Hong Kong dim sum, will participate for the first time!
[Shibuya] Chen’s private dish
The strongest mapo tofu boasting the No. 1 sales for four consecutive Sichuan festivals! The Chen family private corps!
[Shinjuku] Birthplace of Mapo Tofu Chen Mapo Tofu
All mapo tofu started here! Founded in 1862, it is the only store in the world that has been separated from the main store in Sichuan Province!
[Kyobashi] Sichuan Cuisine Hanabi
Real Chinese No. 1! Authentic Sichuan cuisine made by Mr. Yang Satoshi, the best chef in Sichuan province!
[Sugamo] The Honpo of Sichuan Cuisine Kouraimoko
Born in Sichuan Province, three generations of his family have been making Sichuan cuisine. Traditional and homely Sichuan cuisine is attractive!
[Ikebukuro] Sword Noodle Club
What kind of noodles will the new business of the Hinhinko series, “Touken Noodle Club”, enter the war for the first time?
[Nishikawaguchi] Jiaheng Trading x Sichuan Impression
An assassin from Gachi Chuka Nishikawaguchi! Joined forces with Jiaheng Trading, a wholesaler of Chinese seasonings, for the first time!
[Kanda] Ajibou
A well-known store of sheep as a representative of serious Chinese food. Plenty of lamb, such as mutton mapo tofu and double pot mutton! [Tsukuba] Ten meals of Sichuan cuisine
From Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, 10 meals of maple that provide the taste of Sichuan Luzhou! First participation!
[Takadanobaba] Granddaughter kneeling beef
Recently, my granddaughter has been attacking mother rice porridge and Chaoshan beef hot pot! First participation!
■ Sichuan Festival sponsoring company booth
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[Chinese Tourist Office in Tokyo]
Promotional materials and offers related to tourism in China, distribution and lottery of panda goods, etc.!
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[Ikemitsu Enterprise Co., Ltd.]
Drink Tsingtao beer when eating Chinese food! Selling Tsingtao Beer under the slogan!
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[Sanmei Bussan Co., Ltd.]
A trading company specializing in Sichuan seasonings that imports and sells special seasonings from Sichuan Province!
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[Nagatanien Co., Ltd.]
No frying pan required! We will be distributing tastings and samples of authentic Sichuan mapo tofu “recommendation of range” that can be made in 4 minutes!
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[Hiyori Shoji Co., Ltd.]
We sell Shaoxing wine, liqueur, fruit wine, mainly Baiju, which is the most popular white liquor in China!
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[Premium Water Co., Ltd.]
If you’re worried about the spiciness, refresh yourself with a tasting of natural water. We are accepting applications for water servers! ■ Small-lot sales where you can buy souvenirs
[Red pot]
Red pepper specialty store. Sales of original super spicy seasonings such as shichimi pepper, chili oil, and tubosco (first entry) [Infinite hot water]
A medicinal soup specialty store in Namba, Osaka, created by a Japanese woman who likes Japan’s hottest hot soup. Sale of home-use hemp soup and Sichuan pepper sauce (first entry)
[Uchiyama Bookstore]
A Chinese book store in Jimbocho. Writer Lu Xun, Sichuan-born politician Guo Moruo, who named Drooling Chicken, also visited Uchiyama Bookstore (first participation in the war)
A cafe serving tea and snacks from all over China. Baked sweets and tea are also sold at the online store.
■34 entries! Sichuan Festival x Maya Grand Prix
Mapa Grand Prix 2023, where 26 companies from major companies to private stores will participate, deciding the top of Mapa this year. This year’s results will be announced at Sichuan Festival@Radio. In addition, the participating products will be exhibited at the special booth of the Sichuan Festival as a department store.
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Official page
Click here for companies participating in the Maya Grand Prix 2023
[Table 2: ]
All participating products will be eaten by the judges.
4 judges
・ Masamichi Nakagawa, a Sichuan cuisine expert certified by Sichuan Province ・ Kazuhiro Kikuchi, Secretary General of the Maple Federation ・ Popular Youtuber Yang Chang from Sichuan (190,000 subscribers) ・President Chen Pangyu, who leads 7 Sichuan restaurants and Chen family private dishes.
■ Chinese costume cosplay recommended, maniac talk at the venue [Image 11

At the Sichuan Festival, the management staff (about 50 people) all wear Chinese costumes to create a world that travels back in time to Sichuan. In addition, as a special gift for those who come to the event in Hanfu or Chinese-style clothing, we will be planning to give away goods at the booth of the China Tourism Representative Office in Tokyo.
Speakers will be placed throughout the venue, and as a Sichuan festival @ radio, guests will be invited to talk about maniacs such as “The world of mapo tofu,” “The world of Sichuan cuisine,” and “The world of real Chinese food.”
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The MC is Rakusei Sanyutei, the disciple of the 6th generation Sanyutei Enraku, who is familiar with Shoten, and the Chinese MC is Yang Chang, a popular Sichuan Youtuber. BUBBLE-B, chairman of the All Japan Mapo Tofu Association, and Okuri Bunto Takayama, chairman of the All Japan Mapo Tofu Federation, will participate as DJs to bring excitement to the event.
Please enjoy two days of Sichuan cuisine that will fill your heart and stomach. Sichuan Festival 2023 @ Mapo Tofu Shopping Street Official Website
[Event name] Sichuan Festival 2023 in Nakano Antenna Street
[Date and time] May 13, 2023 (Sat) 11:00-17:00, May 14 (Sun) 10:00-16:00 *Dishes will end when sold out
[Venue] Nakano Central Park (4-10-2 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-0001) [Access] About 3 minutes on foot from JR Line, Tokyo Metro Tozai Line, Nakano Station
[Estimated number of visitors] 50,000 people
[Organizer] Sichuan Festival Executive Committee (Delicious Sichuan, Maple Federation, Tokiiro Co., Ltd., Place So Research Institute Co., Ltd., Nakano Ward Tourism Association), China Tourist Office in Tokyo [Special Sponsors] Chugoku Tourist Office in Tokyo, Ikemitsu Enterprise Co., Ltd., Hiyori Shoji Co., Ltd., Nagatanien Co., Ltd., Sanmei Bussan Co., Ltd., Premium Water Co., Ltd. (in no particular order)
[Cooperation] Retty Co., Ltd.
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