Soken Global Co., Ltd. Conditioning support for artists at Egao Michi Osteopathic Clinic Group “VIVA LA ROCK 2023”

Soken Global Co., Ltd.
Egao Michi Osteopathic Clinic Group “VIVA LA ROCK 2023” provides conditioning support for artists

This time, the “Egao Michi Osteopathic Clinic Group” operated by Soken Global Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hideto Fukuda, hereinafter Soken Global) will provide conditioning support for artists at “VIVA LA ROCK 2023”. will be carried out.
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Saitama’s largest rock festival, VIVA LA ROCK! “VIVA LA ROCK 2023” will be held at Saitama Super Arena on May 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th. ■Event Overview -VIVA LA ROCK 2023-Schedule: May 3, 2023 (Wednesday / holiday), 4th (Thursday / holiday), 5th (Friday / holiday), 6th (Sat), 7th (Sun) Venue: Saitama Super Arena Open/Start: 8:30 / 10:00 (planned)
■ Official site: ■ Performing artists 5/3 (Wednesday / holiday) ano / Amber’s / UVERworld / Seiko Omori / THE ORAL CIGARETTES / Okazaki physical education / Minoru Katahira (Getting Better) / KEYTALK / Kyusonekokami / THE KEBABS /
go!go!vanillas / SHISHAMO / SKY-HI / Chilli Beans. / This is LAST / Tele / Novel Core / Hakubi / MY FIRST STORY / Macaroni Pencil / moon drop / Daito Mori / WurtS (Iso Alphabetical order) 5/4 (Thu/Holiday) Aile The Shota / Kiyo Akiyama / androp / KANA-BOON / Tatsuya Kitani / Creep Hype / Suga Shikao / TAIKING (Suchmos) / DJ Ishige & Nobu (the telephones) / Dios / TENDRE / dawgss / Vaundy / Bialystocks / BE: FIRST / VIVA LA J-ROCK ANTHEMS [Ba: Seiji Kameda / Guitar: Takashi Kato (Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra) / Dr: Pierre Nakano (Ling Tosite Sigure) / Key: Ichiyo Izawa] / FIVE NEW OLD / flumpool / BREIMEN / Maharajan / UNISON SQUARE GARDEN / Ryu Matsuyama / ROTH BART BARON (in order of the Japanese syllabary) 5/5 (Fri/Holiday) 4s4ki / indigo la End / Ochunism / ODD Foot Works / ORANGE RANGE / Creepy Nuts / Saucy Dog / Wednesday Campanella / SUPER BEAVER / sumika / Sound there / DJ Yatsui Ichiro / Teikoku Kissa / DISH// / XIIX / tonun / Nishina / BiSH / FINLANDS / Frederick / Kuroko Kubi / Marcy / Lucky Kilimanjaro / Ling Tosite Sigure (in alphabetical order) 5/6 (Sat) Kokubo Gokumon Club / ELLEGARDEN / Elephant Kashimashi / Omiya Seven / coldrain / Kobayashi me / Saba Sister / Jenny High / Singers High / the dadadadys / CHAI / DJ Pierre Nakano / TETORA / Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra / totem Pol (BRAND-NEW BAND STORY Grand Prix Band) / Backdrop Cinderella / Panorama Panama Town / Harukamirai / the band apart / Maximum The Hormone / Yabai T-shirt shop / Young Skinny / Serious dance at night (in alphabetical order) 5/7 (Sun) ART-SCHOOL / ACIDMAN / KALMA / Ken Yokoyama / Coronanamoremomo (Maximum The Hormone 2nd store) / Suspended 4th / SiM / Yoseikyu / DJ Dainoji / Dizzy Sunfist / the telephones / 10-FEET Domiko / Dragon Ash / Nothing’s Carved In Stone / Neguse. / 04 Limited Sazabys / BRAHMAN / HEY-SMITH / bokula. / The Lethal Weapons / LOW IQ 01 & THE RHYTHM MAKERS / ROTTENGRAFFTY (in alphabetical order) * Performing artists are subject to change. [Image 2

Egao Michi Osteopathic Clinic Group not only treats a wide range of injuries, but also provides physical care for many athletes. This is our goal, and we have been focusing on supporting athletes in the industry’s top class. With the desire to utilize the experience, technical skills, and know-how that we have cultivated so far in a wider range of industries, we have decided to provide conditioning and massage support for artists and dancers at “VIVA LA ROCK 2023”. We will support the best performance according to the artist’s unique style, and create possibilities for judoka practitioners and acupuncturists. ■ Soken Global Co., Ltd.
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Smile road osteopathic clinic group is an osteopathic clinic group that supports not only general patients but also sports athletes and artists in the industry top class. Utilizing advanced technical capabilities and know-how, we provide support from physical condition management to treatment in a wide range of industries.
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Company name: Soken Global Co., Ltd. Representative: Hideto Fukuda, CEO Address: Nishi-Shinjuku KF Building 706, 8-14-24 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Established: October 2003 Business description: Osteopathic clinic, acupuncture and moxibustion clinic, relaxation salon・Health care business centered on sports gym management, wholesale and sales of home medical massage medical equipment, etc. After the challenge, there is no choice but to learn with Nariyuki!” With the slogan, it was 19 years of continuing to challenge with the friends of Egao Michi (hereinafter referred to as Michio). Challenges to patient satisfaction (CS), challenges to student satisfaction (ES), challenges to the treatment clinic industry, challenges to students and possibilities, etc. These 19 years have not always been a smooth road. , I have never forgotten only the spirit of continuing to challenge. We will continue to challenge ourselves to fulfill our social mission of “contributing to the succession and development of oriental medicine, as well as integrating it with western medicine and other fields, to create new value and health in the world.” I believe that there is an answer to the various problems facing Japan today (muscular weakness in children, bullying, withdrawal, waiting lists for children, adult diseases, suicide, declining birthrate, aging population, increase in bedridden elderly, lonely deaths, etc.). believe. Looking ahead to the 21st century, a global era in which the world will be united beyond national borders, we will build a business foundation that will realize growth in the global market and strengthen human resource development in order to make a big leap forward as a truly global comprehensive health company. to go. “Cure the people, heal the region, heal the country, heal the world! 』

                                      List of sports support contracts so far Tokyo Olympics 2022 Skateboard Men’s / Women’s Tokyo Olympics 2022 Table Tennis Women’s Yokohama FC / NHK Spring Yokohama FC Seagulls / NISMO Super GT / Saitama Seibu Lions Special Olympics Japan / Public Interest Incorporated Foundation All Japan Ski Federation / Fukushima Firebons Japan Cycling Federation / World Skate Japan / D.LEAGUET League “Kinoshita Meister Tokyo” “Kinoshita Abiel Kanagawa” / a-nation 2017, 2018, 2019 BANFF TOKYO (Banff Tokyo) / Del Migliore Cloud Gunma / Minato Rugby School Japan Roller Sports Federation Link Hockey Japan National Team / Honolulu Triathlon BMX Professional Racing Team “GANTRIGGER” / Judo Romania National Team Motor Sports “KCMG” “GAINER” / Kodokan Hawaii Judo School / PASSPO☆ADVICS Mach Syaken MC86 Mach / Super GT / Fudanjuku / GTNET MOTOR SPORTS Super Endurance / Kujukuri Triathlon 2019 / Tohoku Rakuten Eagles Kazuhisa Makita Beach Volleyball Maya Inoue / Samantha Thavasa Girls Collection Tournament Golf Kise stable / Tamanoi stable / Sumo wrestling Ozeki Tochinoshin / Kakekko S&C School / Ballpark Synchronized Swimming Mano Kimura / Sano Kimura / WBO Super Lightweight Aston Paricte The New South Wales Waratahs Super Rugby / The ACT Brumbies Super Rugby Hosei University Wrestling Club Coach Toshiki Mori / World Athletics Bronze Medalist Kenji Fujimitsu Kumi Koda / Sonar Pocket / AK-69 / Female Professional Golfer Amy Koga FREEDOM beach 2019 in AOSHIMA / WIRED MUSIC FESTIVAL’19 DANCE FORCE 2022 2023 / JFL Suzuka Point Getters AK-69 “START IT AGAIN in BUDOKAN” / VIVA LA ROCK 2022 Shunsuke Kiyokiba / Y.S.C.C. Yokohama Futsal and many other athletes and artists [Contact for inquiries regarding this matter] Company name: Soken Global Co., Ltd.

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