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Stayway Co., Ltd. Stayway, which provides a subsidy cloud, has raised about 100 million yen for the purpose of strengthening subsidy DX and alliances

Stayway Co., Ltd.
Stayway, which provides subsidy cloud, raises approximately 100 million yen for the purpose of strengthening subsidy DX and alliances Eliminate the negatives related to subsidies and strengthen alliances with financial institutions and professional offices for the purpose of promoting DX and recruitment for area development

Stayway Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Jun Sato, hereinafter “Stayway”), which provides a “subsidy cloud” that promotes DX of subsidies, is Kepple DX Fund, Vector Co., Ltd., The University of Tokyo ( UT) Founders’ Association Investment Business Limited Liability Association, Listed Managers Association from Nara Prefecture, Listed CFO Accountants Association, Multiple Certified Public Accountant Offices, Private Investors Through a third-party allotment of shares, We raised about 100 million yen.
Through this procurement, we aim to build a new subsidy platform that utilizes digital technology, strengthen alliances with financial institutions and professional offices to further promote sales of “Subsidy Cloud”, and expand support for local small and medium-sized enterprises. We will promote the strengthening of recruitment as an increase in personnel for
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Implementation of fund procurement aimed at promoting DX of subsidies “Subsidy Cloud” is a service that supports subsidy applications targeting local small and medium-sized enterprises that need subsidies. We mainly promote the introduction of services to regional financial institutions, business companies, business associations and chambers of commerce that have a need to provide loans, and indirectly support subsidy applications for small and medium-sized enterprises. [Image 2

Since the release of the official version of “Subsidy Cloud” in July 2022, the introduction of financial institutions such as Hokuriku Bank, Hokkaido Bank, megabanks, business associations, business and industry associations, and business companies has progressed through demonstration experiments. We have provided support for companies that need it to apply more easily and conveniently. With this funding, we will promote DX with the aim of building a new subsidy platform that utilizes digital technology as a further business development. To this end, we will deepen our alliances with financial institutions, accelerate the development of services directly for SMEs nationwide, and accelerate the hiring of professional and customer success personnel.
In addition, as a strengthening of local support, we have received investment from a group of listed company executives from Nara Prefecture, the hometown of Sato (Wills Co., Ltd. President Mitsuo Sugimoto, Will Group Co., Ltd. President Shigeru Ohara, etc.). We will accept foreign workers, expand our local bases, and strengthen recruitment. Furthermore, taking advantage of the representative Sato’s background as a certified public accountant, we will promote capital alliances with multiple accounting firms and spread the subsidy cloud nationwide.
Through these activities, we will further deepen our alliances with financial institutions, business companies, and professionals.We will work with the government and local governments to utilize digital technology to design subsidy systems and measure their effects, and to solve the structural problems of subsidies. By solving the problem, we aim to realize a society where all small and medium-sized enterprises can have fair growth opportunities through subsidies. Furthermore, in the future, we will enter the Fintech field in order to solve the cash flow issues of small and medium-sized enterprises.
About the “Grant Cloud” Series
“Subsidy Cloud” is a subsidy application DX service for financial institutions, business companies, and professionals. We collect and centralize information such as complicated subsidies that are scattered by each country and local government, provide information that meets the needs of each small and medium-sized enterprise, and visualize, analyze, and improve efficiency using data technology. We aim to build a platform where SMEs can have fair growth opportunities through subsidies.
Please contact us for detailed functions and price plans.
“Subsidy Cloud” website:
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About opening a recruitment site
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As our business grows, we are actively hiring for professional and business development positions. Please check the recruitment site for details.
About Stayway Co., Ltd.
A professional firm with strengths in technology, consisting of certified public accountants from Deloitte. We provide services centered on members who have experience in M&A advisory business, financial DD, valuation, IPO support, etc. at major firms.
In addition, in the area of ​​subsidies and subsidies, which have many issues, we are promoting subsidy tech that promotes efficiency using technology while collaborating with regional financial institutions and business companies nationwide. Selected as a Fintec startup selected by newspapers (
・Company name: Stayway Co., Ltd.
・Representative: Atsushi Sato, Representative Director Certified Public Accountant/Certified Support Organization
・Date of establishment: July 7, 2017
・Business description: Subsidy/subsidy DX business
・ Company profile
・Management service
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* “Subsidy cloud” is a registered trademark of our company (trademark registration No. 6488996)
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