STUDIO55 Co., Ltd. “Everyone in the world is a designer”

STUDIO55 Co., Ltd.
“Everyone in the world is a designer”
“Everyone in the world is a designer”

We support April Dream, which sets April 1 as a day to send out dreams. This press release is a dream of “STUDIO55”.
“When I was a child, I was absorbed in drawing freely on white drawing paper with my own feelings.
It’s a one-of-a-kind design that only you can draw yourself. Back in my childhood when everyone was a designer.
When I became an adult, the design became the thing of the person of the occupation called the designer.
Yes, they were all designed.
Everyone in the world was designing.
Even as an adult, you can design.
With a little courage and a little help, anyone can become a designer. Clothes, houses, plates, accessories, dresses, etc. designed by you Everyone in the world is a designer
STUDIO55 brings out the capabilities of designers around the world.” We currently provide CG/VR content for construction and real estate, and we support your design and presentation on a daily basis. We use OFFSHORE to incorporate new technologies from around the world and provide them as products.
Here are some examples of the products we currently offer.
BAVR (Before & After VR) (C)
This is a VR that combines a completed CG with a 360-degree panoramic photo. By combining it with the current situation, it is possible to check the relationship between neighboring lands, the front road, sunlight, etc., so you can recognize the completed image realistically. Since it is offered at almost the same price as CG perspective, it is a highly cost-effective product, and is favored by house builders, builders, construction companies, and real estate companies.

[Image 1:] It takes a long time to prepare the land and sell it, so it is very popular as a tool to start selling early.
Especially when it comes to large-scale projects, it is necessary on a yearly basis to develop the infrastructure.
shapespark (Software as a metaverse)
[Image 2:] Shapespark is a walkthrough VR that can be viewed on a browser without any special software.
It is an epoch-making VR that allows you to walk through the space, change the color of materials, and hold meetings in the VR space. It is a product that can be used in various ways such as model rooms, showrooms, exhibitions, virtual stores, corporate web meeting rooms, etc.
↓ Please see this page for the web meeting function.
-Metaverse introduction example-
■New content has been added to the Metaverse Housing Exhibition Hall!
■ Release of the industry’s first “Metaverse Housing Exhibition Hall” where online communication can be achieved
■Japan’s largest metaverse town opens!
BIM support
[Image 3

We also provide solutions for BIM. We also propose solutions to various BIM problems, such as converting point cloud photography into BIM data, creating family objects, and creating templates.
[Video 2:]

Please refer to our YOUTUBE channel for various examples and software howtos.
STUDIO55 Co., Ltd.
Sales promotion department
Satoshi Onodera
Phone: 050-1741-5607
Contact form: 〒105-0003
Hibiya Fort Tower 10F, 1-1-1 Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 【Company Profile】
STUDIO55 Co., Ltd.
Representative: Mitsuki Kimura
Business description: Presentation and design support using CG, VR, and AR “April Dream” is a project run by PR TIMES that sends out dreams that companies want to come true on April 1st. We are serious about making this dream a reality.
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