Suntory Holdings Limited Suntory Foundation 2023 Overseas Publishing Grant Application

Suntory Holdings Limited
Suntory Foundation 2023 Overseas Publishing Grant Application
The Suntory Foundation (Chairman: Shingo Torii) is calling for applications for the 2023 “Overseas Publishing Grant” as follows. This subsidy aims to promote the understanding of Japan overseas by subsidizing outstanding research achievements written in Japanese or the translation and publication of books on Japan into foreign languages. is what you do. The total amount of subsidies is 7 million yen, and the number of subsidies is scheduled to be about 10, as in previous years.
To date, 344 publications in 30 languages, including English, have been selected as recipients of this publication grant, and Japanese culture and academic achievements related to Japan are widely introduced overseas.
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1. Subsidy target
As a general rule, grants must be received for outstanding research achievements written in Japanese in the fields of the humanities and social sciences that are internationally disseminated, or for books written about Japan that contribute to understanding of Japan overseas. The way of translation and publication shall be opened by Publications in any language other than Japanese are acceptable. Also, at the application stage, it is assumed that the quality of the translation and publication has been guaranteed, and that a
publication agreement has been made with a reputable publisher. 2. Details of subsidy
Subsidies are provided for translation and publication costs of application books. The maximum subsidy amount is one-half of the total cost of book production, with an upper limit of 1 million yen. However, in consideration of the costs involved in translating and publishing into English, two-thirds of the total cost and an upper limit of 2,000,000 yen. (In the case of writing in English, as with other languages, it is half the total cost and the upper limit is 1 million yen.)
3. Application method
Please fill out the application form designated by the Foundation and send it by mail.
4. Request for application form
ah. Please download the application guidelines and application form from the Overseas Publishing Grants page on the foundation’s website. Link for overseas publication grants:
stomach. If you cannot obtain the application form from the website, fill in your name and address, enclose a return envelope with a 140-yen stamp, and send it by post to the address below. Please. We will then send you the application form and application requirements. 9F Suntory Annex, 2-1-5 Dojima, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-8204
Suntory Foundation “Overseas Publishing Assistance” Section
5. Application deadline November 30, 2023 (Thursday) – Postmark valid on the day –
6. Selection method: Selection will be made by the selection committee of the foundation, and decisions will be made by the board of directors.
7. Decision on subsidies Scheduled for March 2024
*About the Suntory Foundation
The Suntory Foundation was established in Osaka in February 1979 to commemorate Suntory’s 80th anniversary. Its purpose is to respond to the age of globalization and the information age, and to contribute to the development of academic research that supports it, the promotion of cultural activities, and the promotion of international
Suntory Foundation website:

*Inquiries regarding this matter
Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Suntory Foundation Overseas Publishing Subsidy Section
(1) Inquiries regarding application
Email address
*Please include your name, the name of the program you plan to apply for (“Overseas Publishing Grant”), and the details of your inquiry. (2) Inquiries from the media
TEL 06-6342-6221 FAX 06-6342-6220
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