Super high cost performance BMAX Android 12 Wi-Fi 6/4GB + 64GB tablet, new products are now on sale, the lowest price is only 11,990 yen!

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[Super high cost performance] BMAX Android 12 Wi-Fi 6/4GB + 64GB tablet, new products are now on sale, the lowest price is only 11,990 yen!
From April 28th to April 30th

↓ Click the link below, BMAX I9 Plus tablet, cost-effective tablet, RAM 4GB + ROM 64GB, Wi-Fi 6, 10-inch HD, the lowest price is only 11,900 yen!! (Heart)
[Image 1d110398-289-78004819b1548bd7509d-0.jpg&s3=110398-289-76fdb617cc4f876a80218e153eba6107-1920x1080.jpg
Amazon Sale Information–Model: I9 Plus Original Price: ¥14,990 Discount: ¥3,000 Final Price: ¥11,990
About BMAX I9 Plus
[Image 2d110398-289-cfdcc85f62fca967eb87-2.jpg&s3=110398-289-93a77b333790f326f3f7ca3d5f92a78f-1940x1200.jpg
BMAX I9PLUS is equipped with the latest Android12 smart operating system, which simplifies system interaction design and optimizes the underlying code of the system, making I9PLUS tablet run smoother and faster. A redesigned UI for all users and new security-focused privacy features help you manage your privacy and make it easier to transition to new devices. Not only can you experience stable and smooth Google services, but you can also install your favorite third-party applications.
Support WiFi6 mode
[Image 3d110398-289-17b0f5fcc2db602bbdc8-3.jpg&s3=110398-289-3fcaa02e762f50cb5dc7437026b42b43-1940x600.jpg
BMAX I9Plus tablet supports WiFi6 mode. Support 2.4G/5G dual-band WiFi connection, tablet professional WiFi version, adapt to different connection methods. It can provide more convenient and faster connection to WiFi. Easy to use and enjoy the endless fun your tablet brings.
Front and rear dual camera
[Image 4d110398-289-3f07690e151f4e5E5E5E5E5E5E5E5E5E5E5E5E5N=110398-289-FC743DF220122E605D8223B9D8223B9D8222B 4A55C-1940X600.jpg

The BMAX I9Plus tablet has 2MP + 5MP front and rear dual cameras. It is convenient for you to shoot and record every beautiful moment in your daily life. Connect to WiFi, make video calls with your relatives and friends anytime, anywhere, and share all kinds of beautiful things in your life.
Split screen display function
[Image 5d110398-289-2e9b3399a632d24bfd7c-4.jpg&s3=110398-289-956c2a1e4c585ff70e3a4dd7b2ec0ee8-800x800.jpg
BMAX I9Plus tablet is equipped with split screen display function. You can watch and use two apps at the same time. While reading a book or watching a movie, it can be useful to reply to other people’s important letters in time.

Amazon product link:
Regular price: ¥14,990
AMAZON promotion discount: 3,000 yen discount
Sale period: Ends at 04/30 23:59
Final price: 11,990 yen

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