Supporting Players Co., Ltd. Day of acupuncture and moxibustion Special plan! Released 35 free videos of “ Setsuna Juku,” an online learning platform for acupuncturists!

Supporting Players Co., Ltd.
[Acupuncture Day] Special plan! Released 35 free videos of “Setsuna Juku,” an online learning platform for acupuncturists!
-Carefully selected from paid seminar videos of “Setsuna Juku” instructors and released for free-

The online learning platform “Setsuna Juku” provided by Byplayers Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Representative: Tatsumata Katsumata), which supports the improvement of the skills of acupuncturists, will be held on April 9, 2023 “Acupuncture Day”. As a special project, we will release 35 free videos. From April 10th, we will release 5 videos x 7 days free of charge every day, carefully selected from the paid seminar videos of the “Setsuna Juku”
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■ Acupuncture day! The Special Event
At “Setsuna Juku”, we will carry out a special project to support acupuncturists on April 9th, “Acupuncture and Moxibustion Day”. 35 videos carefully selected from the paid seminar videos of the instructors of “Setsuna Juku” currently being distributed will be released for free. Scheduled to be updated every day for 5 x 7 days from April 10th! Please check the “Setsuna Juku” service site for details of the videos that will be released for free.
Introduction page of free public video:


What is “Setsuna Juku”, an online learning service for acupuncturists? “Setsuna Juku” ( is an online learning platform to support the improvement of acupuncturists’ skills, focusing on online and face-to-face seminar planning. About 30 lecturers who represent the acupuncture and moxibustion industry plan specialized seminars and provide more than 400 video contents. 【Rate plan】
・Free membership
“No monthly fee.” No payment registration. This plan is recommended for those who want to try it out.
・Basic member
 Price: 3,980 yen/month (tax included)
This is a monthly membership plan recommended for first-time users. ・Basic 3 months membership
 Price: 9,980 yen/3 months (tax included)
This is a plan that saves 7,840 yen a year compared to the “Basic Membership”. ・Student privilege member
 Price: 1,990 yen/month (tax included) for the first 2 months, 3,980 yen/month (tax included) after the 3rd month
For students, there is a discount plan for the first two months. [Service type]
・On-demand delivery
You can watch the special lecturer’s serial content videos on demand. ・Live seminar
This is a live webinar on ZOOM where you can ask questions directly to the instructor. There is also a missed delivery.
・ Real face-to-face seminar
This is a face-to-face seminar at the venue. You will receive direct instruction tailored to your individual level.
・Setsunajuku Store
You can purchase and watch live seminars that have already been held and original videos of instructors individually.
・Setsuna Juku Dialogue
This is a YouTube dialogue project in which 2-3 instructors decide on a talk theme and implement it.
“Setsuna Juku” is an online service, so you can study anytime, anywhere. In addition, at live seminars, it is possible to directly ask the instructor about any concerns you have.
We started providing it in 2017, and it has been used by many Japanese acupuncturists not only in Japan but also around the world. In the future, we will further enhance seminars and video distribution, aiming to be a platform where concrete answers and hints can be found when acupuncturists have worries or questions.
■ “#Acupuncturist learning” Twitter hashtag campaign
“Setsuna Juku” is conducting a Twitter hashtag campaign of
“#Acupuncturist learning” to commemorate the number of members exceeding 3000! We will present 3000 yen Amazon gift card to 10 people by lottery.
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【way to participate】
1. Follow Setsuna Juku official account (@setsuna_jyuku) on Twitter 2. Quote the fixed tweet of the official account of Setsuna Juku, including “#Learning of an acupuncturist” and the following content RT Please post about what you recommend and how to learn as an acupuncturist! For example, recommended books, content/media/services, references Learning seminars and teachers, academic societies and organizations that I was glad to join, and other self-study methods
Or you can worry about learning acupuncture and moxibustion. Click here for application rules and details:
■Company information
Company name: Supporting Players Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 5th floor, KAWATA Building Honmachi II, 12-2 Honmachi, Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture 411-0855
Representative: Representative Director Tatsumata Katsumata
Established: April 1, 2020
Business content: Operation of an online learning service for acupuncturists, focusing on planning and management of online seminars and face-to-face real seminars
Business URL:

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