Taisei Shoji Co., Ltd. Customers over 60 get a 5% discount on sushi every time. Conveyor Belt Sushi Taisei, wh ere the oldest 83-year-old craftsman is active, starts offering “senior commuter pass”

Taisei Trading Co., Ltd.
Customers over 60 get a 5% discount on sushi every time. Conveyor Belt Sushi Taisei, where the oldest 83-year-old craftsman is active, starts offering “senior commuter pass”

Established in 1972, Taisei Shoji Co., Ltd. (reading: Shoji Taisei, Headquarters: Fuchu City, Tokyo, Representative: Tojin Kuo ( Hakuharuhito) is pleased to announce that it has issued a senior commuter pass that allows customers over 60 years old to enjoy 5% off sushi forever.
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Conveyor Belt Sushi Taisei accounts for 70-80% of its customers, many of whom are seniors over the age of 60. This time, we have started this service with the desire to convey our daily gratitude to the seniors who have supported us for many years, so that they can live a healthy and active life forever.
About senior commuter pass
Because we value analog communication, we thought of a way to contribute to customers who are not accustomed to digital machine operation, and were particular about providing senior commuter passes in paper form.
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-Target age-Customers over 60-Distribution start-Friday, April 28-Age check-Please tell the cashier that you want a senior commuter pass. *There is no strict age check at the store, but we may ask you to present your ID at the discretion of the staff. Please note. – Validity period – 1 month from the date of issue * Please write your age and gender on the back of the pass. We will stamp the expiration date stamp. *If you have an expired card, we will update it and reissue a commuter pass. Conveyor-belt sushi Taisei aims to be the best conveyor-belt sushi in the region, and aims to create a dining table where people of all generations can relax and feel at home. Examples of regular customers
Customers who were junior high school students at the time of their visit and have been going to the Tachikawa Kitaguchi store since they were married, and customers who purchased a commuter pass after the Karasuyama store closed and went to the Tachikawa Kitaguchi store. There are also customers in their 70s who come to the store by taxi. Conveyor-belt sushi Taisei with many senior staff
One of the characteristics of our company is that the senior generation is active in the staff as well as the customers. Mr. Shiba, who has worked at the Fuchu head office for 20 years, will turn 83 this year.
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                                                       Ms. Ron, a female staff member who has been working for the opening of the Tachikawa South Exit store for 28 years, is 57 years old this year. As a veteran, I play an active role as a presence that pulls the store. Taisei, where the oldest is 83 years old and the average age of craftsmen is 60, values ​​the good old-fashioned analog customer service of “observing customers carefully to understand their names and food preferences.” I think that the senior customers are satisfied precisely because the young staff are also handing down the tradition. About us
Company name: Taisei Shoji Co., Ltd. Established: February 1972 Representative: Tojin Guo Business description: Manufacture and sale of sushi (number of stores: 5) Head office: 3-5 Miyanishi-cho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo 4 Park Hill 2F TEL: 042-360-4327 URL:
Contact information
Taisei Trading Co., Ltd. (Contact: Junko Izawa) Mail:
info@taiseishouji.co.jpTEL: 042-360-4327
*Interview with CEO Dongjin Guo about the current state of the conveyor belt sushi industry and the senior staff who work hard etc., can be answered.
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