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“Tele appointment nurturing” improved the business negotiation rate by 150%. We held a free lunchtime webina r 3/28 webinar event report

Sales Hack Co., Ltd.
“Tele appointment nurturing” improved the business negotiation rate by 150%. We held a free lunchtime webinar [3/28 webinar event report] I explained how to build relationships with customers over the phone!
Sales Hack Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Yuji Sasada) and Protostar Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Hidemaro Maekawa) co-sponsored a webinar. The date and time will be March 28, 2023 (Tuesday) from 12:00 to 13:00, and the participation fee is free. It’s just that it’s this time of the year, so there’s a meaning and merit to do a tele appointment. From this point of view, I have explained the way of modern business that has changed greatly and know-how without leaving anything!
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Overview of the event
Implementation schedule: March 28, 2023 (Tuesday) 12: 00-13: 00 Event format: Online seminar (Zoom distribution)
Cost: Free
Background of the event
“Even if you get a lead, it doesn’t lead to business negotiations.” “I want a lead that is easy to connect to an appointment”
There are many people who have such troubles. Today is full of various marketing know-how. It can be said that the degree of difficulty of telemarketing has increased more than before in a world where the nature of society and the way of sales have changed greatly. However, it is also true that there are benefits that only tele appointments can offer. Precisely because it is modern times, you will be able to effectively lead to sales results by making good use of tele appointments and telephone sales.
・Isn’t nurturing done in e-mail magazines and LPs?
・I am often absent even if I call, and I can not connect remotely ・Tele appointment is the most analog and seems to be inefficient In view of the fact that we received many such voices, we decided to hold this webinar.
State of the day
“I want to try rather than learn”
The webinar started with this point of view talk. Of course, many of those who participated in the webinar had problems with “telephone sales”. With this in mind, we moved on to the main subject.
The truth of nurturing
There are many types of content such as email magazines, webinars, and white papers, but there are not many cases where lead nurturing is actually done.
“Don’t go and like the content just because it came.”
◆Purpose of nurturing
It is up to the other person to judge whether it is worth it or not. In other words, if you don’t exceed the expectations of the other person, the other person’s feelings will go away.
Nurturing has two purposes.
It can be said that nurturing is an action that raises the priority of the company.
The higher the number of contacts, the easier it is for them to like you, but simply sending content repeatedly does not increase the priority of your company. It’s important to deliver content with emotion.
“When I learned about this kind of initiative, I thought it would be useful information, and I would like you to participate.”
For example, in this way, having a consciousness that gives a sense of individuality and specialness will lead to nurturing.
◆ Understanding the type of needs
・Latent needs that have not yet been seen
・Needs that don’t fit well but aren’t verbalized
・ Needs that are faintly felt but avoided
・Clear and obvious needs
There are 4 types of needs. It is necessary to keep in mind that needs are hidden in addition to manifest and latent needs. Keep in mind that these parts are also subject to nurturing.
◆Requirements for making an appointment

・Feeling of “It’s okay if I meet you”
・Dispel the sense of caution that “this person won’t do anything strange”

These two are basically necessary to connect to an appointment. There are five steps to getting this feeling.
1. vigilance
2. Doubt
3. Affinity
4. Trust
5. Trust
People gradually open their hearts, and to be honest, it’s difficult to solve everything with content alone. (There are exceptions if the product unit price is low.)
′′ content x communication x presentation ′′ Let’s remember the points you need to move the opponent’s heart.
Step 1. Vigilance
All you have to do now is prove that you are not the enemy.
“Understanding”, “empathy”, “praise” and “suggestion” are the points. Without two-way communication, vigilance will never go away. Stage 2. Doubt
Let’s show the basis and attitude to believe here. It’s inevitable that you can’t trust someone who seems unconfident. Let’s use everything, such as sales speech and voice.
Stage 3. Affinity
The third step is to provide the material to get along with. The point is to be involved as a “business partner” rather than just a friend. Communicating the benefits and benefits of getting along can be effective.
Step 4. Trust
It will be a point of caution not to say or act to lose credibility. Don’t forget that the attitude of the sales person determines whether the other party trusts you or not.
Step 5. Trust
Finally, it is necessary to create a “I want to ask”.
In other words, be aware of the approach that makes you think, “If you entrust this person with time and money, they will return it.” By the way, whether or not you get an appointment is determined by the following three points of view.
1.Expectation = Do you have the expectation that “If you listen to this person, there may be something good”
2. Image = Do you have a positive image of “I can listen to this person’s story, something good will happen”?
3.Cost = Is the story simple and easy to understand?
It is important not to bother the other party in front of the receiver when making a phone call. Be conscious of using the content so that the other party doesn’t get bogged down in front of the phone. The second half of the webinar was a question and answer time, and we received many questions. I answered as much as time allowed, and it was a high-density time with learning for both participants and speakers.
Speaker profile
[Image 2d50843-242-a582062875279b366554-4.jpg&s3=50843-242-0edf7a87b11c31e63dd43268b98c042d-405x269.jpg
Protostar Co., Ltd. Entrepreneur LOG Division
Yuki Maeda
After graduating from university, he joined a venture recruitment company, launched a recruitment business and a fair business, and became the business manager.
Participated in the launch of a personnel consulting company in 2020, and as the head of the human resources development support field, provides human resources/organizational development support based on PMVV for start-up companies, venture companies, and small and medium-sized enterprises. Concurrently served as PL for a major telecommunications company business improvement project in the parent company’s business. The current Protostar supports the challenger. [Image 3d50843-242-4944937903ee5e71d7df-3.png&s3=50843-242-6bc47ec8ccc2a366c6890454d06c93cd-836x836.png
CEO of Sales Hack Co., Ltd.
Hiroshi Sasada
Started his sales career at the age of 20. After that, he joined a major human resources company as a new graduate and became the top sales performer in half a year after joining the company. In his third year as a member of society, he launched an in-house venture, but it ended in a big failure. From there, I wanted to create services from the customer’s perspective, so I changed jobs to a mega-venture. After becoming independent, he will provide sales support for more than 100 companies in the sales agency business and consulting business. In April 2018, he established Sales Hack Co., Ltd. with the mission of “zeroing sales worries”. Up to now.
About Sales Hack Co., Ltd.
Sales Hack Co., Ltd. is a company that “helps double sales” and “reduces sales worries to 0”.
Based on the experience of CEO Sasada, we believe that we can create an organization that sells by solving the lack of sales force, and we are doing sales management consulting.
In addition, as a “sales consultant who knows the field better than anyone else”, we conduct fact-finding surveys and analyzes related to sales, and are always chasing what sales are in line with the times. Based on that experience and analysis, we also conduct sales training for companies.
[Image 4d50843-242-74f034d42e6803f15ba6-1.png&s3=50843-242-acb48d31067990b515216ea160d1ac1b-650x147.png
-Sales agency and consulting to create a new development team from scratch-
-Eiken, an online training service that creates a self-propelled sales organization-
Company Profile
Company name: Sales Hack Co., Ltd. (Kabushiki Kaisha Eigyo Hack) Location: 2F Hamamatsucho Dia Building, 2-2-15 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo 150-0013
Representative: Yuji Sasada
Established: April 13, 2018
Business: Sales consulting and agency support business

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