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Terra Motors Co., Ltd. Introduced EV charging “Terra Charge” and quick charging for the first time at Gall eria Yugi, a commercial facility in Minamiosawa

Terra Motors Inc.
Introduced EV charging “Terra Charge” and quick charging for the first time at Galleria Yugi, a commercial facility in Minami Osawa Introduced both normal charging and quick charging to meet a wide range of customers

Terra Motors Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Toru Tokushige / President: Akihiro Ueda, hereinafter Terra Motors), which provides EV charging infrastructure “Terra Charge” with the aim of making EVs more accessible. announces the introduction of EV charging equipment to Galleria Yugi, a commercial facility located in Minami-Osawa, Hachioji City, Tokyo. We have also introduced quick charging, which was newly launched with “Terra Charge”, to meet a wide range of needs.

Background of introduction of charging equipment
Terra Motors’ EV charging infrastructure “Terra Charge” has realized an epoch-making solution of free introduction by utilizing its capital strength to solve the problem of EV conversion in Japan, which is lagging behind the world. achieved the top performance in the industry. Aiming to improve user convenience, we have been promoting the provision of charging equipment to a wide range of facilities, including accommodation facilities and commercial facilities, in order to expand the charging environment not only for condominiums but also for outings.
Galleria Yugi was constructed with the aim of revitalizing the area and improving convenience in living in the Minami-Osawa area in the western part of Tama New Town. With various stores such as shopping centers, restaurants, bookstores, and culture schools, it has become the center of activity in the area. As the trend toward SDGs is gaining momentum, the spread of EVs is rapidly accelerating in Japan, and EV charging facilities are also attracting attention. Galleria Yugi has decided to introduce EV charging equipment in order to revitalize the area and improve the ability to attract customers. In order to accommodate customers who stay for a long time as well as customers who stay for a relatively short time, we decided to introduce both normal charging and quick charging.
In the future, Terra Motors will actively promote the provision of quick chargers to commercial facilities.
■ What is “Terra Charge”?
Electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure provided by Terra Motors. We manage everything from hardware to software, such as EV charging facilities, dedicated applications for setting charging times and bill payments, management clouds, and installation work for charging facilities. With “Terra Charge”, we aim to create an environment where EVs become more familiar in Japan.
“Terra Charge” service page: ■Terra Motors Co., Ltd.
Established: April 2010
Capital: 1.9 billion yen (including capital reserve)
Representatives: Toru Tokushige (Chairman of the Board), Akihiro Ueda (President and Representative Director)
Business description: EV charging infrastructure business, e-Mobility business, financial services business, Connected E-Mobility platform business
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