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The 3rd campaign of “WEB Free Project”, which conducts PR on SNS for “free”, has started!

first innovation
The 3rd campaign of “WEB Free Project”, which conducts PR on SNS for “free”, has started!
It is a campaign to promote SNS posts such as shops, products, and services in Harumi, Kachidoki, and Wangan areas, Chuo-ku, Tokyo for “free”.

First Innovation Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as First Innovation) is a small-scale As the third campaign of the “WEB Free Project”, a project that supports the web measures of businesses free of charge
We will collaborate with the talent / influencer “Ayachi” and carry out a “free PR posting campaign on SNS”.
While the impact of the new corona has calmed down, we have received many comments that “we can’t spend money on attracting customers on the web and SNS.”
Therefore, I thought that I could be useful to small businesses in the neighborhood, and when I consulted with “Ayachi”, he willingly agreed. This campaign has come true!
We, First Innovation, together with “Ayachi”, hope to be of some help to everyone by attracting customers through WEB and SNS.
We will support PR posting of “Ayachi” such as this campaign secretariat completely free of charge.
We are looking forward to receiving many applications from everyone. “WEB Free Project” 3rd Campaign Overview
[Image 1d98210-82-224682c682110be03d3c-6.png&s3=98210-82-ed27e61e8bf959c000e1aed70a81dbed-1080x1080.png
Target companies: Small businesses (stores, corporations) in Chuo-ku, Tokyo or nearby areas (Kachidoki, Harumi, Toyomi, Ginza, Shimbashi, Tsukiji, Tsukishima, Ariake, Toyosu, Shinonome, Daiba)
Those who have continued the same business for more than 3 years since its establishment, and those whose sales have decreased since last year
Application period: April 3, 2023 (Monday) to April 30, 2023 (Sunday) Measures: FI Ambassador Ayachi (@o.aya_0613) will promote shops and corporations in Chuo-ku, Tokyo or nearby areas for free.
【Application method】
1. Follow Instagram of First Innovation (@firstinnovation_inc) and Ayachi (@o.aya_0613)
▶︎ First Innovation: ▶︎Ayachi:
2. Please like the post and send a comment or DM with “Ayachi 1 day ambassador request”.
*Please note that the WEB Free Project’s free support is subject to screening. It is a project that was launched with the idea of ​​making as many people as possible smile with the power of WEB and SNS.
We are a small business, so we cannot always handle many people, but we would like to help as many companies as possible. Please feel free to contact us.
What is “WEB Free Project”?
[Image 2d98210-82-cf1ffed22b2db71ff543-7.png&s3=98210-82-dd3a714be6778fc8414e4fa840332cd7-1280x720.png
WEB Free Project is a project for local small businesses who have been exhausted due to the effects of the new coronavirus.
A free support project consisting of 10 affiliated companies that provide free support for web measures.
▶︎ Target area: Kachidoki, Harumi, Toyomi, Ginza, Tsukiji, Tsukishima, Ariake, Toyosu, Shinonome, Daiba
▶︎ Target measures: Website creation, SEO measures, MEO measures, slander measures, SNS posting, IT consulting
*However, there is a review for this campaign.

What is First Innovation
[Image 3d98210-82-c2e266238194b26ac3ef-1.png&s3=98210-82-abe3a7e157c4a00f37db1c772384580d-998x558.png
An IT company located in Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo. Advanced ideas × technological innovation Optis (IT consulting), triple link PR, HP production, SEO measures, MEO measures, advertisements, slander measures, etc. WEB measures can be handled on the same day at the industry’s lowest price (cheap low price).
First Innovation Co., Ltd. supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and fully supports companies, stores, and individuals who are suffering from online rumor damage caused by the new Corona. Official website:

FI Ambassador Ayachi Profile (Talent / Top Influencer)
[Image 4d98210-82-271d4d2446489b055e2a-0.jpg&s3=98210-82-d4de3c678682807a7fc079cf094117c2-1414x1571.jpg
Multi-talented and entrepreneur. Currently, the number of Instagram followers exceeds 170,000.
Influencer Ichiban General Election 2022, which became a hot topic in collaboration with TV (Cheat Takeyama’s Ichiban Institute), won second place. He also serves as an official ambassador for Okinawa connection support.
Youtube: First Innovation Co., Ltd. Company Profile
[Image 5d98210-82-5a2a86386eea4023da9c-5.png&s3=98210-82-f4bf7dc6220f0a536eebbad0425a54c4-1381x509.png
Company name: First Innovation Co., Ltd. -FirstInnovation-
Representative Director and CEO: Yuji Kinone
Director and COO: Sachiko Yasuda
Location: DEUX TOURS EAST Tower 52F, 3-13-1 Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Date of establishment: December 19, 2016
Capital: 10,000,000 yen
Business: Optis, triple link PR, web production, web environment optimization, SNS environment optimization, DX environment
optimization, etc.
Official website:
Official Instagram: Representative Instagram: Official Twitter:
Official blog:
Official recruitment site:

Details about this release:

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