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The English learning app “Recipe” has started offering 17 courses of online lessons to “PERSOL MIRAIZ” a s a support for reskilling English skills – POLYGLOTS Co., Ltd.

Polyglots Inc.
The English learning app “Recipe” has started offering 17 courses of online lessons to “PERSOL MIRAIZ” as a support for reskilling English skills – POLYGLOTS Co., Ltd.
It covers a wide range of lessons, from lessons to improve business English skills to lessons to prepare for qualification exams such as TOEIC(R).

Polyglots Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Shunya ) offers 17 courses of online lessons to support reskilling of English skills Persol Career Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Hiroshi Senoo)’s career management service “PERSOL MIRAIZ” has started to be provided.
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As many businesses are forced to expand globally, an increasing number of companies are incorporating English learning programs into employee training and welfare programs. In particular, reskilling (re-learning) of working people is attracting attention, and interest in learning English is increasing among business people.
We believe that it is important to provide English learning that meets the needs of business people, so we have decided to provide online lessons for PERSOL MIRAIZ, a career management service of PERSOL CAREER Co., Ltd.
Available online lessons
■ Lessons that can train practical business English skills
Strengthen your ability to collect and communicate information in English, learn fixed phrases that are always used in business English, logical development “patterns” that can be used when speaking English, and learn from the basics of how to write emails, which are the most common in business situations, to how to respond to complaints. is possible.
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■ Lessons where you can train your English skills as a preparation for qualification exams
It is possible to improve the level of TOEIC (R) ︎ all part training methods and TOEFL / IELTS writing measures by correcting original mock questions in a short period of time.
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■ Lessons for beginners where you can train your English skills with peace of mind
We also offer programs that are ideal for first-time English learners, such as a course where you can review junior high school grammar and practice instant English composition, and a course where you can train your English brain, which is indispensable for Japanese people, by reading easy English sentences.
As a POLYGLOTS certified Japanese bilingual instructor with various backgrounds, you can consult in Japanese if you have any problems. [Image 4d10773-174-0c21edc1b73b664e19c8-10.jpg&s3=10773-174-eab2ba5e7f849c893f115d7e9c30e632-1058x269.jpg
■ Lessons (ultimate series) that can train full-fledged English skills for intermediate and advanced students
Based on the TED Talks, which are very popular among English learners, you can develop advanced English comprehension skills, how to summarize presentations and understand detailed points, how to summarize your opinions and convey them concisely and correctly, and how to effectively debate. , Specializing in training English correspondence skills in business situations, it is possible to train situation explanations and discussion skills in specific situations. In addition, it is possible to acquire effective self-study with accurate feedback from the instructor. In addition, it is possible to take all-English lessons with a native teacher.
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For details of each online lesson, please see the official note.
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This is a career management service that is the core of the “Working Future Plan” announced in November 2020. Through analysis of the labor market and individual data owned by the Persol Group, it is possible to visualize the skills and careers of each individual to get closer to their ideal working future.
About Persol Career Co., Ltd. – – Persol Career Co., Ltd.’s mission is to give people the power to make “work” their own. offers. In May 2022, we will launch “HiPro”, a brand that supports the comprehensive utilization of professional human resources, and will enter the side business and freelance fields in earnest. We will use the collective strengths of the Group to create social value that focuses more than ever on the “work” of individuals, face social issues head-on, and aim to realize a society in which all “work” leads to smiles.
About our mission: About Polyglots Inc. –
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With the mission of “increase the number of Japanese who are active in the world beyond language barriers”, we are working on language learning from both technology and people. The service concept of “”Like” to “Learning”” means that you learn English while having fun, and before you know it, it has become a habit. Individuals can continue to collect information based on their own interests.
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AI creates a learning curriculum according to your level and interests. You can learn to collect information using English news around the world. Recipe is an English learning app with No. 1 user satisfaction and No. 1 achievement, used by a total of 2 million people.
The biggest feature of Recipe is that AI creates a learning curriculum that is perfect for English learners. This function is called “My Recipe” in Recipe. With My Recipe, you can use the English learner’s “smartphone” and “free time” to achieve “best results in the shortest time”.
■ Click here to install the English learning app “Recipe”
App Store: Google Play: [Image 10d10773-174-78060480ed94ef60ba24-3.png&s3=10773-174-7884fd3ec09e6f877768ec430310c11a-1100x510.png
An English training service where you can acquire business English with an individually optimized curriculum by AI (app) x instructors. ◆ Features
・Improve your overall English skills by using the English learning app “Recipe” that covers all 6 skills generated a learning curriculum for ・Solve the problems of each student with a 45-minute one-on-one lesson by a Japanese bilingual instructor
・Coaching by a dedicated trainer for more effective learning to achieve goals ・Completely online training greatly reduces costs
Learn more ==[Image 11d10773-174-231d0daa78f424ca6b4f-4.jpg&s3=10773-174-85749739903ed07c99c158e2f2aa0dbe-1996x845.jpg
It is a service for educational institutions that solves the problems of teachers and allows students to self-study.
◆ Features
・Improvement of comprehensive English skills using the English learning app “Recipe” that covers all 6 skills
・AI analyzes the learning history and the successful learning process of other learners, and generates a daily learning curriculum tailored to each individual.
・The AI ​​writing correction function reduces the teacher’s correction effort ・AI pronunciation check supports pronunciation guidance that is difficult to teach in a group
Click here for details ==Details about this release: