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“The Ikebo distributor is aiming for me! ? (Apeko) Comics Volume 1 Release & Voice Drama Delivery Commemorative Campaign Starts at Manga Park from 4/5 (Wednesday)!

Hakusensha Co., Ltd.
“The Ikebo distributor is aiming for me! ? (Apeko) Comics Volume 1 Release & Voice Drama Delivery Commemorative Campaign Starts at Manga Park from 4/5 (Wednesday)!

At the comprehensive entertainment manga app Manga Park operated by Hakusensha Co., Ltd., a campaign titled “‘Ikebo distributor is aiming for me!?’ Comic volume 1 release & voice drama distribution
commemorative campaign!” ? ] (Apeko) Volume 1 announcement PV limited release, increase in free stories, autographed colored paper gifts by voice drama voice actors, etc. We will carry out four super luxurious campaigns.
Manga Park’s popularity is rapidly increasing, “Ikebo distributor is my aim! ? ], Let’s celebrate the long-awaited comic volume 1 & voice drama distribution commemoration together!
Campaign period: 4/5 (Wednesday) to 26 (Wednesday)
Special site:

[Image 1

(C) Apeko / Hakusensha
Campaign 1. Limited release of Volume 1 announcement PV!
The announcement PV of Volume 1 with voice is now available on the special site (!
[Image 2

(C) Apeko / Hakusensha
Campaign 2. Increased number of free talks at Manga Park!
The story of the two continues… (Heart) With Manga Park, you can read 10 chapters for free and read the latest stories that interest you!
Campaign 3. The long-awaited voice drama by gorgeous voice actors! ▶ Listen now at Manga Park!
Sojiro Arayashiki (CV: Kento Ito) x Hoshino Sora (CV: Soma Saito) [Image 3

(C) Apeko / Hakusensha
Campaign 4. Kento Ito & Soma Saito’s autographed colored paper gift! [Image 4

Kento Ito & Soma Saito autographed colored paper
【Application method】
1. Follow @manga_park on Twitter
2. RT the specified tweet
3. Tweet your impressions of the work with “#Ikebo streamer aiming for me!?” At the store, “Ikebo distributor is my aim! ? ] (Abeko) Volume 1 of the comic is now on sale!
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“The Ikebo distributor is aiming for me! ? ] Volume 1
“I’ll make you pregnant with my voice…”
Hoshino Sora is a college student who dreams of being embraced by an ideal seducer.
His healing is listening to Soujiro, a popular BL situation voice distributor on SNS. Soujiro’s voice and playing were Sora’s ideals. One day, Soujiro invites him to meet him in real life! When I headed to the meeting place, there was…!?
Doting Ikebo broadcaster x drifting college student naive and naughty happy romantic comedy BL!
Comic exclusive manga includes “First time in the bathroom XX” ♪ Check the Manga Park app for details!
-App Overview-
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・ App name: Manga Park
・Category: Book, Comic
・ Price: Free (with in-app purchase)
・Usage environment: Smartphones, tablets, PCs
・ Supported OS: iOS13 or later, Android (TM) 7.0 or later
・Click here for free download -App Store and Google
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