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The industry’s largest metaverse event, “Overseas Emigration Festa 2023” with famous authors, TV commentators and talents

Wakuwaku Land Co., Ltd.
The industry’s largest metaverse event, “Overseas Emigration Festa 2023” with famous authors, TV commentators and talents
Realizing information on studying abroad, employment, immigration and building a network with the local

Sekachare (Management: Connect JPNZ Co., Ltd., Headquarters: Auckland, New Zealand, Representative: DUKE YAMAMOTO) will hold “Overseas Emigration Festa 2023” online for two days on April 14th (Friday) and 15th (Saturday), 2023. will be held. We welcomed more than 10 guest speakers, including famous authors, TV commentators, TV talents, and educational Youtubers, and talked about know-how for studying abroad, employment, and immigration, employment after returning home, and global human resources that are required in the future. I will have it. The event is held online and is free of charge, but
pre-registration is required.
Waku Waku Land Co., Ltd. (Representative: So Matsui) is cooperating as a cooperating organization.
[Event application page] [Image 1

Who is the event for?
・Those who are considering studying abroad, finding a job, or emigrating ・ Those who want to obtain information on overseas migration destinations ・Those who are worried about the language while living abroad ・Those who want to know the money circumstances that are worrisome when living abroad
・ Those who want to connect with people who are emigrating overseas ・ Those who want to know how to find a new job after returning to Japan ・ Those who want to know about global human resources that companies want ・ Those who want to know the possibility of business using Metaverse For such people, each guest speaker will speak as an expert based on their experiences and the latest cases.
You can also use it as a network event to connect with Japanese residents who are already living abroad in various countries. What can I get from this event?
・Knacks for avoiding language problems when moving abroad
・Specific information on visas and permanent residency for overseas migration destinations
・Specific ways to get a job in the overseas migration destination ・Information about people living overseas, such as living expenses and prices ・Differences between life in Japan and overseas
・ Network with people who are emigrating overseas
Event summary
Event name: “Overseas Emigration Festa 2023 in Metaverse 2Days Event” Date and time: Friday, April 14, 2023, from 17:00 to 22:00
      2 days from 10:00 to 15:00 on Saturday, April 15, 2023 Holding format: Online seminar & exhibition (2D metaverse event) Participation fee: Free
Capacity: 300 people (about half remaining)
Organizer: Sekachare (Connect JPNZ Co., Ltd.)
Cooperation: Wakuwaku Land Co., Ltd.
time schedule
[April 14 program]
17:00-17:10 Opening
17:15-18:00 Talk session (1)
18:10-18:55 Talk session (2)
19:00-19:45 Talk session (3)
20:00-20:45 Talk session (4)
21:00-21:45 Talk session (5)
21:45-22:00 Closing
[April 15th program]
10:00-10:10 Opening
10:15-11:00 Talk session (1)
11:10-11:55 Talk session (2)
12:00-12:45 Talk session (3)
13:00-13:45 Talk session (4)
14:00-14:45 Talk session (5)
14:45-15:00 Closing
*The contents of the program are subject to change without notice. [How to apply]
1 Fill out the necessary information on the event details page ( and apply.
2 A URL for viewing will be sent to the email address registered at the time of application at a later date.
Talk session speakers
[Friday, April 14]
Kengo Suzuki
[Image 2

Representative of NEOLIZE LLC
5 years of living in Malaysia. Living in Kuala Lumpur. As a life option, he established a second base in Malaysia and is currently practicing it himself. My job is to support the ASEAN business of Japanese SMEs and venture companies, mainly support the
commercialization of overseas companies in Japan, and the investment industry. Has a wide network of government agencies, investment companies, support agencies, private companies, etc. involved in the formation of the startup ecosystem in Malaysia.
Tomoyuki Amano
[Image 3

President, ALC Co., Ltd.
At the age of 15, he went to New Zealand alone to study high school. After graduating from high school, he moved to the United States and obtained a degree from California State University.
After that, he returned to Japan and started his own business in 2006 after working as a company employee.
In 2019, he sold the business to ALC Co., Ltd. Since 2020, he has been developing global human resources and creating new language services as the president of ALC Co., Ltd.
Kazuyoshi Watanabe
[Image 4

Director and COO of MeRISE Co., Ltd.
Established a wedding production company while in college. At an investment bank, engaged in management support, manager training, and M&A services for dozens of companies as a management strategy consultant.
He has also served as a director of a support company. In December 2012, he established the language school “MeRISE English Academy” in Cebu, Philippines. Currently dispatching trained Filipino English teachers to Japan and Taiwan. Currently operating 4 English
conversation schools in Japan and 1 in Taiwan.
Junichi Hirawatari
[Image 5

Representative Director of J Styles Co., Ltd. / Representative of “Working”
With the desire to “spread the appeal of Japan and Japanese people to the world!” The company grows, but the company goes bankrupt due to the effects of the Lehman shock. After that, he restarted his business, and now provides strong support for Japan’s global expansion in terms of human resources through “Work Holiday,” a career support and recruitment service that specializes in working holidays, study abroad, and people with overseas experience. Nozomi Takii
[Image 6

German Court Interpreter/Certified Translator | Author
Author of “Tuition fee zero yen study abroad”.
18 years living in Germany. Currently living in Germany and Italy. At the age of 18, he learned that “university is expensive” was not common sense in the world, and he began to be interested in studying in Germany. Moved to Germany for the first time at the age of 20. After returning to Japan, he entered a graduate school in Germany and obtained a master’s degree. After working as a company employee in Germany (Japanese free paper, German tax accounting firm), became independent in the spring of 2014 as an interpreter and translator. Since then, I have been involved in interpreting at courts,
interpreting at companies and government offices, and certified translations (official translations for government offices, etc.). Even in Japan, I want to reduce the number of students who give up on the challenge of studying abroad for financial reasons by making “studying abroad free of tuition” a common practice! With that in mind, I wrote “Tuition Fee Zero Yen Study Abroad” in 2022.
Jess Gerrity & DUKE YAMAMOTO
[Image 7

A Japanese immigrant to New Zealand and a New Zealander immigrated to Japan for 20 years respectively.
Multi-talented from New Zealand, Monthly Secret BudoJapan Ambassador, Kyudo Japan (Kyudo Japan Editorial Committee) Editorial Committee, Saitama Prefectural Government Tourism PR Ambassador Love Saitama Ambassador, Kyudo Sandan, Sports Yabusame, Japanese Equestrianism, Quarterly Archery, Archery, Archery Research・Mother of 3, has lived in Japan for over 20 years.
[Saturday, April 15]
[Image 8

Representative of Sekachare | Representative of Connect JPNZ Co., Ltd. | Meta (FB) Certified Community Manager
20 years living in New Zealand. 3 Meta (FB) certified community managers in Japan. We support individuals and companies from community building to improvement. Currently, there are 5,380 members (as of April 2023) with the start of community management where people can gather to fulfill their dreams and hopes by stepping outside of Japan. Rupa Sensei
[Image 9

English Youtuber.
My name is Teacher Rupa. Originally from Melbourne, Australia. Active as an English influencer mainly on Instagram since 2017 and YouTube since 2018. 558,000 YouTube subscribers (as of February 2023). Active as a popular YouTuber with a bright personality.
Videos that explain phrases from Western movies that are familiar to Japanese people, such as Harry Potter and Disney, are popular. Currently, she started an English conversation community to increase the number of places where she can use “living English” with the four themes of “language,” “culture,” “education,” and “tours.”
Satsuki Tamura
[Image 10

Founder of GJJ Overseas Employment Desk
Career Consultant After working for a foreign-affiliated cosmetics company, encountered the human resources business when re-employing. Established Work Trust Co., Ltd. in March 2003. Appointed
representative director. In September 2010, he was appointed executive and CEO of the Career Design Department of the Global Human Resources School (R). Established Worktrust International Co., Ltd. in August 2013. Appointed representative director. Established GJJ Co., Ltd. in December 2014. Appointed representative director. (first
representative director)
Specialized fields: Career consultant, management, business development Media appearances: Sunday news THE PRIME, NHK Good Morning Japan, BS-TBS news 1930, TV Asahi Shinichi Hatori morning show, etc. -Book: Asian Overseas Employment-And They Departed-
[Image 11

Overseas Specialized Financial Advisor | Questor Capital Co., Ltd. A financial advisor who has lived overseas for 21 years. He has a career in the financial industry for a total of 15 years, including bank employees and FPs in New Zealand and Malaysia. I specialize in helping you manage your money overseas and how to increase your money in Japanese. In response to inquiries received from all over the world every day, we provide advice that is close to the consulter. Leveraging his wealth of experience overseas, he also provides business and daily English conversation coaching, as well as counseling for those wishing to emigrate and work overseas. A mother of two who strives for work-life balance.
About the management community (Secachare)
Sekachare is an online community that started in 2013 as a [group to talk about overseas life] with the purpose of “connecting Japanese residents who want to go abroad and Japanese residents scattered around the world”.
Nine years after its launch, it currently has 5,380 members (as of April 2023), making it the largest online community in Japan. Among the participating members, members who manage the community together are scattered all over the world, New Zealand / Germany / Republic of Benin / Australia / France / Indonesia / Singapore / England / Netherlands / United Arab Emirates / Switzerland and many others. is running events, etc. with the same aspirations.
Our common thought is that “if you know the world, it will be easier to live”. I have.
It’s not about escaping from Japan or feeling like you’ll be in trouble if you don’t learn English. It is due to the idea that I want to convey the thoughts based on it.
I would appreciate it if as many people as possible could fly overseas through this event.
[Sekachare details]
Official name: Sekachare – A community where the earth (sekai) becomes a playground
Representative: DUKE YAMAMOTO community

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