“The Last Itako, Hiroko Matsuda” presents a special amulet image associated with the Hana Matsuri! “Flower Festival Campaign” is being held on the official fortune-telling site

Rensa Co., Ltd.
“The Last Itako, Hiroko Matsuda” presents a special amulet image associated with the Hana Matsuri! “Flower Festival Campaign” is being held on the official fortune-telling site

Rensa Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Tetsuya Takei) will start on March 31, 2023 (Friday) on the official fortune-telling site “Osorezan’s Secret [The Last Itako] Hiroko Matsuda”. “Flower Festival Campaign” has started.
◆ “Osorezan’s Secret Art [Last Itako] Hiroko Matsuda” URL: https://mtditako.net [Image 1

■ Campaign Overview
Hiroko Matsuda’s official fortune-telling site “Secret of Osorezan [The Last Itako] Hiroko Matsuda” is holding a “Flower Festival Campaign”. During this campaign, we will present a “charm image of fulfillment of fulfillment” to those who have fortuned the target appraisal. In connection with the Flower Festival, which is the birthday of Buddha, Hiroko Matsuda will be a lucky charm image with the benefit of “Your wish will come true.” This is a limited-time campaign, so please take this opportunity to participate.
*In order to participate in the “Flower Festival Campaign”, it is necessary to register as a member of the official fortune-telling site “Osorezan’s Secret [Last Itako] Hiroko Matsuda”
■ Campaign period
March 31, 2023 (Friday) to April 28, 2023 (Friday)
■Introduction of the official fortune-telling site “Osorezan’s Secret [The Last Itako] Hiroko Matsuda”
[I can’t meet the most now] Japan’s last Itako “Hiroko Matsuda”. Relying on her spiritual vision, 100 people line up a day from “4 o’clock in the morning”, and it’s natural to wait for 12 hours. Reservations are not possible, so the appraisal that has to be lined up from the day before is completely reproduced. Please accept the words of “Hiroko Matsuda”, the successor of psychic powers recognized by Osorezan Bodaiji and Entsuji.
■ Supervisor introduction
Born in 1972 in Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture. Southern Hachinohe Itako sixth generation. He is the youngest active Itako, so he is called “the last Itako”. He grew up in a very religious family that descended from the Nanbu Ichinomiya and Kushihiki Hachimangu shrines. Ever since I was a child, I have had a deep connection with Itako, and when I was in the third year of junior high school, I decided to become an Itako. Became a disciple of five generations of Nanbu Hachinohe Itako, and began training in Itako in the summer of his first year of high school. In July 1991, he made his debut as Itako at Osorezan Summer Festival. Currently, he is working to pass on the beliefs and customs rooted in Aomori, such as “Let Oshira-sama play”, to future generations.
■ Content overview
・ Content name: Osorezan’s Secret Art [The Last Itako] Hiroko Matsuda ・ Sales fee: 330 yen per month (tax included)
・ Provided URL: https://mtditako.net
Introduction of love and fortune-telling media “Minori”
[Image 2d74768-367-c8980fbabbc02d4cc727-1.jpg&s3=74768-367-a8357a5f570f46f8020df0f78bb93bfa-300x100.jpg
From 2020, we will start planning and managing the love and
fortune-telling media “Minori”. It provides free fortune-telling and information centered on romance columns.
“Minori Winning Free Fortune-telling & Romance Column” URL: https://rensa.jp.net Introduction of romance column for women & free fortune-telling media “Sekirara” [Image 3d74768-367-eee62a363242e3db373f-2.jpg&s3=74768-367-05b8d036d3c191a059ca0c09e86c7664-300x100.jpg
From 2022, we will start providing “Sekirara”, a romance column and free fortune-telling media for women. We will deliver useful information from a unique perspective to help you enjoy the nightlife more, and the true feelings of men who have not been able to cut it until now. In addition, free fortune-telling of popular
fortune-tellers active in various media such as TV and magazines is updated daily!
“Sekirara-Adult Romance Column & Free Fortune-telling” URL: https://seki-rara.jp Introduction of freelance, job change service, and general service “Tech Mania” [Image 4d74768-367-a794375635aa4f4bb112-3.png&s3=74768-367-fef494230cacdcb33c610823912d6874-315x90.png
For those who aim to be active in the IT industry from 2021, we will provide comprehensive support for career change, freelance activities, and learning, and provide a place for each individual to play an active role. Started operation. The engineer blog is also being updated to deepen the knowledge of engineers!
“Techmania -techmania-” URL: https://techmania.jp
■Company Profile
[Image 5d74768-367-3fb1a4846179dbdfe55b-4.png&s3=74768-367-b8c2c46e30d1294940d16c20aeaf1526-250x83.png
Rensa Co., Ltd.: https://rensa.co.jp
The origin of the word Rensa is “chain reaction” and “chain of heart-to-heart connection”.
Our mission is to contribute to society through manufacturing, and to create smiles by connecting people’s hearts through products and services.
Rensa plans and produces digital content centered on entertainment content, and provides content through multiple channels. In addition to apps for iOS and Android, we have established a position in the digital content market for women, centered on web media for each major SNS media.

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