The second tie-up project with a local company. Luxury hotel “Hotel East 21 Tokyo” expands hair care products for suite rooms

YA-MAN Co., Ltd.
The second tie-up project with a local company. Luxury hotel “Hotel East 21 Tokyo” expands hair care products for suite rooms
We have set up a water-retaining hair iron “Smooth Iron Photoion” that makes summer outing hair.

YA-MAN Co., Ltd. (President: Kizoyo Yamazaki, Location: Koto-ku, Tokyo), which celebrates its 45th anniversary, opened the luxury hotel “Hotel East 21 Tokyo” (General Manager: Sekikatsu Koma, Location: Koto-ku, Tokyo), a luxury hotel located in the eastern area of ​​Tokyo. : Toyo, Koto-ku, Tokyo) As a tie-up project with a local company, we have installed our beauty equipment in 14 guest rooms, including suites, and have our guests experience it. We have added the popular “Smooth Iron Photo Ion” to the lineup to meet the needs of customers who want to go out and stay at the hotel.
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This project started in May 2022 last year, and in 14 rooms such as suites at the hotel, the facial steamer “Photoshine” equipped with beautiful skin light (TM), and the esthetic dryer “Lift” equipped with a facial device function. We had you use two products of dryer. This time, we will newly add “Smooth Iron Photoion” equipped with a technology inspired by a facial device, and will propose an expanded hair care product for hotel guests.
Low temperature design keeps hair moist and styling while reducing damage. Whether you’re styling your hair in the morning or setting your hair before dinner, just slide the iron on and you’ll always have shiny and cohesive hair. This iron is packed with attention to detail that allows you to easily arrange curls as well as straight hair. Enjoy a luxurious experience for your skin and hair during your stay at the hotel as people are more likely to go out for the summer. Products installed in guest rooms
Photo Shine / YA-MAN TOKYO JAPAN Tax-included 59,400 yen
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Dense W-temperature steam gently envelops the entire face, removing makeup, pollen, and other impurities for deep cleansing without friction. By bathing in the nano-sized lotion mist, it is about 3 times more moist*1 than applying by hand, and it enhances
penetration*2 into skin that is concerned about dryness. Furthermore, it is equipped with LED of five colors. You can spend the finest caring time with photo care like esthetics with beautiful skin light (TM).
Product page: Lift dryer / YA-MAN TOKYO JAPAN Tax-included 55,000 yen
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A high-performance hair dryer equipped with a proprietary brushless DC motor that allows you to quickly dry your hair with a large air volume and a low temperature of about 60°C to prevent damage. A large amount of air with straightness reaches directly to the roots that are difficult to dry. In addition, the unique ion reset technology removes about 95% of static electricity that damages hair in about 5 seconds * 3, so it is perfect for hair care after swimming. If you attach a dedicated attachment, it can also be used as a facial device that cares for the scalp and face using sonic vibrations, which is three birds with one stone.
Product page: Smooth Iron Photoion / YA-MAN TOKYO JAPAN Tax-included 22,000 yen [Image 4

Equipped with “Moisture Pulse”, a technology inspired by facial equipment. Although it is a straight iron, it is also handy for curling due to the rounded plate and guide comb. The memory foam spring structure reproduces the feeling of a professional press and reduces damage. It is a popular hair iron under the name of “water retention hair iron” because you can feel the change in hair quality every time you use it.
Product page: Installation overview
Installed rooms: 14 rooms in total, including suite rooms, deluxe family rooms, and the concept room “Iki -SUI-”
Installation period: From May 1, 2023
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Deluxe family room (top), concept room “Iki -SUI-” (bottom left), suite room (bottom right)
About “Hotel East 21 Tokyo”
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“Hotel East 21 Tokyo” is a luxury hotel located in the eastern area of ​​Tokyo. The entire hotel is wrapped in a classic and elegant atmosphere reminiscent of 19th century Europe. All guest rooms are equipped with wireless LAN (Wi-Fi). Our hospitality services are refined and meticulous, unique to Okura Hotels & Resorts. All restaurants are directly managed, with brasserie, Chinese, Japanese, teppanyaki and a bar. The location boasts an accessible environment where you can fully enjoy the charm of the world city “Tokyo”. Location: 6-3-3 Toyo, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0016
Access: About 7 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro Tozai Line Toyocho Exit 1 Official website:
Instagram official account: About YA-MAN Co., Ltd.
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Since our establishment in 1978, we have devoted all of our energies to creating innovative products as a manufacturer specializing in beauty equipment, starting with beauty equipment for business use and beauty equipment for home use. . Under the slogan, “Changing beauty,” we will continue to deliver dreams and surprises of beauty through cutting-edge technology and ideas that change common sense.
Location: Shingu Building, 2-4-2 Toyo, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0016 Corporate site:
Instagram official account: *1 Skin moisture content after 2 minutes of hand-applied lotion on half face and 2 minutes with IS-100P tone-up mode (steam 3 minutes + lotion 50 seconds + LED) on half face Comparison of skin moisture content over time (according to SOUKEN Co., Ltd.)
*2 Up to stratum corneum
*3 [Test method] Compare the amount of static electricity measured after electrifying a sample of human hair that has been subjected to static charge removal treatment under certain conditions, and the amount of static electricity measured under the same conditions as before use after applying air from a hair dryer for 5 seconds. result. Third-party research. In effect there are individual differences. Test product: This product/SHINY mode, our conventional product
(UN-2771)/HIGH mode (N=6)
*Information as of the date of announcement. Please note that it may differ from the latest information.
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