Tokushima City Amiko Shopping Zone Grand Opening FESTA!

Tokushima City
Tokushima City Amiko Shopping Zone Grand Opening FESTA!

The Amico Building will hold the “Amiko Shopping Zone Grand Opening FESTA!” from April 28th (Friday) to May 14th (Sunday).
During the period, in addition to newly open shops, we are planning to hold special events and events for a limited time.
We look forward to welcoming everyone.
Amico HP:
■ Information on NEW OPEN, limited-time special events, and events during the period
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□Open on Friday, April 28
・”Waku Waku Plaza” Direct sales plaza that connects regions, Amico East Building B1F
・”Mode Crane” Formal Salon 3rd Floor, Amiko East Building
・ “Amusement Street” UFO Catcher, etc. Amico East Building 4F ・”Gacha Ranch” Gacha Gacha Corner, 4th floor of Amico East Building ・ “Storage pit” trunk room 7th floor of Amiko East Building
□ May 3 (Wednesday) Open
・”Niku no Kokoro Era” butcher shop, Amiko East Wing 1st basement floor -Limited time event-
□April 27th (Thursday) to May 8th (Monday) “Shoku no Ippinkai” □April 27th (Thursday) to May 28th (Sunday) “Kyoto Rikyu’s Raw Warabi Mochi” □ May 4th (Thursday) to May 6th (Saturday) “Ermund Wine Festival”  Venue: Special venue on the first basement floor of the Amiko East Building

□April 26th (Wednesday) to May 8th (Monday) “Golden Week Japanese Taste Tour” Venue: Amico East Building 6th Floor Event Hall
□April 28th (Friday) to May 14th (Sunday) “Grand Opening Fair DX”   Held at Amico Specialty Stores/Amiko East Building
□ May 3rd (Wednesday) 2:00 pm- “Tokushima fish tuna dismantling show”   Special venue in front of Tokushima Gyorui, 1st basement floor, Amico East Building
*Details can be found at the link below.
■Overview up to the grand opening
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Amico Building, which is located in front of Tokushima Station as a core facility in the central area of ​​Tokushima City, has undergone a renewal opening in December 2022, and now has 5 new stores in the shopping zone from the 1st basement to the 6th floor, and on the 7th floor. 1 store will be added and the grand opening will be held. Many tenants are already operating on each floor, including Mitsukoshi Tokushima, which opened in April last year. We will aim.
Amiko East Building Floor Guide
Rooftop: Play and sports floor
9th floor: Floor for culture and other services
8th floor: (Floor under renovation)
7th floor: Floor for culture and other services
6th Floor: Exhibition Hall/Relaxation/Office Floor
5th floor: department store, books, interior, outdoor floor
4th floor: Young fashion and miscellaneous goods floor
3rd floor: Brand fashion, kids fashion, cafe floor
2nd floor: Department store, fashion, miscellaneous goods, and other service floors
1st floor: Fashion, miscellaneous goods, and other services
Basement 1st floor: Food sales floor
[Image 3d96281-20-295c67b7940ee0906e06-2.jpg&s3=96281-20-eed34a0f685c31ba6fb0dad1ebcd08ab-3900x2925.jpg

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