Toyobo Co., Ltd. A company that “does not fear change, enjoys change, and creates change”, Toyobo, which has been in business for 141 years, won BRONZE at “ONE CAREER Job Hunting Review Award 2023”!

Toyobo Co., Ltd.
Toyobo, a 141-year-old company that “does not fear change, enjoys change, and creates change” wins BRONZE at “ONE CAREER Job Hunting Review Award 2023”!
~Toyobo is the best field for those who have high aspirations and want to take on challenges~

Toyobo Co., Ltd. (Osaka Umeda Twin Towers South, 1-13-1 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, President: Ikuo Takeuchi, Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime: 3101, hereinafter “Toyobo”), a major textile manufacturer that handles a wide range of chemical materials. ) is a job hunting site “ONE
CAREER” operated by One Career Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Naoyuki Miyashita; hereinafter “One Career”). Received the BRONZE Award in the category for companies. This award was selected after scrutinizing the content of the submissions based on the criteria for each category/award, using the degree of satisfaction of job-hunting students at the recruitment event as a ranking evaluation index.
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In addition, this press release supports the “Job-hunting dialogue project” and sends out the voices of recruiters who face students honestly.
I want students to know “Toyobo as it is”|Comments on receiving the award I am very happy to receive such a wonderful award.
For the recruitment of new graduates in fiscal 2023, we planned a round-table discussion with senior employees on the theme of “real voices of employees who have joined Toyobo” at our seminar. I want senior employees to look back on the worries they had when they were looking for a job, what they were doing during the same period, and what they were glad to have done, and to disseminate information that will be helpful to students. I tried to In addition, by answering honestly about the gaps you felt after joining the company and the points to break through the selection process,
I have been working hard to get people to know Toyobo and convey the atmosphere of the company as much as possible.
In order to help students with their job hunting activities, our company not only provides information about the company, but also provides consultations during seminars on general job-hunting concerns, thereby building relationships of trust with students. I am very happy that this attitude has led to this award.
Due to the recruitment activities under the corona, it is difficult to understand the reaction of the students at the online seminar. In order to prevent communication from becoming one-way, we aimed to create an environment where it would be easy to ask questions by creating a sense of unity through interactive measures, such as providing opportunities for students to ask for their opinions along the way.
On the other hand, the formalities unique to online seminars and the difficulty of asking questions inevitably remain, so students For questions that seemed to be of concern, we collected opinions from students in advance and then adopted a form in which senior employees answered in a panel discussion format. I believe that such meticulous attention to detail was also a factor in our ability to gather support from students.
In addition, in consideration of the diversification in how students spend their time, we have been working to make it easy for students to learn about Toyobo in an easy-to-understand manner, such as expanding video content so that they can watch it at any time. rice field. We are in the midst of recruiting activities for the 2024 new graduate recruitment season. I would like to continue the concept of conveying the “real voices of our employees,” while allowing students to get to know Toyobo as it really is.
Thoughts on hiring new graduates at Toyobo
Toyobo Co., Ltd. Human Resources Strategy Department Recruitment Group Kento Miyazaki
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Toyobo’s corporate philosophy is one of the mottos of its founder, Eiichi Shibusawa, “Jun-ri-soku-yu.” We interpret and define this as “doing what should be done and following the rules to enrich the world and grow ourselves”. Our human resources development policy is to “become human resources who can contribute to the world through their own growth, with an emphasis on ethics, which is the basic attitude of human beings, and acting as one’s own business.” There are many serious and warm-hearted employees, and I hope that new employees will grow slowly and play an active role in the midst of a sense of unity in which they try to improve each other.
In addition, the values ​​that employees should have are defined as “We will not be afraid of change, enjoy change, and create change.” This is also a lesson learned from our history of over 140 years in which we have survived through repeated changes. In order to survive in a future where change is accelerating, we are looking for people who can make big changes themselves and enjoy them.
Our company has an atmosphere where you can propose and implement your own ideas in all positions. Also, most of the work is done in teams. As part of Toyobo’s corporate culture, which has not changed since ancient times, I think that the real appeal of this is that everyone can work together to steadily advance work and share the joy as a team when a goal is achieved. When I was looking for a job, I spent a lot of time looking at myself, and the experience of continuing to honestly communicate my thoughts is still a great source of
inspiration for me. Job hunting may be a long road, but don’t give up and do your best. When you think you’ve failed, it’s a big opportunity to grow. As a person in charge of recruiting activities, I would like to continue to convey the real voice of Toyobo while facing
job-hunting students head-on.
About Toyobo Co., Ltd.
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Representative: Ikuo Takeuchi, President and CEO
Founded May 3, 1882 (Meiji 15)
Established June 26, 1914 (Taisho 3)
Capital 51,730,003,166 yen
Head office: 1-13-1 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
    Osaka Umeda Twin Towers South
Business content
Various products in the fields of films, life sciences, functional fibers/trading, environment/functional materials
Manufacture, processing and sales of products. Design and sales of plants and equipment. Sales of various technologies and information. URL

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