Trial Holdings Co., Ltd. Received the Gold Award for 3 consecutive years! The signboard product of the trial g roup “Meijiya”, “2-stage deep-fried umami soy sauce” won the gold medal in the “West Japan Super Side Dish Cat egory” of the “14th Karaage

Trial Holdings Co., Ltd.
Received Gold Award for 3 consecutive years! The signboard product of the trial group “Meijiya”, “2-stage deep-fried umami soy sauce” won the gold medal in the “West Japan Super Side Dish Category” of the “14th Karaage Grand Prix (R)”.
An original blend of 4 types of soy sauce that has been thoroughly researched to bring out the best umami and flavor.

Meijiya Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Representative Director Nagamu Otsuka, hereinafter referred to as Meidiya), a subsidiary of Trial Holdings Co., Ltd., announced that “two-stage deep-fried umami soy sauce fried chicken” was the “14th Karaage Grand Prix ( We are pleased to inform you that we have won the Gold Award in the “West Japan Super Side Dish Category” of “R)”. [Image 1d43820-64-f370b9d9f345f83c2260-0.jpg&s3=43820-64-31b9ce5f5ac91aafc533d0dfc1c4710f-3425x2285.jpg
MEIDIYA provides side dishes that utilize the recipes and ideas of “food professionals” while collaborating with culinary experts and craftsmen from all departments. Due to its affordable price, it has been loved by many people in the brand on a daily basis, and was awarded at the “14th Karaage Grand Prix (R)”. Following the awards for “Umami Soy Sauce Karaage” in 2021 and “Ginger and Garlic Fragrant Fried Chicken” in 2022, this is the third consecutive gold award. The secret to our commitment lies in our original blend of soy sauce. Special dark soy sauce, charred soy sauce, light soy sauce, and Saishikomi soy sauce are blended in an original blend to create a finish that allows you to feel the umami and flavor of soy sauce. In addition, by blending dried sardine extract, Hidaka kelp extract, and oyster extract, we have achieved a deep and rich flavor that is easy to repeat. In addition, by adding grated garlic and grated ginger when pickling, we have devised so that you can also feel the flavor and taste of potherbs.
 Meijiya will continue to strive to provide customers with dishes that are both affordable and delicious.
■Award Comments: Meijiya Co., Ltd. “Two-stage deep-fried umami soy sauce” developer Daisuke Ideta
It’s been three years since we started this initiative to gain the support of a wide range of customers, and as a result of earnestly pursuing deliciousness, we were able to win the Gold Award three years in a row. I am full of gratitude.
There are many customers who have loved the taste of Meijiya for a long time, so we have continued to develop the existing fried chicken to make it even more delicious without making any major changes. ■ What is Karaage Grand Prix (R)?
“Where is the best fried chicken restaurant in Japan?” by the Japan Karaage Association. This is a popular voting project that has been held every year since 2010 to determine the truly delicious fried chicken.
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[Image 2d43820-64-0577ad72e1cc802c69ba-1.jpg&s3=43820-64-95e168e32e9f679ac4426a38d29e7215-1582x408.jpg
■ Product information
・ Award-winning product name: Two-stage deep-fried soy sauce ・Award category ・Award: West Japan supermarket delicatessen category Gold Award ・Manufacturer: Meijiya Co., Ltd.
・Brand: Amber Honpo
・Selling price: 149 yen/100g (tax included)
・Stores: 122 stores in the Kyushu region + 3 stores in the Chugoku region + 26 stores in the Kansai region + 15 stores in the Chubu region +
40 stores in the Kanto region (total of 206 stores)
・ Sales start date: April 13, 2023
・Special points:
– Original blend of 4 kinds of soy sauce
– Pursuit of umami by blending dried sardine extract, Hidaka kelp extract, oyster extract, etc.
– The flavor of potherbs such as grated garlic and grated ginger -Meidi-ya Co., Ltd. Company Profile-
Representative: Representative Director Nagato Otsuka
Head office location: 2412-9 Ita, Tagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture Established: June 2009
Business description: Deli manufacturing industry
-Inquiries for general customers-
Customer service office for stores
TEL: 0120-033-559
Reception hours: 9:00 to 22:00

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