TriOrb Co., Ltd. Established TriOrb Co., Ltd. in February 2023. In April of the same year, 40 million yen was raised with the aim of social implementation of an autonomous cooperative transportation and work system with multiple omnidirectional mob

TriOrb Co., Ltd.
Founded TriOrb Co., Ltd. in February 2023. In April of the same year, 40 million yen was raised with the aim of social implementation of an autonomous cooperative transportation and work system with multiple omnidirectional mobile robots.
Established based on the research results of Kyushu Institute of Technology and research and business development at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
TriOrb Co., Ltd. (head office location: Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, CEO: Shuichi Ishida, hereinafter referred to as TriOrb) aims to realize cooperative transportation and work between robots and people, and between robots by utilizing omnidirectional mobile robots. In the seed round conducted in April 2023, 40 million yen was raised through the issuance of J-KISS type stock acquisition tickets underwritten by the Mirai Creation No. 2 Investment Business Limited Liability Partnership operated by Mirai Creation Organization Co., Ltd. At the same time, the company’s executive officer/partner Takahashi was appointed as an outside director.
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TriOrb uses the ball-driven omnidirectional movement mechanism invented by Kyushu Institute of Technology as its core technology, and uses the TriOrb BASE, which was researched and developed by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, to enable cooperative transportation and transport in which robots act in cooperation with each other. It was established with the aim of solving social issues through work. With the funding in this seed round, we will proceed with the development of an autonomous mobile software group that supports efficient movement and a cooperative transportation and work system.
Features and Aims of Ball-Driven Omnidirectional Movement Mechanism and Cooperative Transport/Work System
CEO Shuichi Ishida started research and development of TriOrb BASE with Kyushu Institute of Technology Associate Professor Hiroyuki Miyamoto, who was a technical advisor for TriOrb when he was a student at Kyushu Institute of Technology. In my master’s and doctoral courses, I participated in the RoboCup Soccer, a competition for autonomous mobile robots, and worked on research on autonomous mobile robots, including winning the Japan tournament as a team
representative and winning the second place in the world competition technology category. After completing his doctoral course, he joined the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) and worked on joint research with private companies for 10 years with the aim of solving problems at manufacturing sites. After witnessing the challenges faced by the industrial world, we came up with the idea of ​​cooperative transport and work using
omnidirectional mobile robots.
TriOrb BASE is more compact than conventional omnidirectional movement mechanisms, but has high running performance and movement performance, so it can be used on rough floors and narrow places such as
construction sites, and in situations where precise movement is required. is expected to play an active role. Another major feature is the ease of maintenance. For details, please see here
Coordinated transport is a function that allows multiple robots to coordinate and transport. Multiple units of TriOrb BASE can be used to transport various long and heavy objects that cannot be transported by a single unit. This eliminates the need to prepare a dedicated mobile robot that matches the packing style.
A movement system that combines a ball-driven omnidirectional movement mechanism with a coordinated movement function maximizes the performance of conventional robots’ hands and bodies, and adds the option of “moving” to it, enabling new value creation. .
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Comment from Shuichi Ishida, President of TriOrb
In 2008, we started research and development of a ball-driven omnidirectional movement mechanism, and have been participating in the 2019 Social Return Acceleration Program (SCORE) of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), and the 2020 JST University-Initiated New Industry Creation Program (START ) was adopted, and on February 13, 2023 during the START period, the head office was established in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture. And this time, we were able to raise funds with Mirai Creation Organization, a START business promoter and Kitakyushu City certified VC, as the lead investor, and we were able to welcome Mr. Takahashi, an executive
officer/partner of the company, as an outside director. I am happy. We appreciate your continued support.
Comment from Outside Director Takahashi (Executive
Officer/Partner of Future Creation Organization)
I have been discussing with President Ishida for more than a year about starting a business, and I still remember the excitement when I first saw the device that was the predecessor of TriOrb BASE. I believe that TriOrb members with high technical capabilities and big visions will be able to solve complex problems in the industrial world, and I hope that I can contribute as a member of all TriOrb in my humble way.
About TriOrb Inc.
TriOrb’s management philosophy is “with robots, make our future.” We would like to use robots to create the future of our “manufacturing in Japan for all people, for robots, for robot researchers, for families and friends.” We provide robots in the world with “legs that can be used in industry” and “software that supports them”. As a result, robots will replace poor working environments in the industrial world and solve the serious labor shortage, aiming to realize an industrial world where humans and robots coexist as a matter of course. Inquiries regarding this matter
TriOrb Co., Ltd.
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