Tsuno Town, Miyazaki Prefecture, received the Digital Field Grant TYPE-X, and implemented a healthcare service group and a regional point service within FY2023.

Tsuno Mirai Community Development Promotion Organization
Tsuno Town, Miyazaki Prefecture, received the Digital Field Grant TYPE-X, and implemented a healthcare service group and a regional point service within FY2023.
Tsuno Town, Tsuno Future Community Development Promotion Organization
Tsuno Town (Koyu-gun, Miyazaki Prefecture) for the “My Number Card Horizontal Expansion Example Creation Type (commonly known as TYPE-X)” of the 2nd supplementary budget for 2024 of the national government “Digital Garden City National Concept Grant (digital implementation type)” Town Mayor: Masakazu Kono) applied for a project that was adopted. With a total of 204.39 million yen in support from the government (subsidy rate 10/10), we will provide multiple services that can be used for health care of townspeople and a local point service (so-called local currency) that can be used in Tsuno Town during FY2023. to implement.
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(Fig. 1: Image of overall system linkage)
1. Background | Digital-Friendly Promotion Project Focusing on Digital Divide Countermeasures
In Tsuno Town, we reaffirmed the importance of promoting digital utilization due to the corona crisis, and since fiscal 2020, we have been promoting the “Digital Friendly Promotion Project” with a focus on measures against the digital divide.
(Main measures of the “Digital Friendly Promotion Project”)
Communication environment|Installation of optical line communication network throughout the town (completed in 2020)
Communication terminal | Free rental of tablet terminal to all households who wish (distribution rate 73%)
Service | Introduced data linkage platform as Tsuno Town official website Support|Holding seminars about four times a year in all 44 districts of the town and opening a permanent, free, reservation-free IT help desk (about 100 help desk users per month)
Among the main measures, our efforts related to “support” have been highly evaluated externally, leading to selection for the 2021 Good Design Award “Good Design Best 100” and the 2021 Digital Society Promotion Award Encouragement Award. I was.
2. Issues|Maintain services in the healthcare field (medical care, nursing care, health, welfare) despite the declining birthrate, aging population, and rapid population decline
Tsuno Town has a population of 10,272 (as of January 1, 2022) and an aging rate of 38.74%. In addition, the per capita medical cost is the lowest in the prefecture and below the national average, but in recent years it has been rising year by year and is approaching the national average. Due to the nationwide shortage of human resources and manpower, even within the town there is a shortage of workers in the healthcare field.
3. Opportunity | Rapid increase in My Number card application rate (from 43.03% as of the end of November 2021 to 85.03% as of the end of December 2022)
In order to promote digital utilization within the town, Tsuno Town believes that it is first necessary to create a situation in which more townspeople can respond to digital utilization, and has been focusing on digital divide countermeasures.
With regard to My Number Cards, in the 4th year of Reiwa, while efforts to reach almost all citizens by the end of 2024 are being strengthened throughout the country, Tsuno Town also aims for a 100% penetration rate among townspeople. We have implemented various measures.
 As a result of the understanding and cooperation of the townspeople, the application rate reached 85.03% as of the end of December 2022, and succeeded in almost doubling compared to a year ago. There are several factors that contributed to its success, but thanks to the digital-friendly promotion project that was involved in promoting the spread of My Number Cards, it is necessary to live in an increasingly digital society. It was also heard that it became easier to gain understanding for the issuance of
4. Services to be implemented in the execution plan of Digital Den-en-Toshi National Concept Grant (digital implementation type) “My number card horizontal expansion case creation type (commonly known as TYPE-X)”
 Based on the background and issues in 1 and 2, we will work to implement the following services as specific services that contribute to improving the happiness of the townspeople.
In addition, for services other than (1), which is the modification of the data linkage platform, we will connect to the data linkage platform that has been in operation since April 2021 (Tsuno Town’s official website “Tsuno Page”). After starting operations in 2021, Tsuno Town has been looking for opportunities to add services on top of the infrastructure, and this time it has come true. With the addition of services to this platform, we will also expand into other fields.
(1) Addition of authentication function using My Number card to data linkage platform (provided by Accenture Corporation and xID
The digital ID application “xID” will be incorporated into the data linkage platform as an authentication platform for identity
verification using My Number cards.
ID is created using the My Number card at the time of the first registration, and from the second time onwards, by using the biometric authentication function etc. equipped with terminals such as smartphones, even if the My Number card is not at hand, identity verification of “level 2” or higher We will ensure the authentication level and make it possible to use the ID of the data linkage platform even in scenes where personal authentication is required.
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(Figure 2: Implementation image of authentication infrastructure) (2) Home care support app “Care Yell” and Care Yell Friends system (Provided by Sompo Care Co., Ltd., with cooperation from Keio University)
Individuals, their families, helpers, care managers, and other professional staff can share daily events and vital data, and use the home care support app “Care Yell” to support each other. We aim to create a system that allows you to continue living with peace of mind even if you need it.
In the past, it was often limited to family members and professional craftsmen, but in the timeline (room) of the individual receiving care, the townspeople who received training participate in care while staying close to the person through the app as “Care Yell Friends”. We will build a mechanism to
In utilizing “Care Yell” and building a system of “Care Yell Friends”, Professor Satoko Hotta of Keio University Graduate School of Health Management will analyze the well-being of townspeople based on the data accumulated on “Care Yell” and “Care Yell”. We entrust the implementation of communication training for the training of “Yell Friends”.
[Image 3

(Figure 3: Service image of Care Yell and Care Yell Friends) (3) Brain Health App “Brain Health App” (provided by Vespla Inc., in cooperation with Yoshinori Yamakawa (Chairman of Brain Impact, Kyoto University Graduate School of Management, Brain Healthcare Business Ecosystem Endowed Course))
Using the app, we support healthy behavior such as the number of steps taken, results of brain training, and intake of foods that are good for the brain. Give feedback to users. In addition to this feedback, in order to further support the user’s health behavior, by using the data linkage platform ID that has been authenticated with a My Number card as the user ID, regional points will be issued according to the numerical improvement of BHQ. increase.
Also, in addition to the execution plan to be subsidized, Tsuno Town will formulate its own budget, and in order to improve the accuracy of BHQ estimation, some users of the app will be subject to actual BHQ measurement by MRI for 3 years. increase.
We will entrust the effective use of the app, the improvement of BHQ estimation accuracy, and the image analysis of MRI performed independently by Tsuno Town to Specially Appointed Professor Yoshinori Yamakawa of the Brain Healthcare Business Ecosystem Endowed Course at Kyoto University Graduate School of Management.
[Image 4

(Figure 4: Service image of an app that is good for the brain) (4) Medical information app “Healthcare Passport” (Provided by TIS Co., Ltd., in cooperation with the University of Miyazaki School of Medicine, Regional Comprehensive Care and General Medicine Course) Since the health information recorded by the townspeople in their daily lives will be used for medical treatment at the Tsuno Town National Health Insurance Hospital, it will be used as a PHR/EHR, and information from medical institutions, Mynaportal, and wearable terminals will be introduced this time. Connect with other healthcare services that do.
Utilize the medical insurance information acquisition API to collect self-information (specific health checkup / drug information) from Mynaportal, as well as collect vital data from wearable terminals lent to some of the townspeople who use healthcare services. It will also be used for
In utilizing the Tsuno Town National Health Insurance Hospital, the project will be promoted in collaboration with Professor Daijun Kirigaya, Department of Comprehensive Community Care and General Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Miyazaki, who is the director of the hospital.
[Image 5

(Figure 5: Healthcare Passport service image)
(5) Regional Point App “Regional Super Application” (Provided by FeliCa Pocket Marketing Co., Ltd.)
Until now, Tsuno Town had not introduced a service known as an electronic local currency. to introduce
In addition to being able to use it for payment at physical stores such as retail stores and restaurants in the town, we have built a mechanism to give points according to the use of services (apps) connected to the data linkage platform, and use each service. I’m going to make a mechanism to encourage you.
[Image 6

(Figure 6: Service image of regional super application)
(6) Data linkage platform (City OS platform) renovation and project progress support (provided by Accenture Japan Ltd.)
In addition to refurbishing the infrastructure of the city OS related to cooperation between the regional ID and xID held on the
townspeople’s portal page “Tsuno page” that has been developed so far, these IDs will be used as keys for the services of each company that will be constructed this time. We will build a mechanism for data linkage with
5. Implementation system|”Furusato nozei” donation fund, and 100% contributed by Tsuno Town, “Tsuno Future Community Development Promotion Organization” will serve as the promotion secretariat Tsuno Town will focus on utilizing the “hometown tax” system, and will promote community development through industry-government-academia collaboration from a medium- to long-term perspective, using the donations collected under the “hometown tax” system in 2019. As an organization, we established the Organization for Promoting Tsuno Future Town Development.
Since the organization has also been in charge of the secretariat for the Digital Friendly Promotion Project, which is the foundation of this initiative, the organization will act as a link between Tsuno Town, companies that provide services, and academic institutions that cooperate. secretariat work will be entrusted to
In addition, at the organization, we sought advice from Mr. Hideyuki Inoue, a digital strategy advisor for Miyazaki Prefecture, and Mr. Akira Goto, a full-time lecturer at the Faculty of Information and Communication, Meiji University who specializes in behavioral economics. We will conduct a business evaluation.
[Inquiries regarding this matter]
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