Uraraca Co., Ltd. simply makes your skin happy and you want to keep using it! (When I’m worried about my skin, I’ll go back to uraraca and try to get back on my feet.) We aim to develop cosmetics brands and items that are like lucky charm

uraraca Inc.
-uraraca- simply makes your skin happy and you want to keep using it forever! (When I’m worried about my skin, I’ll go back to uraraca and try to get back on my feet.) We aim to develop cosmetics brands and items that are like lucky charms!
We support the beauty of as many people as possible with cosmetics, and realize a daily life full of happiness in both smiles and hearts.
We support April Dream, which sets April 1 as a day to send out dreams. This press release is the dream of “uraraca”.
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uraraca Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Ayano Inaba) released a functional cosmetic brand -uraraca- on March 21, with the brand and 3 new products as the first release. In this press release, I would like to deliver the dreams of the company and the thoughts of the representative (Inaba).
I have been involved in the planning and development of cosmetics for about 17 years.
In the case of cosmetics, I think I have been involved in planning and development in almost every field.
Thanks to all of you, we are very grateful to have some products that have been on sale for over 10 years and are still selling well today. In particular, skin care is my favorite field and I am good at it. Also, when I was working at a company, I received many compliments from my colleagues and business partners, calling me “Otaku”. I know that my driving force is – a beautiful person’s smile, heart and skin are the most beautiful.
uraraca is developed with the desire to provide you with the maximum beauty that can be achieved with cosmetics.
I am turning 40 this year, but I am still halfway there.
I think I still have a long way to go as a planning and development professional.
However, I am proud of my inquisitive mind and thoughts. As for my skin, of course, genetics and living environment have an effect, but I am confident that I am in better condition than people of my age and have been praised by people around me.
I also want to use uraraca to bring [smile] [heart] [skin] to the most beautiful state.
Of course, there are wonderful ingredients such as new ingredients and ingredients that specialize in problems, but cosmetics have all the ingredients listed, but there are many parts that are unclear as to whether the ingredients are really properly blended.
I have also worked for a major cosmetics manufacturer and have come across many wonderful brands. So I think that there is a point of compromise for any brand. (Of course, I think it’s natural to do it because the need for clarity etc. stands out.)
However, there are also many inconsistencies that leave me feeling uneasy. (I’m sure everyone who works may feel this, but…)
I was one of those who felt that too.
At that time, people who really want to have beautiful skin want to have it at hand, and when I was wondering how to reproduce the maximum of cosmetics for many years, the best thing is to start my own company and create that brand. I thought.
Also, due to timing and opportunity, we were able to release the brand on March 21, 2023 last month.
However, it is one cosmetic brand that has as many stars as there are stars. Moreover, it is a brand that is not well known.
By all means, I would be happy if you could purchase it first and grow it together with your help.
And the items released this time are 3 items.
It’s the best of uraraca now.
However, my cosmetics lineup is incomplete with these two skin care products and one part care product.
Every day, I am thinking deeply about my goal and dream that I want to deliver to the world the cosmetics that I cherish—removing and washing—care and beauty essences for each type of problem—that will make you happy and happy.
This company/brand basically does everything by myself.
(WEB, SNS operation, sales, PR, sales, delivery, etc.)
I am very grateful to my friends, colleagues, and business partners who have reached out to me.
One of my dreams is to eventually become able to multiply my thoughts and grow together with the members who love beauty who share this brand.
First of all, we would like as many people as possible to pick up the uraraca items, try them out, and experience the special items. I hope that this feeling will reach a lot of beauty even by one person. About products currently on sale
Two skin care items that we would like you to use regardless of age or gender, developed by focusing on the moisturizing factor that originally exists in the skin and the modern environment.
We sell one item of hand sanitizer that is gentle on the skin and the environment, using the essential oil of Sanbu cedar, which is the first cosmetic product to be used.
This product is a carefully selected lineup that the representative himself is truly satisfied with and fully blended with carefully selected ingredients.
If you are interested, please try it once.
-skin care-
The main feature ingredient is natural ceramide (cerebroside). It is one of the ingredients that are also present in the skin, and it is a very important ingredient in unstable situations such as dryness. In addition to that, there are ingredients that overcome everyday external factors [care to protect your skin from blue light and air pollution], ingredients that keep your skin healthy, and protection from other things that are easily damaged in everyday life. By incorporating necessary ingredients such as moisturizing in a well-balanced and complex manner, we have created a skin care product that will raise the level of your skin’s strength.
The texture is easy to use in all seasons, and it is a masterpiece created by taking advantage of the feel of the beauty ingredients (materials) themselves.
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uraraca THE LOTION 120mL 7,700 yen (tax included)
A functional lotion that delivers fresh moisture to every corner of mature skin. Penetrates* into the skin as if it permeates the skin, with a fresh yet rich texture that focuses on moisture and familiarity with the skin, and spreads it all over the skin. It improves the texture and leads to supple skin that is full of transparency and firmness. The lotion is mainly made of natural ceramide, and the famous hot springs of Okayama are also used as a base. It also contains yeast extract that quickly absorbs into skin moisture and ingredients that protect your skin from PM2.5, air pollutants, and blue light, making your skin look beautiful even in the modern environment. (*up to stratum corneum)

[Image 3d114633-3-c61f878bf8dbd9c74766-2.jpg&s3=114633-3-7116892c3ea4e1fd75cb42d5331348a0-1200x1189.jpg
uraraca THE BASIC CREAM 50g 8,800 yen (tax included)
A functional cream that gives mature skin the radiance and firmness it deserves. It blends into the skin, focusing on moisture and
familiarity with the skin, making aging care* easier. Focusing on internal and external changes due to age, approach from multiple angles. It leads to a more beautiful, healthy, transparent and radiant skin. Botanical squalane is used as the base of the beauty cream, centering on natural ceramide. In addition, coenzyme Q10, horse chestnut seed extract, and polysaccharides produced by Alcaligenes are also included. . It also contains yeast extract that quickly absorbs into skin moisture and ingredients that protect your skin from PM2.5, air pollutants, and blue light, making your skin look beautiful even in the modern environment. (*Care according to age)

-Hand sanitizer-
An alcohol-based hand spray that uses Sanbu cedar essential oil (wood part) that lives in Sanmu City, Chiba Prefecture.
A product that utilizes essential oils made from scraps of Sanbu cedar trees that fell in the wake of the 2019 big typhoon that hit Chiba Prefecture (causing power outages for a long period of time). It is characterized by the pleasant scent of fine incense essential oil. This Sanbusugi essential oil is used by our company for the first time as a cosmetic product.
Please experience the one and only pleasant scent.
This product also has a skin care effect by blending natural ceramide. By blending about 80 vol% of vegetable ethanol, this product is not a drug or quasi-drug, but it can also be used for hand disinfection as an alternative to ethanol for disinfection.
The result is a product that is comfortable to use, moisturizing yet smooth, and gives you the feeling of forest bathing. It’s convenient to carry around, but we recommend using it for a change of pace when you’re working from home or taking a break during work.
[Image 4d114633-3-6bbdc66585d214bf07ea-3.jpg&s3=114633-3-ebcc23eb6cf51925d6c41bf2eb6334fc-1180x1045.jpg

uraraca hand mist 80 50mL 1,980 yen (tax included)
This hand spray is great for your skin and the environment.
About sales site
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“April Dream” is a project run by PR TIMES that sends out dreams that companies want to come true on April 1st.
We are serious about making this dream a reality.
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