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Why “digital human resources” are necessary Released on Smart Boarding “Introduction to DX as a management theory course 2.”

FCE Holdings Co., Ltd.
[Why “digital human resources” are necessary] Released on Smart Boarding “Introduction to DX as a management theory course 2.”
FCE Training Company Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Junko Ogino) has added DX (Digital Transformation) human resource
development content “DX Introduction Course as Management Theory” to the online training system “Smart Boarding”. We are pleased to inform you that the ammunition has been released.
This content utilizes the knowledge of FCE Process & Technology Co., Ltd., which has supported the DX of more than 1000 companies so far, in the production. Through the installation of this content, FCE Training Company, which supports corporate human resource development and organization building, and FCE Process & Technology, which supports corporate DX promotion, will further strengthen the collaboration between the two companies, and will be able to address the issues faced by companies from multiple perspectives. We will respond.
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Overview of the second course
[“DX to create a foundation for your company” that Japanese companies should work on in the next 10 years] Series 2!
In the first installment, for those who want to know what DX is in the first place, or who feel the need for DX, but don’t know what to do, they should have it to promote DX in their company. We explained perspectives and points to be understood for executives and managers who want to develop digital human resources in their company. In this second installment, we will discuss ideas and methods for developing “digital human resources” in-house under the theme of “reskilling,” which is a hot topic today, such as what digital human resources should be developed and why digital human resources are necessary. was made into content.
DX Introduction Course 2. (4 courses in total)
What is a “digital talent”?
Why do we need new “digital talent”?
What is ideal reskilling?
Examples of skill improvement as a digital human resource
* DX Introduction Course 1. (Released in February 2023)
・Part 1: What is DX? What perspective should you have when working on DX at your company?
・ Part 2: Mechanism of “work style reform” that should be understood when preparing and implementing DX promotion and points to be addressed
・Part 3: What is the purpose of promoting DX in a company?
Content made possible by supporting DX promotion for over 1000 companies This content released this time was created under the supervision of FCE Process & Technology Co., Ltd., a group company of FCE Training Company Co., Ltd.
FCE Process & Technology Co., Ltd. is developing a purely domestic RPA “Robo-Pat DX” that can be made even by clerical workers, aiming for “RPA that can be used on site”. We have received high praise for our “realistic and specific support for promoting the use of DX/RPA in the field”, and it is being used by more than 1,000 companies, from small and medium-sized companies to large companies.
Aiming to “improve the productivity of introducing companies rather than simply providing tools”, support by appointed personnel and customer success, training of DX human resources and program certification, sharing case studies among introducing companies Because we have a track record of providing support for conferences, etc., we can convey the essence that is really necessary for promoting DX in an organization, rather than just an empty theory.
What is the online training system “Smart Boarding”?
“Smart Boarding” is a “DX system of a training platform that realizes “employee education” in one” for OJT, training, and e-learning. [Image 2d29370-168-712acd5094025cbfebd7-1.png&s3=29370-168-fe5d78cedfd49d5a091f6224ac912acb-526x525.png
Based on the concept of “learning with videos and lessons live”, it consists of three functions: “live online training” x “short-term e-learning” x “LMS (learning management system)”, and is a general e-learning It is a service that stands out from the rest. As of February 2023, more than 500 companies have introduced it.
Smart Boarding
Company Profile
Company name: FCE Training Company Co., Ltd. Representative: Junko Ogino, President and CEO Address: Shinjuku NS Building 10F, 2-4-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Phone: 03-5908-1410
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