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Wonder Camel Co., Ltd. Wonder Camel Co., Ltd., Sophia University Takenouchi Seminar and Kumamoto Broadcasting jointly hold classes

Wonder Camel Inc.
Wonder Camel Co., Ltd., Sophia University Takenouchi Seminar and Kumamoto Broadcasting Joint Class

Wonder Camel Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Atsushi Wada, hereinafter referred to as Wonder Camel), which operates management consulting services, human resource matching services, etc., is a Sophia University Takenouchi seminar and Kumamoto Broadcasting Co., Ltd. We would like to inform you that Chuo Ward will hold a class in collaboration with Yoichiro Sakaguchi, President and CEO, RKK) for the purpose of understanding the new business planning process.

Class outline
This class is jointly conducted by RKK and Wonder Camel for students of Sophia University’s Takenouchi Seminar. Through the class, they will foster an understanding of the mass media industry and understand the points in planning a new business. This is the purpose. As for how to proceed, first of all, as preliminary input, RKK will share the overall picture of the broadcasting industry, the situation in which RKK, which is a local station, and the resources it has. After that, we will divide into multiple groups and propose new business ideas based on the flexible ideas of the students, and finally make a proposal to RKK.
How Wonder Camel is involved
Wonder Camel, as an expert with a lot of experience in new business planning projects in the field of consulting, will explain the new business planning process and case studies of new businesses of companies that have recently become a hot topic. In addition, in order to create an environment where students can smoothly come up with ideas, we will present a framework of ideas for new business planning and support preparation work for proposals to RKK.
Future prospects
Wonder Camel will continue to actively collaborate with educational institutions such as universities and companies, and promote the development of highly competitive human resources in the field of business or human resources who can contribute to the development of local communities.
About Wonder Camel Inc.
[Business description]・Based on the abundant consulting experience of management consulting business members, we support companies mainly in new business planning, personnel organization reforms, and digital transformation.・Support for healthcare venture companies. Support for solving problems such as increasing value and fundraising with performance-based compensation ・Human resource matching business Operation of the matching service “quickflow” that solves the problems of payment sites faced by young freelancers quickflow:・D2C brand support project Operation of web media “idy” that introduces Japanese manufacturing and craftsmanship D2C brands idy:
[Company Profile] Company name: Wonder Camel Co., Ltd. Representative Director: Atsushi Wada Location: THE WORKERS&CO 501, 1-4-2
Higashiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo Business description: Management consulting business, human resource matching business, D2C brand support business Website: https: //
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