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Working Connector Elgood Humer, Re-Skilling Recruitment Begins!

Elgood Humer Co., Ltd.
Working Connector Elgood Humer, Re-Skilling Recruitment Begins! Taking steps to address issues facing Japanese workplaces, such as labor shortages and work style reforms

Our company participates in April Dream. This press release is April Dream of “Lgood Humer Co., Ltd. (LGH)”.
Working Connector* Elgood Humer Co., Ltd. (Head office: 6-21-9 Honcho, Shiki City, Saitama Prefecture, President: Keiya Imada, hereinafter: LGH) is a business process outsourcing (BPO) business. , we will start re-skilling recruitment to improve the skills of workers and gradually support career formation to advanced work. In this way, we will contribute to the improvement of the Japanese labor force, which is suffering from a chronic labor shortage, as well as the issues faced by Japanese workplaces, such as the formation of a second career after retirement and the improvement of the skills of inexperienced people who have no work experience. .
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* We are a provider of “optimized human resources and BPO services” that connect workers and jobs by providing the best work environment for workers and the best human resources and deliverables for companies through the best mix of BPO and temporary staffing. . What is Reskilling
At the 2020 Davos Conference, the “Reskilling Revolution” was announced and recognized as a global trend. Reskilling means learning new knowledge and skills in order to adapt to rapidly changing technological innovations and business model changes. As part of measures against the aging of workers and labor shortages, the government is also attracting a great deal of attention in Japan, as the government expects a large amount of investment.
LGH ReSkilling Recruitment Mechanism
LGH has strengths in outsourcing BPO operations for major companies, especially in handling data and dispatching human resources with diverse skills. Through BPO operations managed and operated within LGH, we are able to provide services at appropriate prices and quality to both the ordering side and workers by performing operations while performing reskilling.
On top of that, we will support the formation of suitable careers from among a variety of tasks, such as advancing careers to more advanced tasks at the request of workers.
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Three good moods brought about by adopting LGH ReSkilling
❖Good mood 1 BPO client’s good mood
Japanese society is facing a chronic shortage of people, mainly due to the declining birthrate and aging population. The labor shortage is also affecting the matching of job content and worker skills. Securing a labor force with just the right amount of skills is important even at BPO and temporary staffing sites, while there are uncompromising deadlines and budgets. With LGH’s reskilling recruitment, we will carry out our work while reskilling based on our accumulated know-how, so we will provide services that will satisfy you without paying an excessively high unit price.
❖ Good mood 2 Good mood after retirement
In re-employment after retirement, the most important thing that hinders the worker’s good mood is the decrease in remuneration. At LGH’s Reskilling Recruitment, you can choose the job you are responsible for based on your skills, regardless of age, gender, nationality, or other factors. Depending on the progress of
reskilling, LGH will support career development after retirement, such as increasing remuneration.
❖ Good mood 3 Inexperienced but good mood
In Japan, where there is a strong emphasis on hiring new graduates, there are still many inexperienced people who feel uneasy about taking their first step into society if they miss the timing of new graduates. LGH has been entrusted with a wide variety of BPO operations, including for major companies, and even inexperienced people can aim to improve their skills through operations. In addition, we will support reskilling through work tailored to each individual, even for workers who wish to advance to a field unrelated to their current job.
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Company Profile
With the concept of “professional group that continues to challenge”, Elgood Humer is a “working connector” that connects workers and jobs through various BPO operations such as secretariat agency, call center, data entry, and various human resource services. We propose and provide “good mood” to people.
・Company name: Elgood Humer Co., Ltd.
・Representative: Keiya Imada, President and Representative Director ・ Address: 6-21-9 Honmachi, Shiki City, Saitama Prefecture
・Capital: 20,000,000 yen
・Date of establishment: July 11, 2016
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