Yahoo Japan Corporation Cooperating with Yahoo! Shopping and Yahoo! Mart to support immediate delivery of food and daily necessities

Yahoo Japan Corporation
Cooperating with Yahoo! Shopping and Yahoo! Mart for immediate delivery of food and daily necessities
~ For more convenient shopping that meets the needs of the user on the day ~
Yahoo! Shopping, which is operated by Yahoo! , Yahoo! Mart products are displayed on the search results screen of Yahoo!
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“Yahoo! Mart” is an immediate delivery service for food and daily necessities, developed by Z Holdings Corporation group companies Yahoo Japan Corporation, ASKUL Corporation, and Demae-can Co., Ltd. from January 2022. We handle a wide range of approximately 3,000 types of products, and when users place an order and make payment, they can receive the product in as little as 15 minutes (*2), meeting the needs of users who want it now. Until now, Yahoo! You can now order products from Yahoo! Mart from the search results screen even when you search for !
* 1: You can check the current service area from the “store list” on the following site.
*2: The delivery time is an estimate. Due to weather and traffic conditions, it may be earlier or later than the indicated time. Through this collaboration, users will be able to purchase groceries such as meat and rice, and daily necessities such as toilet paper and detergent on Yahoo! Shopping in addition to regular Yahoo! Mart” can be compared and examined at the same time.
This not only expands the range of product choices, but also allows users to order and purchase the product they are looking for based on information such as the desired timing, price, and points awarded (*3).
*3: Yahoo! Mart products are not eligible for the use of PayPay points, coupons, Yahoo! Shopping gift certificates, etc. in various campaigns sponsored by “Yahoo! Shopping”.
■Search results Posting image
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“Yahoo! Shopping” provided by Yahoo! JAPAN, whose mission is to “make Japan more convenient with the power of information technology,” will continue to collaborate with other Yahoo! We will provide a convenient and convenient shopping experience that will arrive on time. Details about this release:

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