≪Recruiting 2nd monitor≫ App x clinical research Started verification of the effect of plum extract “Umr in” on egg aging in cooperation with menstrual day prediction and fertility app “Laroon”

Kishu Hosokawa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
≪Recruiting 2nd monitor≫ [App x clinical research] Started
verification of the effect of plum extract “Umrin” on egg aging in cooperation with menstrual day prediction and fertility app “Laroon”
Kishu Hosokawa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which develops plum extract “Umrin” that supports fertility, has cooperated with Wakayama Medical University, Osaka Kawasaki Rehabilitation University, and Ateam Wellness Co., Ltd., which has been conducting joint research for some time. I am conducting clinical research using a smartphone app. As a result of the first round, 80% of the monitor’s eggs improved. In addition, we have started recruiting for the second round this time. When it comes to clinical research, overturning the common sense of “going to a university or clinic”, we are exploring a new form of recruiting subjects from a familiar window called a smartphone app. We will provide up to 3 months worth of plum extract “Umrin” to women who are trying to conceive, and verify the effects of Umrin based on the state of eggs before and after drinking.
[First step] Application start: September 13, 2022 ~ Data collection and verification period: March 1, 2023 ~ March 31, 2023
[2nd] Application start: May 1, 2023 ~
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/60044/15/resize/d60044-15-cb71e601048ce5d1a79b-0.jpg&s3=60044-15-17bf39c5abed2ff6f23d4f64f68e8475-648×339.jpg] Clinical research starting with a smartphone app
During the important period before egg collection, when the eggs grow, we provide free plum extract “Umrin” to support fertility. (*) We will monitor your eggs before and after drinking.
* We will provide Umlin for the next egg retrieval (up to 3 months). ◆ Number of recruited monitors
20 people
Participants will be selected after a rigorous screening process. ◆ Monitor recruitment conditions
・Women who have had egg collection experience at least once in the past and can provide the following results before and after using Umrin
-Submission result example-Materials and images that show your impressions after egg retrieval, the number and grade of eggs, etc. ◆ How to apply
After installing the Larun app, apply from the information page (applications are being accepted from May 1st)
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/60044/15/resize/d60044-15-aa7f0d6d33c016846edd-1.jpg&s3=60044-15-aa949c47be414c305473f600329e3bab-1920×878.jpg] Lalune is an app recommended for pregnant women who can easily manage their menstruation and ovulation dates.
≪Part 1≫ Overview of clinical research results
We are recruiting 20 monitors who meet the requirements, such as having experienced egg retrieval at least once in the past, at “Laroon”. I drank it for ~3 months and requested submission of the egg collection data before and after. (2 of the 22 requests were canceled, and the final participants were 20)
◆ Summary of results
After drinking, 60% of the monitors increased the number of eggs collected, and 80% of the monitors saw some kind of positive effect*, confirming the usefulness of the plum extract Umrin.
*Some kind of positive effect: the grade of fertilized eggs and blastocysts increased, the number of eggs retrieved increased, the number of frozen embryos increased, eggs grew faster, degenerated eggs decreased, etc.
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/60044/15/resize/d60044-15-bfedb9763ece6dd10474-5.jpg&s3=60044-15-ef2e66ca8283e96f47845a939f177dd0-509×202.jpg]
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/60044/15/resize/d60044-15-8c0499c982e8780b29cf-6.jpg&s3=60044-15-a710d2bbf4366be50e87555efcbc5d18-243×202.jpg]
[Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/60044/15/resize/d60044-15-c2cfd115bff1592f4def-7.jpg&s3=60044-15-53d19a8aa27c382ba155ceb6801a16d4-243×202.jpg] What is Umrin
After more than 20 years of research, it is a useful component of plum specially extracted from selected domestic plums. You can take care of eggs that were difficult to deal with. Umrin is a useful ingredient in plums that allows you to take care of your own eggs (*). * Protecting eggs, which are damaged as they age, from oxidative stress. Completely different from folic acid and maca, it supports fertility with its own action.
[Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/60044/15/resize/d60044-15-e0477924bebe35877167-2.jpg&s3=60044-15-0cfe47ba9a55bdb86b2e4bb5dbc9e45b-646×296.jpg] Born from joint research with a medical university
When I gave it to lee, the egg laying rate improved dramatically. Doctors, who were skeptical at first, took the beneficial ingredients of ume during pregnancy
Seeing the nutritional status of active women, I am convinced of its effectiveness. Joint research at a medical university will start. In medical school, plum ingredients for many years
The research was conducted by Dr. Hirozai Utsunomiya, who is involved in the research of
In 2010, joint research began with the cooperation of the Ladies Clinic. The results of this research were submitted as a paper to an academic society, and a paper on umlin was published in an academic journal in March 2014.
[Image 7: https://prtimes.jp/i/60044/15/resize/d60044-15-71dd0d86f74d7bfa3fb5-2.jpg&s3=60044-15-92fb5d2479b464a149801599e5b9dfc2-646×236.jpg] Left: Kishu Hosokawa Co., Ltd. Right: Dr. Hirozai Utsunomiya, Osaka Kawasaki Rehabilitation University
◆How to drink Take 2 sticks a day with your favorite drink such as water or carbonated water. It has a refreshing flavor like plum juice, made from carefully selected domestic plums.
[Image 8: https://prtimes.jp/i/60044/15/resize/d60044-15-06fa9ecc1ded1dbb88da-2.jpg&s3=60044-15-121d7b81e916ca8235f38e25f1b9e3f7-571×296.jpg] About Kishu Hosokawa Pharmaceutical
Kishu Hosokawa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the research and development department of a long-established plum shop (Kishu Hosokawa), has jointly researched with universities the efficacy of traditional ingredients that are becoming obsolete, including plums. Umlin” is being developed.
For women who spend the most busy and intense time in their lives and children who create the future,
Through research, we find new ways to use ingredients and create demand to pass on food culture to the future.
For the future where culture continues.
Umlin research details page
―――Award History―――
Prefectural Governor Award
Momofuku Ando Award
Regional Economy Research Institute Chiiki Economy Award
SME Organization, Independent Administrative Institution Regional Resource Utilization Business Certification
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry 88 Agriculture, Commerce and Industry Collaboration
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Food Award Nippon Action Award, etc.
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