30% OFF Amazon Android 12 ultra-high performance 14GB + 128GB tablet is on sale at a super discount

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[30% OFF] Amazon Android 12 ultra-high performance 14GB + 128GB tablet is on sale at a super discount
Sale period: 05/04 (Thu)-05/07 (Sun) Discount code: [7AZSACCV]
↓ Click the link below and find a tablet with a high cost performance Blackview Oscal Pad 10 Android 12 Tablet 14GB (8GB + 6GB Expansion) + 128GB + 1TB Expandable, 4G SIM + 5G wi-fi Model, 8 Core CPU, Android Google GMS Certified, FHD IPS Display 1920*1200 Resolution Tabretto , 13MP+8MP Camera, 6580mAh+Type-C+Bluetooth 5.0+Wireless
Projection+GPS+2.4G/5G WiFi+Face Recognition
Discount code: [7AZSACCV]
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/110398/304/resize/d110398-304-5f740e05adb592ed68ec-0.jpg&s3=110398-304-a4be986a750d3824f5ca66cafb16983c-970×600.jpg] About Blackview Oscal Pad 10
Latest Android 12 + Doke OS V3.0
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/110398/304/resize/d110398-304-5a37de8954d5db267c3f-3.jpg&s3=110398-304-356bfe17672d2b0225041d7f24990472-1600×1600.jpg] OSCAL Pad 10 tablet 10 inch is equipped with the latest Android 12 system, which simplifies the interaction design of the system, not only makes the tablet Android 12 run smoother and faster, but also makes it more personalized, safer. Experience an easy-to-operate system. Users can freely customize the UI color scheme and widgets. Clicks, swipes, and scrolls are smooth too. It’s also GMS certified by Google, so you can access all your favorite apps from the
pre-installed Google Play Store. In addition, tablet operation becomes smoother with new functions such as screen split function support, device control, and screen recording.
OSCAL Pad 10 is equipped with a PC mode that allows you to open multiple applications at the same time like a personal computer. It supports work efficiency improvement while taking advantage of the intuitiveness of the touch panel.
Ultra-high performance 8-core CPU (AnTuTu running score 220,000+)
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/110398/304/resize/d110398-304-037106c32f8114b96a77-2.jpg&s3=110398-304-015cd4dff018ed3d295334cc8e2fbabe-1600×1600.jpg] Oscal Pad 10 tablet is powered by Unisoc T606 processor and adopts advanced 12nm process to achieve a good balance between performance and power consumption. It can be easily handled regardless of entertainment or games. It also supports dual 4G LTE calls, supports TD-LTE and FDD-LTE 4G networks, and allows you to switch between work and life freely. Equipped with a large capacity battery of 6580mAh, you can use it safely for a long time such as watching movies, watching dramas, listening to music.
Large capacity memory (14GB (8GB + 6GB expansion) RAM + 128GB ROM + 1TB TF expansion)
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/110398/304/resize/d110398-304-ce72e1a76eb67ce927e1-1.jpg&s3=110398-304-164b107f7095d0d557baaaa59d061940-1600×1600.jpg] The Oscal Pad 10 Android 12 tablet has a large capacity of 8GB, and the processing speed is improved by expanding it by 6GB, giving you a very fast and smooth operation experience. 128GB ROM + 1TB TF extended large memory, no need to worry about running out of memory when downloading apps. You can install apps such as Netflix, TikTok, YouTube, LINE, Yahoo, Twitter from the Google Play store anytime, anywhere, save photos and files without worrying about capacity, and enjoy videos, music, e-books, online courses, and surfing. Content and entertainment such as Internet and games.
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