A new function for domestic manufacturers has been implemented in “BuyChemJapan”, a B2B marketplace specializing in chemicals.

BuyChem Japan Co., Ltd.
A new function for domestic manufacturers has been implemented in “BuyChemJapan”, a B2B marketplace specializing in chemicals.
We are pleased to announce that a new function for domestic chemical manufacturers has been implemented in the chemicals marketplace “BuyChemJapan (R)” operated by BuyChemJapan Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Makoto Oguchi).
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/85060/17/resize/d85060-17-977a8773f6f60945710c-1.jpg&s3=85060-17-dc27affd7c5c7aafcb0208cb63ff3132-471×255.jpg] Manufacturers can now post their company and product information directly on the BuyChemJapan (BCJ) Marketplace site. With the implementation of this function, the company and product information of manufacturers posted via BCJ will be released more quickly, accelerating opportunities to expand sales channels.
How to use new features
 1. Sign in (https://buychemjapan.com/)
2. Click the gear icon “Shopfront control” in the header
3. Click the content management “Company Information” and “Product Information” on the sidebar
4. Click the “Edit” button on each screen to register information 5. After registering the information, click the “Submit” button 6. After completing the translation and proofreading at BuyChemJapan, click the “Publish” button on each page to publish
What is BuyChemJapan (BCJ)?
BuyChemJapan Co., Ltd. is a startup spun off from Daishin Co., Ltd., a trading company specializing in chemical products. Based on the needs and business practices of both domestic chemical manufacturers and overseas buyers, we promote DX in the sales process and promote Japanese chemicals to overseas buyers. BCJ Marketplace is attracting attention as a platform for chemical manufacturers to reduce man-hours in sales and marketing and improve production and sales efficiency.
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/85060/17/resize/d85060-17-d489fc20c640e91b8492-0.png&s3=85060-17-7f4f7e3cb2af70dcd6e85d42c27ecc3c-1350×670.png] Expand and stabilize sales by developing new overseas customers ・ Post product pages (Shopfront) that are easy for overseas customers to understand on the marketplace
・Maximize inquiries from overseas customers by utilizing promotional measures such as SEO measures, email marketing, Google ads, content marketing, and press releases
Digitize and streamline sales
・Comprehensive database of the daily work of a chemical manufacturer, from customer requests for samples and quotations, to sample evaluation, quotations, negotiations, orders, contracts, and shipments.
・Provide a system in which sales communication with overseas customers is handled by the manufacturer, and logistics and settlement are handled by BuyChemJapan Co., Ltd.
・Provide a highly transparent environment where manufacturers can confirm sales prices, etc. to overseas customers
BuyChemJapan will continue to promote partnerships with more chemical manufacturers and implement and improve functions to optimize transactions between manufacturers and overseas customers.
[Inquiries regarding this matter]
Company name BuyChemJapan Co., Ltd.
Konishi in charge
Telephone 06-6476-8122
E-Mail marketing@BuyChemJapan.com
Corporate site https://www.buychemjapan.co.jp/
Marketplace https://buychemjapan.com/
Introduction video
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzhMRZyGBiw&list=PLSNBFDlx8foSJlUphYPuWD_5r0YQyx_am Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BuyChemJapan2034
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