actor Co., Ltd. Started athlete management business “O’s Management”, which also belongs to RIZIN athletes

Actor Co., Ltd.
Athletes participating in RIZIN also belong, athlete management business “O’s Management” started
A new type of athlete management that supports both the improvement of athletes’ competitiveness and their value as athletes

Actor Co., Ltd. (Head office: Toranomon Hills Business Tower 15th floor, 1-17-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, President Yoshimoto Akagawa) will start the maximum number of athletes in competition from April 3, 2023 (Monday). We have started the athlete management business “O’s Management” with the aim of supporting both performance and value improvement outside the competition.
[Image 1:×634.jpg] ■ Background of the establishment of the athlete management business Originally, athlete management focused on creating an environment where athletes could concentrate on their competitions, such as supporting their athletes to improve their value. For this reason, athletes themselves often prepare the environment to improve their competitiveness, which is the main focus of athletes.
Therefore, some athletes do not know how to prepare the environment for improving their competitiveness, and end their competitive life without being able to release their potential in the competition. Therefore, it has become essential to prepare an environment for improving competitiveness.
Under such circumstances, we will maximize the use of products related to improving the competitiveness of athletes that are not found anywhere else, and create an environment that allows them to concentrate on the competition, which is the original athlete management. “O’s Management” provides continuous support.
In addition, in this business, we have received support from the following products.
[Image 2:×1125.jpg] ■Details of O’s Management / Information about affiliated players Homepage:
At the start of the management business, athletes such as professional fighter Yudai “Cat” Hamamoto and professional baseball players will belong. We will build a system that can support both the maximum performance of athletes in competition and the improvement of value outside competition.
■ About affiliated players
Yudai “Cat” Hamamoto
[Image 3:×1568.jpg]
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■Athlete management inquiries:
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■ About actor Co., Ltd.
Actor Co., Ltd. is a startup company established in October 2021 that provides planning, marketing & consulting, web design, and PR management services for companies in various industries. In addition to general marketing support for companies, we also provide “O’s Management”, a hybrid management business for athletes.
Company name: actor Co., Ltd.
Established: October 2021
Representative: Representative Director Yoshimoto Akagawa
Address: 15th floor, Toranomon Hills Business Tower, 1-17-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Inquiries regarding this matter:
Actor O’s Management Division Co., Ltd.
Details about this release:

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