Analyzing the behavior of people who have a lover with a matching app. The key to success is self-disclosure! 70% of people who have a lover through the app publish their face photos

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Analyzing the behavior of people who have a lover with a matching app. The key to success is self-disclosure! 70% of people who have a lover through the app publish their face photos

[Image 1:×421.jpg] At the matching app university ( operated by Next Level Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Taiyo Tanaka), we focused on behavior related to searching for a lover using a matching app. A questionnaire survey was conducted targeting 575 men and women who have experience using matching apps.
Matching apps have now become a common dating tool. It is said that only about half of people are able to have a lover, but is there any difference in behavior within the app between those who have a lover and those who have not?
This time, we conducted a questionnaire survey of 575 men and women who have experience using a matching app to find out how they were active in the app.
This time, people who successfully met on the app,
[Table 4: ]
We analyzed and investigated how it is easier to have a lover if you are active. [Previous survey]
Awareness of matching apps increased from 50% to almost 100% in 5 years! What is the reason for the increase in awareness?
What is different about people who have a lover with a matching app? Questionnaire survey to 1000 experienced people
The best profile picture is one that shows your face
We conducted a questionnaire on what kind of photos were registered as “main photos”.
As a result, it was found that many people who have successfully met have registered their own face photo. After all, it seems that the presence or absence of a face photo affects trust at the same time as it influences the first impression.
[Image 2:×796.png] 8% of those who got a lover said, “Photos taken by yourself or friends that show your face.” On the other hand, 6% of those who couldn’t find a lover were “photos that show their appearance and style even though their faces are not shown”.
You may feel that if you know your mood and style, you don’t have to show your face, but looking at this data, posting a photo that clearly shows your face is more likely to lead to dating. found to be higher. The point is to set a face photo for the sub photo and register multiple photos that show the face
Next, we investigated what kind of photos were registered in “sub-photos” that can be registered multiple times.
[Image 3:×894.png] “Photos that show your face” have a bigger difference than the main photo. There was a whopping 18% difference.
Self-introduction on the profile should be written in “original sentences” ◎ In the questionnaire, we also investigated the profile sentences that are likely to lead to encounters.
First, let’s look at the results of how app users created their profile sentences.
[Image 4:×698.png] As a result, the result was that the profile sentences of those who have a lover are highly likely to be “original self-introduction sentences” made by themselves. As a result, the rate of using templates is decreasing.
“Self-disclosure” is the key word for people to prefer writing that is unique to that person. Sentences that are well-formed and
well-organized are easy to read, but it seems better to write with a focus on “conveying your own personality”.
The point is to include at least 5 topics in your profile
Next, we also investigated what kind of content was written in the profile. We present to you the top 10.
[Image 5:×1187.png] As a notable trend, the percentage of each item is higher overall for those who have a lover.
In other words, people who have successfully met fill in more details in their profiles and have more content in their self-introductions. When we conducted a questionnaire to find out, “How many topics are included in the self-introduction on average?”, the average number of topics for those who had a lover was 4.7, and for those who did not have a lover, 3.9.
Using this as a reference, if you feel you want a lover, it is good to mention about 5 topics in your self-introduction, and you should choose the specific content from the above.
In addition, there was a big difference in the content between those who successfully met and those who did not, in the description of “personality”. Photos can tell a lot about how you look, so it makes sense to let people know who you are by mentioning your personality in your bio.
In addition, there was a difference of nearly 10% between those who had a lover and those who did not,
[Table 5: ]
5 items.
The above items are the contents that you can see what kind of daily life the person is spending. In the self-introduction of the matching app, if you describe your lifestyle, you can see that the other person understands you well.
People who have a lover receive many likes and send many likes Profiles also affect the number of likes you get from other people, but people who got a girlfriend got more likes.
[Image 6:×768.png] By properly disclosing yourself and creating a profile that conveys your charm, the number of likes you receive will change.
Activities to make finding a partner successful: Send a lot of “Likes” from yourself
In addition, we also investigated whether there is a difference in the number of likes sent by those who have a lover and those who have not.
[Image 7:×767.png] As you can imagine, people who got lovers sent more likes here. Looking at the most common items for each, those who had a lover sent likes to 6 to 10 people, and those who did not have a lover were less than 5 people.
In this result, it can be said that it is important to act proactively and send likes.
Be mindful of intimate communication in your messages
Next, we examined the exchange of messages.
[Image 8:×951.png] The two items that were more than 5% more people who got a lover were “praise the other person” and “convey your feelings.”
The first message is the first impression of communication, so by expressing your interest, it may have the effect of making subsequent communication easier.
If you’re worried about not getting a reply to your first email, it might be a good idea to tell them straight out that you want to get along.
Messages must be sent at least once a day!
We also investigated message density.
[Image 9:×866.png] The item with the difference is communication at a slow pace of “several round trips per week”. The result was that the amount of communication itself was slightly higher for those who had a lover. (Summary) The trick to making a lover is to be conscious of
self-disclosure and interact
In this article, we investigated whether there is a difference in the activities of people who can and do not have a lover on a dating app. As a result of analyzing those answers, we found that the following two points are the keys to successfully making a lover with a matching app.
[Table 6: ]
Meeting through the app starts from the first meeting without mutual contact. This result makes sense because the more information you can give, the more you can judge what kind of person the other person is, which leads to peace of mind.
(Author: Moe Shirasaki)
[Survey overview] Survey method: Internet survey Survey target: Men and women with experience using matching apps Questionnaire
population: 1000 people in total Implementation date: January 2023 Survey implementation body: Matching App University
( /) Research company: Next Level Co., Ltd. ■ Matching App University is such a media ■ [Operating company] Next Level Co., Ltd. Web media management and system development business in Yokohama and Fukuoka. With the mission of “Aiming for social development using the latest marketing technology”, we started marriage-related marketing since our establishment in 2008, always incorporating the latest marketing and disseminating a lot of information. [Management Media] Matching App University Marriage University Maripita Mirai’s work jp/[Click here for those who want to start looking for a casual partner] *Recommended excellent matching app selected by professionals *Hearing with 800 matchmaking app users! Matchmaking app ranking
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