Announcement of 24.5 inch gaming monitor “FFF-LD25G2B” sales start

Announcement of 24.5 inch gaming monitor “FFF-LD25G2B” sales start Supports 120Hz connection with PlayStation5(R)! Release of 24.5 inch gaming monitor that enables realistic gameplay

FFF SMART LIFE CONNECTED Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ayase City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President: Hidetaka Hoshino) is a new successor model to the 24.5-inch gaming monitor “FFF-LD25G2” from the popular IRIE monitor series. “FFF-LD25G2B” will be released from May 19, 2023.
[Image 1:×600.jpg] [Product overview] The FFF-LD25G2B is a 24.5-inch, full
high-definition (1,920 x 1,080), IPS liquid crystal gaming monitor that supports a maximum refresh rate of 280Hz. The 24.5-inch monitor is often used in official eSports competitions, and it is recommended for first-time gaming monitor buyers because of its size that makes it easy to install at home. It supports a high-speed refresh rate of 280Hz, enabling smoother rendering and more realistic gameplay than 240Hz and 144Hz, which are common in general gaming monitors. Since the existing model (FFF-LD25G2) has a built-in power supply, there is no AC adapter in the power cord, and the cord around the back can be neatly organized. [Product Features] ■ 280Hz high-speed refresh rate support Smooth rendering and immersive game play are possible. *280Hz works with DP connection. * Works at a maximum of 240Hz when connected via HDMI.
[Image 2:×2000.jpg] ■Response speed MPRT 1ms high-speed response is achieved, eliminating smear and motion blur (screen blurring).
[Image 3:×2000.jpg] ■ IPS panel adopted Wide-angle field of view of 178° horizontally and 178° vertically You can always see vivid colors and brightness with little change in color and brightness even when viewed from various angles.
[Image 4:×2000.jpg] ■Next-generation display technology HDR compatible By expressing the light and dark areas more clearly, it has become possible to realize rich colors with a three-dimensional effect.
[Image 5:×2000.jpg] ■We cope with 120Hz connection with PlayStation5(R) We can enjoy the latest home-use game machine with the best image quality. *
“PlayStation(R)”, “PlayStation5(R)”, “PS5(R)” and “PS5(R)” logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. *120Hz operation requires game software that supports 120Hz.
[Image 6:×2000.jpg] ■High color gamut sRGB coverage ratio 99% and DCI-P3 80% Faithfully display the color space that matches the scene. You can enjoy not only games but also photos and videos taken with high image quality.
[Image 7:×2000.jpg] ■ Abundant interfaces HDMI (ver2.0) and DP (Ver1.2) are equipped with 2 ports each, and it is possible to connect multiple compatible devices at the same time. This product comes with an HDMI cable and a DP cable, so you can use it right away.
[Image 8:×2000.jpg] ■View mode optimized for game genres Equipped with presets suitable for game genres such as FPS and RST. Easily recall the optimal display settings. In addition, a function to display the targeter in the center of the screen is also included with the aiming mark display function.
[Image 9:×2000.jpg] ■AC adapter is unnecessary with built-in power supply. The area around the cord on the back is also neat. Since it is a model with a built-in power supply, there is no AC adapter in the power cord, and the cord around the back can be neatly organized.
[Image 10:×2000.jpg] ■FreeSync correspondence Dynamic refresh rate synchronization technology prevents tearing and stuttering and expresses movement more smoothly.
[Image 11:×2000.jpg] ■Flicker Free (flicker-free) correspondence We reduce flicker of backlight and soften eyestrain.
[Image 12:×2000.jpg] Non-glare processing suitable for long-term use “Non-glare liquid crystal” prevents the reflection of external light and light such as fluorescent lamps from being reflected than the “glossy liquid crystal” used in general smartphones and tablets. . Suitable for long-term use as it disperses and alleviates the stimulus of light.
[Image 13:×2000.jpg] Equipped with blue light reduction mode Reduces blue light, which is said to be the cause of eye strain, and reduces eye strain
[Image 14:×2000.jpg] ■Equipped with HDCP Ver: 1.4 Copyright protection (COPP/HDCP) is supported.
[Image 15:×2000.jpg] ■Slim bezel Sharp design of slim bezel of 2mm. Also great for dual monitors.
[Image 16:×2000.jpg] ■It supports wall hangings, monitor arm As we comprise screw hole corresponding to mount of VESA standard (100x100mm), we can change to monitor arm and wall bracket of other selling.
[Image 17:×2000.jpg] This time, we will start selling at 34,800 yen (tax included) including shipping at each web shopping mall, including our web direct shop. Product information Product name: 24.5-inch gaming LCD monitor Sales start date: May 19, 2023 Model number: FFF-LD25G2BJAN Code: 4589969399548 Manufacturer’s suggested price: 45,240 yen (tax included) Product specifications
[Image 18:×927.png] Product WEB: Direct shop: Amazon:
Rakuten Ichiba: Yahoo! Shopping: au PAY Market:
■ Inquiries from readers (users) FFF SMART LIFE CONNECTED Co., Ltd. * Company names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company. product image
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