Atami Sea Fireworks Festival Held on Sunday, June 4! The next one will be on Friday, July 28th. We are selling a plan with a transfer that guarantees a special seat. (There are few left)

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[Atami Sea Fireworks Festival] Held on Sunday, June 4! The next one will be on Friday, July 28th. We are selling a plan with a transfer that guarantees a special seat. (There are few left)
Fireworks with outstanding sound effects are a powerful force unique to Atami’s special topography.

On June 4th (Sun), the Atami Sea Fireworks Festival will be
additionally held. About 3,000 fireworks are launched each day, covering the sea.
[Image 1:×1333.jpg] On June 4, 2023 (Sunday), the Atami Marine Fireworks Festival will be held! We are currently selling a plan with transportation that guarantees a special seat, but there are few left, so please apply early! The Atami Sea Fireworks Festival is a historic fireworks display that began in 1952. Atami’s famous fireworks display is held more than 15 times throughout the year, not just in summer. The fireworks that spread in the night sky, the fireworks that are reflected on the surface of the water, and the beauty of the “Niagara in the Sky” that decorates the finale are so beautiful that you will forget to blink! This is an event unique to the Atami Sea Fireworks Festival, where you can create lasting memories.
Event overview
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History of the Atami Sea Fireworks Festival
[Image 3:×1924.jpg] The Atami Sea Fireworks Festival has been held since 1952, and will celebrate its 72nd anniversary in the summer of 2023. On August 31, 1949, 140 houses in the coastal area were washed away by high waves caused by Typhoon Kitty, followed by a fire in front of Atami Station in 1950, and 10 days later, 979 houses in the city center were destroyed. After the devastating fire, efforts by local citizens continued to rebuild the area. Fireworks were set off in 1952 to reward the city’s reconstruction and its efforts. Since then, the tradition has been passed down, and now it is held all year round, becoming synonymous with Atami.
Fireworks traders also acclaim! Launch site with outstanding acoustics
[Image 4:×2021.jpg] There are two major features of Atami fireworks. One is the finale “Niagara in the Air” and the other is “Launch Site”. The “Niagara in the Sky”, which decorates the finale of each event, is not a set-up fireworks, but star mines launched from the entire venue. Silver fireworks fill the night sky and shine as bright as midday. It is so beautiful that you forget to blink… you will definitely be impressed. In addition, Atami Bay, which is the venue, is the best fireworks launching venue in Japan, which is highly praised by fireworks vendors! Surrounded by mountains on three sides, it is shaped like a mortar, so the sound of fireworks from the sea reverberates, giving the sound effects of a large stadium. When you see it near the sea, such as in a water park, the sound of a large single-shot or “big air Niagara” is transmitted to your body. It is a fireworks that you can not only see but also experience. In addition, you can enjoy fireworks with a unique Atami structure that makes the most of the venue.
Special viewing seats for hotel guests
[Image 5:×1080.jpg] The Ajiro Onsen Tourist Association has prepared special seats so that you can fully enjoy the powerful Atami Sea Fireworks Festival. A transfer from the accommodation facility in Ajiro Onsen is included, and the spacious bleachers can also be used as a countermeasure against corona. Some facilities have special plans for the day. You can enjoy the Atami Sea Fireworks Festival with peace of mind in a slightly luxurious spectator seat. Click here for accommodation facilities of the Ajiro Onsen Tourist Association:
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