b.ris Don’t underestimate the UV rays in May! We conducted an awareness survey on UV care for hair

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Don’t be afraid of UV rays in May! We conducted an awareness survey on UV care for hair

May is already the season when UV rays are very strong. Ultraviolet rays have a great effect not only on the skin but also on the hair. We surveyed 500 women about their knowledge and care.
In May, the number of hot days increases little by little, and you can feel the arrival of summer. However, it is still an unstable season with some days still feeling chilly.
You may have the impression that there aren’t many days with strong sunlight, but did you know that UV rays are already strong in May and have a lot of effects on your skin and hair?
This time, the hair care brand b.ris conducted an awareness survey on UV awareness in May and UV care for hair.
We summarize the results.
The survey outline is as follows
Survey content: Questionnaire about UV rays and hair in May
Survey method: Internet survey
Survey period: May 9, 2023 to May 14, 2023
Number of people surveyed: 500 people
90% of people recognize the relationship between hair and UV rays Before thinking about UV rays in May, I asked whether they were aware that UV rays had a negative effect on their hair in the first place.
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/92709/18/resize/d92709-18-1c67bd9ca7214e9a57e4-0.jpg&s3=92709-18-61a19671eb280a24dd89bfc4107cf133-758×450.jpg] As a result, 90% of the respondents recognized that ultraviolet rays are harmful to hair.
It is widely recognized that UV rays have a great impact not only on the skin but also on the hair.
Recognition of seasons when UV rays are strong varies
Next, I asked him what he thinks about when the UV rays become stronger. Looking at the survey results, it seems that many people think that UV rays will become stronger from around April.
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/92709/18/resize/d92709-18-f9c5312d85532213a67f-0.jpg&s3=92709-18-56c77f7b620ebf5dc33ab14198450aa4-758×480.jpg] In fact, UV rays become stronger from around March.
It seems that awareness of the effects of ultraviolet rays is spreading, but it seems that the amount of ultraviolet rays throughout the year is still not accurately recognized.
However, the number of people who recognize that the UV rays will be stronger by the May season has risen to about 87%, and it has been found that the majority of people feel an increase in the UV dose by this time. I was.
* Number of people who recognize that UV rays will become stronger between March and May
While many people are aware that UV rays are harmful to their hair, and that UV rays will become stronger by May, 37% of people are implementing UV care for their hair in May. .
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/92709/18/resize/d92709-18-4f5f1288b6d168a5fc51-0.jpg&s3=92709-18-00ffd076e5e370bf2004fbc6ba0cbc7c-758×370.jpg] Considering that many people are aware of the relationship between UV rays and hair, it feels very little.
When I asked those who answered that they would not use UV care in May why they did not, the following results were obtained.
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/92709/18/resize/d92709-18-2fa6dcb30c7ed7421894-5.jpg&s3=92709-18-ac33437ec4431248f052c69f348f77bc-758×370.jpg] It can be seen that about 40% of the 309 people who answered that they do not use UV care in this question think that they do not know how to care.
There are standard skin care methods such as applying sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays, but many people seem to have no specific idea when it comes to UV protection for their hair. On the other hand, when we asked those who use UV care what kind of care they use, the most popular answers were physical UV blockers such as hats and parasols.
It seems that sunscreen sprays for hair and outdoor bath products with UV protection, which have been on the market recently, are still not counted as options.
More than half have actually felt the effects of UV rays!
When 500 people were asked if they had actually felt the damage caused by UV rays, 66% answered that they had.
[Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/92709/18/resize/d92709-18-d0fdec1e83fc7fc4b750-0.jpg&s3=92709-18-9b188f3b89fe138f5489ed46ff0f10e3-758×361.jpg] As the damage felt
“Hair feels bad”
“Colors don’t last as long in the summer.”
“Scalp gets sunburnt and looks like dandruff”
There were a lot of things like that.
Hair damage caused by UV rays experienced by more than half of the population. Are you changing your hair care when you feel the damage? When I asked the question, I got the following responses.
[Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/92709/18/resize/d92709-18-675eca5c5518c18d707a-0.jpg&s3=92709-18-c6070f1c2ea46f3414262c6dba943cd1-758×389.jpg] Of the 364 people who did not answer “I have never felt damage” in this question, about 36% changed their hair care in some way. It seems that you are doing the same care as
through this survey
The relationship between UV rays and hair is widely recognized and many people are aware of it.
However, there are not many people who actually take care of UV rays, and many people do not know how to take care of UV rays for their hair.
More than half of the people have experienced damage to their hair due to UV rays. However, there is no change in hair care after that. That’s what it turned out to be.
Damage repair and moisturizing are important for UV-exposed hair When the so-called sunburn of the hair occurs, it causes deterioration of the touch and disorder of the cuticle.
It is most important not to cause hair tanning, but it is very difficult to avoid UV rays completely.
Therefore, when you feel that you may have been exposed to UV rays even a little, you should keep your hair shiny and beautiful by moisturizing with a focus on repairing damage rather than daily care.
[Image 7: https://prtimes.jp/i/92709/18/resize/d92709-18-0b6c2800eefa191fd70f-7.jpg&s3=92709-18-efbd5bd4d249f4cf08ced42f55b2265f-1280×764.jpg] For hair that is resistant to UV rays with the brilliance of jewels b.ris hair essence treatment is a treatment that contains ingredients derived from gemstones such as diamonds and pearls.
It repairs the damage caused by UV rays and gives moisture and luster.
[Image 8: https://prtimes.jp/i/92709/18/resize/d92709-18-e5d139d8438ffa10f37c-6.jpg&s3=92709-18-aafa848887f77e2b816f90e813b9e06d-3900×3900.jpg] It is also characterized by a short-time care that does not require time, just rubbing it in for about 30 seconds to bring it closer to shiny hair that shines like a jewel.
Also contains baobab oil containing many beauty ingredients. It does not let out the beauty ingredients and moisture that have been repaired and given to the outside.
Would you like to reset your hair that has been damaged by UV rays with b.ris hair essence treatment?
b.ris hair essence treatmentDetails
-Product name-
b.ris hair essence treatment damage repair
Bilith Hair Essence Treatment Damage Repair
[Image 9: https://prtimes.jp/i/92709/18/resize/d92709-18-1950709e18dd381a44d2-9.jpg&s3=92709-18-372a50bb14f2644b2769490a50b4c0b0-1080×853.jpg] -Product price-
Regular price 2,200 yen
Regular flight initial price 1,480 yen
Click here for the product page of b.ris hair essence treatment damage repair https://b-ris.shop/Landing/Formlp/crm_treatmentDR.aspx?advc=dr_br01 What is the b.ris brand?
[When your hair is beautiful, you feel lighter]
with the concept of
Our goal is to provide you with time to take care of yourself through hair care.
[Image 10: https://prtimes.jp/i/92709/18/resize/d92709-18-07c722f62e7929682d55-8.jpg&s3=92709-18-3256d7673aa713acfe96c435c2c53f05-800×508.jpg] Click here for the b.ris brand site
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