Big Advance, a management support platform, releases a new function “Central Attendance by Next IC Card” at Tajima Shinkin Bank to support DX conversion of small and medium-sized enterprises

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Big Advance, a management support platform, releases a new function “Central Attendance by Next IC Card” at Tajima Shinkin Bank to support DX conversion of small and medium-sized enterprises
In collaboration with Kokopelli Co., Ltd., we provide services that enable attendance management, transportation expense reimbursement, and expense reimbursement.

Geocode Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Daisuke Haraguchi) has launched the attendance management service “Central Attendance by Next IC Card” that is system-linked with Kokopelli Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Shigeru Kondo). It will be released in “Tanshin Big Advance” provided by Tajima Shinkin Bank (Head office: Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture, Chairman: Hirotaka Morigaki).
With this release, we have added an attendance management function to Big Advance, a management support platform provided by Kokopelli, to improve the efficiency of attendance management work and improve the legal compliance system for member companies of “Tanshin Big Advance”. We will realize the construction and contribute to the productivity improvement of small and medium-sized enterprises.
[Image 1:×471.png] Background of providing new functions and features of functions  The “Next IC Card” provided by Geocode has been introduced to various companies from large to small companies since the service started in 2012 and has contributed to significant cost reductions.
On the other hand, in Japan, although the digitalization of SMEs is progressing due to the corona crisis, about 40% of SMEs still have not introduced IT tools related to human resources (attendance management, payroll calculation, etc.). You can see the situation.
[Image 2:×893.png] Source: 2021 Small and Medium Enterprise White Paper In addition, the law regarding labor management of small and medium-sized enterprises is scheduled to be revised soon, and the importance of attendance management is increasing.
-From April 1, 2023, the premium wage rate for overtime work exceeding 60 hours per month for SMEs will be raised to 50% (end of grace measures for SMEs).
-In the “construction industry”, the upper limit on overtime work, which had been graced until now, will be applied from April 2024.
[Image 3:×264.png] Source: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare/Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Under these circumstances, Kokopelli aims to contribute to solving the problems of local companies by providing attendance management services to local companies through a partnership with Tajima Shinkin Bank in cooperation with the “Next IC Card” provided by Geocode. . Overview of this partnership
By linking Tanshin Big Advance and Next IC card, we will provide 3 functions to small and medium-sized enterprises that are Big Advance members: 1. attendance management function, 2. transportation expense settlement, and 3. expense settlement function. In addition, this function provided for Big Advance members will be provided at a special rate.
 More than 40 financial institutions are currently operating or are working toward introduction by the end of 2023.
[Image 4:×146.png] About the future
In order to promote the use of this service, we plan to hold regular seminars with Kokopelli and disseminate information to Big Advance member companies. In the future, we will support the realization of the DX conversion of attendance management for small and medium-sized enterprises through the “Personal Attendance by Next IC Card”. ■ Contact information
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