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Big-Face LLC The ultimate item to clean up a messy desk “3in1 wireless charger Raon”

Big-Face LLC
Ultimate item “3in1 wireless charger Raon” to clean up a messy desk AirPods on your iPhone, Apple Watch, your desk Are you covered with charging cables?

Big-Face LLC (Headquarters: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture) started a project with One Step Technology’s (Headquarters: South Korea) 3in1 wireless charger Raon at Makuake from May 5th. Designed in
collaboration with major telecommunications company KT, this product is a hot seller in South Korea as the ultimate wireless charger that will make your desk look stylish.
Since the product has landed in Japan for the first time, there is no end to positive comments from supporters, such as “I want to try it soon” and “I bought it on impulse because I thought it was a very convenient product.” The project is until May 27th, and it is a new product to watch this spring to see how far it can extend its supporters.
AirPods on your iPhone, Apple Watch, your desk Are you covered with charging cables?
For you!
[Video 2:] Fast 15W charging
strong magnet
Charge just by placing
Charge with one cable
Detect charging anomalies
Check charging status with LED light
3 in 1 wireless charger Raon solves everything! !
This is the reason why it is a big hit in Korea. . .
Three roles with one cable! ! Say goodbye to messy cables! Ultimate stylish design
15W fast charging, charging 3 smartphones, smart watches, and Bluetooth earphones at the same time
Thoughtfully optimized design designed by KT, a major telecommunications company
[Image:×2600.jpg ]
As a stylish office interior, the white color matches the atmosphere around the desk.
Even if you put it in your living room or bedroom, it’s GOOD! Various other features and positive voices are coming out one after another. Early bird benefits at Makuake Super early bird discount 1: 3in1 wireless charger “Raon” x 1pcs, list price 8,300 yen 35% OFF ⇒ 5,395 yen (limited to 20), etc.
Inquiries regarding this matter: Big-Face GK Contact: Yamamoto 25 Takahata-cho, Kamitoba, Minami-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 601-8101 E-mail: kyoface-trading@kyoface Details about this release: