Bloom Act Co., Ltd. MS&Consulting Co., Ltd. signed a sales partner contract for the material animation service “SPOKES”. Started new business collaboration to promote corporate DX.

Bloom Act Co., Ltd.
MS&Consulting Co., Ltd. signed a sales partner contract for the material animation service “SPOKES”. Started new business
collaboration to promote corporate DX.
-Using the material animation service “SPOKES” to support the DX conversion of companies suffering from a shortage of human resources-
BloomAct Co., Ltd. (President: Shun Takano, Headquarters: Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture), MS&Consulting Co., Ltd. (President: Akinori Namiki, Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) and the material animation service “SPOKES” We will start a new business collaboration. Utilizing “SPOKES”, which allows anyone to easily create high-precision videos with AI voice from paper materials, MS&Consulting, which boasts the top share in Japan for undercover investigations, supports work efficiency improvement to solve the labor shortage of clients. We will promote
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Background of collaboration
MS&Consulting Co., Ltd., which boasts an overwhelming share of the domestic market for mystery shopping research (undercover research), has a track record of nearly 200,000 research cases a year, mainly in the food and beverage industry, and is also making efforts to solve the individual worries and problems that each company has. provided. The material animation service “SPOKES” allows anyone to easily create videos with high-precision synthesized voice simply by uploading paper materials. It is a cloud service that makes it possible.
[Image 2:×400.png] By using “SPOKES”, it is possible to replace mechanical explanation scenes that have been done by humans, such as staff training and system guidance, and contribute to significant work efficiency and productivity improvement.
Through the network of MS & Consulting Co., Ltd., which has channels to a wide range of industries including the food and beverage industry, we will provide the first step of DX conversion to many companies that have a chronic problem of shortage of human resources. – About MS&Consulting Co., Ltd. –
[Image 3:×91.png] We provide management consulting with the aim of improving the quality and added value of services by improving customer satisfaction and employee engagement. We provide various services such as “tenpoket” and consulting and training.
Representative: Akinori Namiki, President and Representative Director Location: Kodemmacho Shinnihonbashi Building, 4-9 Nihonbashi Kodemmacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Material animation service “SPOKES” ~From “speaking by myself” to “having people speak”~
This is a service that allows you to easily create videos simply by uploading paper materials (PowerPoint). Anyone can easily create a video with narration using high-precision synthesized voice, so the cost of conventional video production (shooting and recording), such as studio and equipment costs, time and labor, and personnel costs for narrators, is completely eliminated. lose.
[Image 4:×1696.jpg] The scene where people were talking using paper materials can be replaced with “movies with narration made from paper materials”, and the act of speaking is converted into DX. We provide high value in terms of productivity improvement to many companies facing issues such as shortage of human resources and difficulty in recruiting. Service site:
[Interactive videos can be created]
[Image 5:×200.png] You can create an “interactive video with audience participation” that viewers can watch by clicking on the page they want to see. You can also set surveys and quizzes.
▼Interactive function sample video ▼ Questionnaire function sample video [Foreign language reading is also available]

[Image 6:×200.jpg] With the ability to read out a total of 32 languages, it is possible to train foreign staff, respond to inbound tourists, guide foreign residents, etc.
▼ English reading sample video Introduced to more than 200 companies in half a year from the release in August 2022
It is a notable document animation service introduced by more than 200 companies in about half a year from the release in August 2022. Non-life insurance companies / life insurance companies / tax accountant corporations / major telecommunications companies / securities companies / banks / local governments such as prefectural offices and municipalities /
Consulting company / university / manufacturer / restaurant / real estate / housing / travel, etc.
We have received many introductions regardless of industry, mainly from major domestic companies.
[Image 7:×482.png] ▼ Introduction page for introducing companies (on the SPOKES service site)
▼Awarded 3 crowns in the video category at one of the largest IT review sites in Japan
About BloomAct Inc.
“Bloom Act” is a company that focuses on the value of “time”, which is one of the management resources, and provides new solutions in corporate management. We believe that maximizing the potential and productivity of each individual will create a “new way of working” in the future, which will lead to corporate growth and a more prosperous society.
[Corporate slogan]
[Image 8:×110.png] * “Time” = time, experience, opportunity, chance, future
[Image 9:×1088.png ]
We want to create a better future by creating new “time” for management. I put up with such a thought
[Outline of BloomAct Co., Ltd.]
[Image 10:×374.png ]
● Company name: Bloom Act Co., Ltd.
● HP:
●Established: July 2018
●Representative: Representative Director Takano Takano
● Capital: 50 million yen
● Headquarters: Tsukuba Mitsui Building, 1-6-1 Takezono, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture
● Service: Business negotiation system B-Room for BtoB        BtoC customer service system ROOMS        Documentary animation service SPOKES        Electronic contract service REMOTE SIGN

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