Blow away the rainy season at Penguin Bakery! Limited time! “Early summer’s recommended bread fair” will be held

Penguin Co., Ltd.
[Blow away the rainy season at Penguin Bakery! ] Limited time! “Early summer’s recommended bread fair” will be held
Refresh your mind with sweets and stamina bread that are perfect for the rainy season

Penguin Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sapporo, Hokkaido; Representative: Hideyuki Takayama) operates 33 stores nationwide, and “Penguin Bakery” is a bakery chain that represents Hokkaido. Penguin Bakery will hold a fair titled “Early Summer’s Best Bread” at stores nationwide.
[Image 1:×1849.png] Period: June 1st (Thursday) to 30th (Friday), 2023
“Even on rainy days, delicious bread will cheer you up!”
At the Penguin Bakery, we will hold the “Early Summer Best Bread Fair” with a collection of breads that are perfect for this season to blow away the dullness of the rainy season.
“Don’t lose to the rainy season!” 3 stamina breads that are filling and filling. Two refreshing sweet breads that will brighten up your cloudy mood. We have prepared a lineup that will make you happy in the rainy season.
“When you eat something delicious, it just puts you in a good mood.” Penguin Bakery’s “Early Summer Bread Fair” will keep your mind sunny even during the rainy season. [Blow away the rainy season! Click here for the product lineup of “Summer’s Best Bread”! ]
[Image 2:×700.jpg] Product name: Hot dog with handmade curry cabbage stir-fry
Product Features: Appetizing spicy cabbage stir-fried with curry powder! A filling hot dog with long, coarsely cut pork sausages in between!
[Image 3:×700.jpg] Product Name: Yume Chikara Huge Do-Pizza Potato Mayonnaise
Product features: Meet the rainy season with a hearty pizza! A thick, fluffy and chewy pizza dough is luxuriously topped with fluffy potatoes, sweet crunchy corn, and wiener sausages.
[Image 4:×640.jpg] Product name: Chicken Lemon Pepper French Sandwich
Sales price: 360 yen including tax
Product features: Overcome the rainy season! Chicken and cheese seasoned with lemon pepper and mayonnaise are placed on fragrant French bread, and then grilled fragrantly for a hearty dish.
[Image 5:×700.jpg] Product name: Maritozzo with strawberry jam and whipped cream Product features: No matter where you eat it, it’s full of cream! Make the rainy season happy with Maritottsuo, which is a fluffy sandwich with plenty of cream and strawberry jam!
[Image 6:×700.jpg] Product name: Sour Lemon Bread
Product features: The brightly colored lemon curd will whet your appetite♪The refreshing aroma and fresh sourness of lemon make this sweet bread feel refreshing.
*The number of products is limited, so we recommend arriving early. * Some stores may not be available depending on the store.
[Image 7:×184.png] 【Company Profile】
[Location of head office] 6-30 Kitano 6-jo 5-chome, Kiyota-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
       Penguin Building 2F
[Representative] Hideyuki Takayama
[Phone number] 011⁻375⁻7774
[Contact] WEB
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