Business partnership with Vector Inc. and UNIPLAT to build a Japanese blockchain service scheme and a support ecosystem for foreign companies entering Japan

Vector Inc.
Business partnership with Vector Inc. and UNIPLAT to build a Japanese blockchain service scheme and a support ecosystem for foreign companies entering Japan

UNIPLAT, an online platform supporting entrepreneurs and researchers:
[Image 1:×635.jpg] As a business partner, Vector Co., Ltd. is a blockchain service scheme in Japan for “UNIPLAT,” an online platform that supports entrepreneurs and researchers from 127 countries, operated by Unify Platform AG (hereinafter “Unify”). We will also cooperate in building a support ecosystem for overseas companies entering Japan.
Unify Platform AG
[Image 2:×68.png] Unify Platform AG was established in December 2019 in Zug,
Switzerland, as a development and operation company for UNIPLAT, with the support of the Swiss federal government of Zug. Through UNIPLAT, researchers and entrepreneurs around the world aim to realize a fair and just research and business environment that is no different from people living in privileged environments, regardless of their economic or social circumstances. Head office: Canton of Zug, Switzerland Corporate site: Platform: secretariat management: Unify Japan Co., Ltd. [Blockchain service in Japan Scheme] Uniphi has developed its own blockchain system and crypto We are planning to issue assets. This project is planned to be governed by the Swiss Confederation and the Republic of Estonia, but with the support of Vector, we plan to build a new legal system in which Japanese citizens can also participate.
[Ecosystem supporting foreign companies entering Japan] According to Uniphi’s own survey, there are many cases where business partner companies and organizations in each country wish to develop business in Japan themselves or their member companies. has been found. Therefore, from July 2023, Uniphi plans to start a one-stop service that supports these companies and organizations in all processes from business research to incorporation to business start-up. Vector provides services for all legal affairs, including corporate registration, etc. for these companies and organizations expanding into Japan. As the first step, the Japan office of IFIA, an
international organization with the participation of intellectual property-related organizations from 100 countries, is scheduled to be established at the Japan office of Unify (Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan).
[Entrepreneur and researcher support online platform “UNIPLAT”]
[Image 3:×130.png] UNIPLAT supports more entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs from all over the world to smoothly enter Japan, and promotes international exchange in Japan so that Japanese consumers can quickly experience wonderful new products and services from all over the world. And we would like to contribute to the revitalization of the Japanese economy. Inquiries regarding this matter
Vector Co., Ltd. Corporate Strategy Office
Sha Vector Co., Ltd.
[Image 4:×72.jpg] Vector is based on the philosophy of “creating services that make the lives of many people more convenient and enjoyable”. We operate the information site “Vector Venture Support”, provide the highest level of cloud-based electronic signatures and electronic contracts “Everyone’s Electronic Signature”, and provide advertisement menus such as “Impression Ads” on our own software library. .
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