Business succession, M&A, subsidy utilization seminar Confront lack of successors and technological innovation! Business succession/M&A practice know-how and subsidy utilization seminars and free consultations for the automotive maintenance industr

Customer Cloud Co., Ltd.
[Business succession, M&A, subsidy utilization seminar] Confront lack of successors and technological innovation! Business succession/M&A practice know-how and subsidy utilization seminars and free
consultations for the automotive maintenance industry to survive Over 150 trusted achievements! We provide omnidirectional business support, from subsidy applications to M&A, business succession, and foreign human resources consulting.

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[Image 1:×984.png] Auto Aftermarket M&A Center (operated by Customer Cloud Co., Ltd.) will hold a business succession, M&A, and subsidy utilization seminar at the Miyaji Parts Machine Tool Exhibition (address: 5-5 Yubacho, Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Prefecture).
[Business Succession/M&A/Subsidy Utilization Seminar]
Confront lack of successors and technological innovation! Business succession/M&A practice know-how and subsidy utilization seminars and free consultations for the automotive maintenance industry to survive Seminar details
Do you know the attention-grabbing business succession law, “Third Party Succession (M&A)”?
M&A is rapidly spreading as a business succession trend, and it is said that there will be as many as 60,000 cases in one year and 600,000 cases in 10 years.
At our [Business Succession/M&A/Subsidies Utilization Seminar], we will delve deeply into these phenomena and specific countermeasures. We will share practical know-how and the secrets of subsidy
utilization to survive in the automobile maintenance industry, facing the shortage of successors and the wave of technological innovation. In addition, after the seminar, we also have a free individual consultation session. This is your chance to get concrete advice that you can apply directly to your business.
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Company profile, business content, strengths, etc.
We are a consulting firm with over 30 professional staff including affiliated tax accountants and financial partners. We have practical know-how acquired through the management of 2 group companies and 8 groups, and we are particularly proud of our deep understanding of the automobile industry.
We support more than 150 (industry top) large-scale subsidy
applications exceeding 10 million yen per year, and are in charge of seminars and subsidy applications for a wide range of clients, from the largest companies in the industry to startups.
Leveraging our experience in launching a number of businesses and developing services, we provide support at each stage of startups, from the founding phase to exit, including financing, subsidies, asset management, business succession and M&A.
Through the following corporations and organizations (partial), we provide comprehensive and practical consulting while staying close to the growth of our customers.
Customer Cloud: Providing Comprehensive Solutions from Marketing to Finance Auto Aftermarket M&A Center: Supporting M&A and business succession specializing in the automobile industry
Automobile maintenance subsidy subsidy promotion company: Specializing in support for subsidy applications for maintenance shops and sheet metal factories
AI Supporting the creation of business plans with a high adoption rate by introducing analysis by AI Providing SNS influence marketing specializing in the finance field
Startup Fund Co.: Comprehensive support for startup funding and business strategy formulation, etc.
Track record of M&A support
Through supporting subsidy applications, we have played a role as a consultant on M&A and business succession for many companies. Through the stock valuation of nearly 100 companies, we provide advice to support the continuation of business and sustainable growth for the next generation.
Examples of other support achievements
We provide subsidy application support for more than 150 companies a year. Based on the experience gained from running the businesses of 2 corporations and 8 organizations, we are good at business consulting and formulating financial strategies from the standpoint of
entrepreneurs and owners.
Service contents
In order to facilitate future M&A, we support the construction of a highly reliable and attractive company from a third party’s point of view when executing M&A.
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Representative profile
[Image 2:×1334.jpg] Representative director of Customer Cloud Co., Ltd., Fine Peace Co., Ltd., representative of several other corporations and organizations Biography: After doing business in Japan and overseas, engaged in the reconstruction of Auto Alliance group company representatives and M & A destinations. Established FinePeace with Customer Cloud Co., Ltd. in 2018. In 2021, several organizations such as Foreign, Automobile Maintenance Subsidy Subsidy Promotion Company, and Auto Aftermarket M&A Center will be established. Supporting subsidy applications for more than 150 companies per year, advising for the largest industry organizations, and presenting at exhibitions and industry seminars.
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CEO Hiroshi’s SNS channel launched
[Image 3:×902.png] From subsidy applications to M&A, business succession, and consulting on foreign human resources, we will do our best to support your success with more than 150 cases a year. Please check the latest information on SNS.
CEO Hiroshi Subsidy Channel
CEO Hiroshi M&A channel
\Subsidies that even sole proprietors can get up to 2.5 million yen/ Close to 1 million views! Small business sustainability subsidy hot topic on TikTok
[Image 4:×1096.png] Click here for TikTok video The following 11 items are covered by the small business sustainability subsidy ・Expenses for machinery, etc.
・Publicity expenses
・Website related expenses
・Exhibition expenses such as exhibitions
・Travel expenses
·development cost
・Material purchase fee
・ Miscellaneous miscellaneous expenses
・Rental fee
・Equipment disposal cost
·Outsourcing cost
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Automobile maintenance subsidy subsidy promotion company (group organization)

Automobile maintenance industry to support from the aspect of subsidies and subsidies automobile maintenance companies who are under pressure to invest in equipment, technology and human resources and change their business models due to the recent sophistication and environmental friendliness of automobiles. A specialized consulting group.
[Video 5:]
Subsidized maintenance tools
Aiming equipment, alignment testers, paint booths, lifts, frame correctors/measuring instruments, wreckers, car wash machines, vehicle inspection lines, tire changers, and other various automobile maintenance equipment
Expenses eligible for business restructuring subsidies
Construction costs (new construction), extension and renovation costs, equipment costs, outsourcing costs (processing, design, etc.), training costs, technology introduction costs, advertising costs, systems, advertising costs
Subsidy commentary video
[Video 6:]
Subsidy materials and seminar videos
Subsidy application agency support
Business Restructuring Subsidy:
Manufacturing subsidy: Free consultation window
[Eight gorgeous bonus gifts for line registration]
The points you can learn from the bonus videos and handouts are… ・FY2023 subsidy revision points thorough explanation
・ Little-known subsidized equipment
・You can earn more than 100 million yen depending on how you use it. ・Know-how that can only be achieved by specializing in the automobile maintenance industry
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Held a seminar at Foreign × Funai Research Institute
[Image 5:×766.png] Seminar application:
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The mission of CUSTOMER CLOUD is to “provide a moving experience for everyone”. We aim to realize the vision of contributing to the world by enhancing human capabilities and intelligence through acceleration of social implementation of advanced technology and computational transformation.
Committed to all social changes and challenges to solve problems, and by making full use of cutting-edge PR and marketing technologies including generative AI and avatar generation technology, we provide comprehensive support for companies from new business development to innovative promotions. To do.
[CUSTOMER CLOUD company profile]
MISSION: Amazing experiences for everyone.
Company name: Customer Cloud Co., Ltd. (English: CUSTOMER CLOUD) Head office: FINE PIECE 302, 5-15-14 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022 Representative Director: Hiroshi Kinoshita
Official site:
Business description: Generative AI / Avatar generation AI / Speech synthesis technology / Creative direction / Project management / CI/VI design / Logo production / Application design / Copywriting
[Recruitment information]
We are looking for people to work with us.
If you are even slightly interested, please feel free to contact us!
[Group companies and organizations]
■ Fine Peace Co., Ltd.
■ AMS Automobile Maintenance Subsidy Subsidy Promotion Company
■ SSO Smart Car Safety Function Assurance Association
■AAMA Auto Aftermarket M&A Center
■ ASA auto aftermarket revitalization strategy foundation
■ EV Aftermarket Shinkosha
■ Smart Mobility Association
■Single Mothers Create a Bright Future
■ ESG/SDGs Introduction Support Organization
[Related brands]
■ FDM – Fdiem
■ Poland’s largest car wash brand Tenzi
■ Next-generation polymer coating A glaze

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