Caumel Co., Ltd. Server down due to the concentration of access exceeding expectations on the first day of the release of live distribution x Kurafan “Caumel”

Cowmel Co., Ltd.
Live distribution x Kurafan “Kaumel” Server down due to more access concentration than expected on the first day of release
Live commerce “Caumel”, which sells attractive products through live distribution, went down on the first day of its release due to a much higher concentration of access than expected. We have increased the number of servers tenfold.

Cowmel Co., Ltd., which operates the live commerce platform “Cowmel” where you can buy attractive Kurafan products at live commerce with peace of mind, released the web version of Cowmel on May 1st. URL ▷
This time, the number of exhibit applications has reached 100 companies. We offer a wide range of products that are useful in daily life, such as at work and at home.
[Image:×854.png ]
Kaumeru web version has finally been released while various companies and users are looking forward to it!
However, from the first day of the release, the number of accesses exceeded expectations, and the server was unable to withstand the load, making it impossible to deliver/view live broadcasts.
As of 5/4 (Thursday), we have increased the number of servers by 10 times and are taking all possible measures to cope with the load. We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to everyone who uses Cowmel this time.
We look forward to your continued patronage of Kaumel.

Details about this release:

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