“Chataro and Granny”, a picture book dedicated to seniors, is now on sale!

Parade Co., Ltd.
“Chataro and Granny”, a picture book dedicated to seniors, is now on sale!
Parade Books will release “Chataro and Granny” (written by MIKA) at bookstores nationwide on Tuesday, May 30, 2023.
New book introduction
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/46294/283/resize/d46294-283-8d02ef30befb032ac450-0.jpg&s3=46294-283-01bd9e896be0968860a96d068208d39c-1935×2700.jpg] “Chataro and Granny” (Author: MIKA)
“Super-aging society” and “unprecedented pet boom” are both keywords that describe modern Japan.
Older people, especially those who live alone, are ineligible for adoption at cat and dog adoption events. But is it true that elderly people living alone are not allowed to keep pets?
One day during the corona crisis, an old lady bought a kitten at a pet shop and started raising it. The old lady named the reddish-brown striped male cat “Chataro”. The days of an old man who lost his spouse and lived alone, and a cat who arrived at a stranger’s house after going through a bed shop far from his birthplace began. What lies beyond these days…
A “reading picture book” that is centered on text and illustrated with illustrations.
Especially recommended
1. Senior generation (= people who have begun to be conscious of “-the rest of the time-“), adults
2. People who have pets People who want to have pets in the future 3. People who hesitate to keep pets
* The content includes suggestions for “old age”, “loneliness”, “death”, and “hope”, and is not a so-called “picture book” for young children, such as infants and elementary school students. On the other hand, children, young people, etc. can be said to be “future seniors” in the sense that they will eventually become seniors without exception, and it seems that there are some commonalities in terms of content.
Author profile
Retirement and the corona whirlpool overlapped, and while I was at home I had more time and soon I was hooked on cat videos. One day, as if inspired by something, he started to keep a cat. I experienced an epoch-making event in which my self-consciousness, which I had always thought that cats were scary animals since I was a child until I passed my 60th birthday, was reversed. Living in Tokyo.
Book information
Book: “Chataro and Granny”
Author: MIKA
Publisher: Parade
Release date: May 30, 2023
ISBN: 978-4-434-32100-9
Specifications: B5 size/top quality/32 pages
Price: 1,000 yen + tax
Paradebooks: https://books.parade.co.jp/category/genre06/978-4-434-32100-9.html Amazon: https://amzn.to/3GB6dgP
Publisher information
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/46294/283/resize/d46294-283-0b7878095a4665ef7a06-1.jpg&s3=46294-283-ce908cd7178cfb46a538711e70030298-1232×232.jpg] Parade Co., Ltd., the parent company, is a design production company. With professional skills and knowledge, we provide total support for your bookmaking and publishing with excellent design and high quality. Parade Books self-published
URL: https://www.p-press.jp
Phone: 0120-123455
Mail: paradebooks@parade.co.jp
Book introduction of Parade Books
URL: https://books.parade.co.jp
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