Comics Co., Ltd. Start of a new service bond that connects new “connections” in business

Comix Co., Ltd.
A new service [bond] that connects new business “connections” has started. State-of-the-art business platform/Matching users and
vendors/Information transmission to new business development
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] Comics Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Akihiro Suzuki, hereinafter referred to as Comics), which operates “kyozon”, has opened a beta version of “bond”, a platform that allows vendors and users to directly connect and transmit information. It was opened to the public on the 1st of the month. “Free and easy registration with bond”▶︎
What is the new business matching platform “bond”?
Until now, in comics, such as the SaaS business support platform “kyozon” and the largest online exhibition in Japan as a place where you can spotlight venture companies and hold online sessions, etc. A total of 18,000 people participated in the event and registered as members, and we have approached it so that we can help you develop your business from various angles. This time, based on the opinions and questionnaires from everyone who actually participated in the event, we decided to open the β version of the “kyozon member-only business matching platform bond” as a new place to exchange business information. “bond” can be used not only by executives but also by members selected from each company at the same time, and it is possible to introduce their own services as a representative of their company, transmit information for business improvement, and make new proposals. increase. In addition, it is a service that allows you to actually interact with members you are interested in online or offline beyond the boundaries of companies. In the post-corona era, while various tasks can now be done online, there are fewer places to continue connecting with people. Although it is such an era, I hope that through “bond”, it will be an opportunity to build and develop continuous relationships from new businesses and connections between users. “Free and easy registration with
[Featured points of bond]
-1- Free plan is free! Match with companies you care about by trial first
[Image 2:×1011.png] Bond currently offers three plans: “FREE”, “STANDARD” and “PREMIUM”. You can choose a plan according to your usage. Even with the “FREE” plan, you can make full use of the information transmission function that is the strength of bond, so you can try it once and then change the plan and use it according to your purpose. -2- More than 140 registrants before public release! You can connect not only with executives but also with key people in each company As a result of pre-registration prior to the public release, the service has already been used by more than 140 key people in each company. Through the next year, we will provide an environment where new businesses can be created with the aim of reaching 10,000 registrants. -3-chatGPT function installed! Equipped with an unlimited information
transmission function as an approach function to connect the key person of the company and the vendor. When sending information, you can create articles using the input form equipped with the ChatGPT function, so you can create attractive articles for sending
information simply by simply entering the necessary information even if you are busy. I can.
About kyozon
In addition to “bond”, which has been released to the public, we operate a corporate cloud service, SaaS, and IT product comparison and document request site that allows you to search for the appropriate IT tool for your business problem. Counseling on DX issues for persons (directors / business managers), and based on the results of the counseling, a concierge service for decision makers that connects SaaS / IT products that solve the problems (worries) of the decision maker. “Kyozon” (SaaS business support Business Division). As a “management platform for SaaS companies,” kyozon supports the promotion of corporate DX with people and IT services. “Free and easy registration with bond”▶︎ “Kyozon media for problem solving”▶︎
Company Profile
Company name: Comics Co., Ltd. Head office address: 15-4 Maruyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Kondo Building 2nd floor Representative: Akihiro Suzuki, Representative Director Established: September 2007 Business description: SaaS business support, DX promotion support Website: https:// ■ Contact: * Please do not hesitate to contact us for interviews or requests for the next stage. Details about this release:

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