Concluded a business matching agreement with L&F, which operates “Japan Empty House Support”, and Saga Bank for vacant house business.

L&F Co., Ltd.
Concluded a business matching agreement with L&F, which operates “Japan Empty House Support”, and Saga Bank for vacant house business.
L&F Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture,
Representative Director: Hisayoshi Mori, hereinafter referred to as L&F), which operates “Japan Empty House Support”, is the Bank of Saga Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Saga City, Saga Prefecture, President: Hideaki Sakai. , hereinafter: Bank of Saga), we have concluded a business matching agreement.
[Image:×384.jpg] L&F develops services for real estate owners and businesses related to real estate and housing, aiming to solve social issues related to real estate and housing unique to a super-aging society, under the theme of “joy for everyone involved in real estate and housing.”・It is a company that operates.
“Japan empty house support”, which started its service in 2015, has grown as the only independent vacant house management company that specializes in managing vacant houses in 47 prefectures. We have built a strong nationwide network that can meet the various needs of customers.
In addition, there are an increasing number of cases where people are unable to sell their homes when moving into a facility due to asset freezes due to dementia, etc. Therefore, we are planning to introduce a family trust that can be expected to generate synergies with Japan Vacant House Support. In the field, we are developing our business nationwide under the brand of “Family Trust Consultation Desk”. We aim to be a social contribution company that utilizes real networks and IT technology, such as developing dedicated web applications in-house for all businesses we operate.
About Japanese empty house support
Japan vacant house support is a vacant house management service that is mainly provided in collaboration with 173 real estate and housing related companies nationwide that are members of vacant house supporters. It is a one-stop service that provides services up to the exit of
The number of vacant houses managed in 2022 will increase by 156% year-on-year, and has continued to grow by an average of 40% annually since the service started. We have received the support of many customers due to our high quality management work.
About business matching contract
The increase in vacant houses due to the declining population is a major problem that leads to a further outflow of the population and a decline in the local economy by deteriorating the local living environment. In addition, there are many cases where the owners of vacant houses (heirs, etc.) have left their hometowns. In March 2023, the cabinet approved a revision bill that further strengthens the responsibilities of owners of vacant houses, etc. Approximately 86% of customers using the vacant house management service of Japan Vacant House Support live outside the city or prefecture where the vacant house is located (as of the end of December 2022). , most cases are entrusted by heir generations who have left their hometowns. In Saga Bank, the occurrence of inheritance, which is considered to account for many of the causes of vacant houses, has the risk of leading to the outflow of customers and deposits. The vacant house management service that can be used not only manages but also utilizes, sells, dismantles, etc., and has the aspect of creating financing opportunities associated with the liquidation of vacant houses and contributing to regional revitalization.
In the bill to revise the “Act on Special Measures against Vacant Houses” submitted to the current Diet session (211th ordinary Diet session), not only the conventional designation of “specific vacant houses (vacant houses with serious problems such as danger of collapse)” but also the future In the plan, it is possible to remove the special exemption for residential land from the property tax by classifying vacant houses that are likely to become specific vacant houses as “vacant houses with poor management.” It is expected that the enactment of the revised bill will further increase the burden on owners of vacant houses, and that the needs for management of vacant houses will greatly increase for those who live far away and cannot manage them.
L&F, which provides a service that reduces the burden of vacant houses for heirs who have left their hometowns, and a sustainable community, aiming to be a bank that connects the vitality of the community to the future with you in this town. By entering into a business matching agreement with The Bank of Saga, which is working on the realization of society and the economy, we will not only create mutual business opportunities, but also contribute to solving the problems surrounding vacant houses in the region.
Saga Bank
■ Company profile Company name: L&F Co., Ltd.
Location: 26th floor, World Business Garden Malibu West, 2-6-1 Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba City
Established: April 2007
Representative Director: Hisazumi Mori
Business description:
・Operation of “Japan Vacant House Support”, a nationwide network for managing vacant houses
・Operation of the “Family Trust Counseling Desk,” a nationwide network of immovable professionals and legal experts
・Operation of owner web app “Owners Cloud” for rental management companies
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