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Conduct research on new work styles in cooperation with AnyWhere, which supports work style and work environment construction, and Amami City, which promotes the “Island Plan for Freelancers to Work Best”

AnyWhere Co., Ltd.
Conduct research on new work styles in cooperation with AnyWhere, which supports work style and work environment construction, and Amami City, which promotes the “Island Plan for Freelancers to Work Best” ~ Conducting research on workations and workspaces in Amami City ~
AnyWhere Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Musashino City, Tokyo, CEO: Haruhisa Saito, hereinafter AnyWhere), which sells work style consulting and “TeamPlace Area Pass” that allows you to use multiple workplaces in the region, says, “Freelance In cooperation with Amami City, which aims to create an island that is the most comfortable to work in, we conducted research on new ways of working.
In this research study, we conducted a survey of workplaces where workations can be enjoyed in Amami City, a roundtable discussion with workplace experts, and an inspection of advanced examples of work styles. At AnyWhere, we would like to support Amami City to become “the island where freelancers can work best”.
[Image 1:×341.png] ■ Background of collaboration with Amami City
At AnyWhere, we have been providing work style and workplace consulting with the vision of “creating a society where everyone in the world can work and live in abundance anywhere in the world.” This time, while Amami City is promoting the “Island plan that makes it the most comfortable for freelancers to work”, AnyWhere’s personal connections and know-how are used to propose the ideal co-working space and workation measures that are suitable for Amami City. Thank you. Amami City is blessed with abundant sightseeing spots, and there is an environment where you can work while being refreshed. We hope that this partnership will increase the number of people working while enjoying the charm of Amami and contribute to the development of Amami City.
・Implementation period: December 2022-March 2023
·Implementation content
・ Questionnaire to coworking space operators nationwide
· Round-table discussion by experts on coworking space management ・Visits to advanced regions that practice new ways of working/working using co-working spaces
・ Field survey of coworking and workation facilities in Amami City ・Introduction survey on cashless payment system
■ Questionnaire survey results for workplace operators nationwide This time, in order to promote the use of workplaces in Amami City, we conducted a questionnaire survey on the operation of workplace operators nationwide. Below are the main findings of the survey. ・More than 70% of spaces have staff for reception and community management ・ More than half of workplaces have 10 or less users per day ・Many of the events held are “regional exchanges” and “cross-industry exchanges” ・The biggest challenge in operation is “attracting customers and public relations”
[Image 2:×146.png] For more information on the survey, please see below.
■ Visiting advanced regions that practice new ways of working [Overview of visit]
This time, we visited the Nagasaki and Nagano areas, where advanced and effective efforts are being made regarding immigration and workation.
The following facilities were visited.
[Nagasaki area]
・ knit. (knit):
・ SPACELongArms:
・Sorrisoriso Chiwata Third Seto Rice Warehouse (Sorrisoriso Chiwata Third Seto Rice Warehouse):
・ coto:
[Nagano area]
・Work Terrace Saku:
・ TERMINAL 51° (Terminal Goichi): ・ CREEKS:
・ Iizuna Connect WEST:
・ Iizuna Connect EAST:
・ Furusato Koryukan Ashida-juku: ・Ikoi Villa:
・ Karuizawa Prince The Workation Core: [Observation contents]
Both the Nagasaki and Nagano areas are similar to Amami City in terms of distance from the city center and demand as tourist destinations, so we were able to obtain knowledge that will serve as a reference for sustainable management and operation of workplaces in Amami City. . In particular, we focused on the following areas.
・In addition to the hardware aspects such as facility equipment, the thoughts of the operator and the history of the establishment of the facility
・Contribution value of the workplace to the local community
In particular, at the workplaces in Nagasaki and Nagano that we visited this time, there are many places where priority should be given to creating a system to create employment and jobs in the region, and to create a system to attract people, rather than improving facilities and equipment. It can also be used as a reference for Amami City, which is promoting the “island plan that makes it the most easy for freelancers to work.”
■ Round-table discussion by experts on workplace management
[Outline of roundtable discussion]
As a survey to attract workation users to Amami City, we exchanged opinions with the actual facility operators and experts on facility management and gained knowledge. The participants are the following six people.
[Image 3:×512.png] [Discussion meeting content]
At the meeting, we discussed the following themes.
・1. Management and operation of facilities (facilities, systems, etc.) Although there are still many workplaces that are managed analogue, systemization has also spread in the field of facility management such as entry and exit.
As for the needs of community managers, it is necessary to place local co-working spaces based on the view that people-to-people connections are important, and it is necessary to connect people, jobs, events and projects in the city. I can say there is.
・2. Promotion strategies such as events and advertisements
Posting on SNS and portal sites and holding events are effective, and since there are not many transportation options on Amami Oshima, advertisements and signboards should be used at airport terminals, car rental offices, and in-vehicle advertisements. Placement may also be effective.
・3. Workation Initiatives
It is often carried out by utilizing the resources and characteristics of coworking operators, and this time, the parent-child workation “GROWCATION” by Kids Valley, which is the operating body of COCOTOMO, which has knowledge about child-rearing and education, and business type / training camp type We gained knowledge about the background and current situation of the implementation of Tateshina WORKTRIP, which chose the embodiment of Tateshina Town. Since the city is rich in tourism resources and rich in nature, it is thought that it is suitable for workations that mainly focus on vacations.
[Image 4:×307.png] ■ Comment from Mr. Sohei Yasuda, Mayor of Amami City
In 2015, Amami City formulated the “Island plan that makes it the most comfortable for freelancers to work” and implemented various support for “diversified work styles” for freelancers and small businesses that use ICT. I’m here.
The “Amami City WorkStyle Lab”, which is the subject of this survey research, is the “second stage” of the plan, and is a base facility for disseminating independent freelance model cases and supporting the formation of a community between freelancers who will be a joint work body. It is positioned as, and it just opened in July 2021.
Through this survey research, we found that it can be used as a base facility for freelancers and others who work anywhere in the city, improve business through exchanges inside and outside the island, develop and attract human resources, attract companies, and support workcations. , Entrepreneur Support, Employment and Job Placement Support.
Comment from AnyWhere Community Co-creation Manager Tomomi Shinohara This time, we were entrusted with the work of Amami City and conducted survey research on workations and workplaces inside and outside the island in order to advance the “island plan that makes it the most comfortable for freelancers to work”. In terms of workations, based on the needs of companies such as training camps, Amami City wants to respond to the diverse needs of individual workations, valuing “to make the island easy for freelancers to work”. It left an impression on me. We also think that we can help increase the number of freelancers who can work comfortably in Amami City, which is rich in tourism resources.
Please contact us by email for work styles and workplace consulting for local governments.
・E-mail address:
■We will hold a case study sharing session as follows regarding work styles and workplace utilization for local governments, so please come and visit us.
▼Thursday, May 25th
AnyWhere Municipal Collaboration Case Sharing Meeting vol.1 “Case Study of Related Population Creation Utilizing Digital Technology – Interaction of Related Population Using Metaverse”
▼May 26th (Friday)
AnyWhere Municipal Collaboration Case Sharing Meeting vol.2 “Case Study on Utilization of Local Coworking Spaces – Considering the Contribution Value of Coworking to the Community” ■ About AnyWhere Co., Ltd.
AnyWhere Co., Ltd. operates a workplace platform “TeamPlace” that connects people with the vision of “creating a society where everyone in the world can work and live richly anywhere in the world”. In addition, we are developing new business support for corporations, system development, and IT / system consulting business related to space. At the end of last year, we also started selling the “TeamPlace Area Pass,” which allows you to use multiple workplaces in your area.
[Image 5:×163.png] ■ AnyWhere Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Established: January 7, 2020
Representative: Representative Director Haruhisa Saito
Head office location: Musashino City, Tokyo
URL: (corporate site) (TeamPlace service site)

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