Corundum System Biology Co., Ltd. Random System Biology invests in bio-venture specializing in skin health

Corundum System Biology Co., Ltd.
Random System Biology invests in bio-venture specializing in skin health Sequential Skin’s Microbiome Testing Platform Analyzes an Individual’s Skin and Enables Optimal Skincare Choices

Corundum System Biology Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hidehiko Otake, hereinafter referred to as Corundum System Biology) has newly invested in the skin health field. It was conducted for Sequential Skin Ltd. (UK/Singapore, CEO: Oliver Worsley, hereinafter referred to as Sequential), which aims to create health through microbiome research. It will be a direct investment in the biome field. Sequential already supports the research and development of global brands and is recognized by leading manufacturers as a leader in microbiome testing. We assist with microbiome testing, formulation proposals, and efficacy demonstrations for skin, scalp, intimate care, and oral care products. Sequential’s award-winning skin testing solutions provide a complete end-to-end platform from research planning, sample collection, testing to analysis, formulation development and certification support. The series of tests are independently managed in-house by Sequential and are conducted as clinical trials only for humans. The resulting scientific data is used by many global skincare brands to develop the best products for their consumers.
The company has also brought to market and is already selling comprehensive consumer test kits that assess an individual’s skin health using quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) and next-generation sequencing technology. The kit provides users with personalized recommendations on the best products and active ingredients for individual skin care.
Sequential was founded in 2019 by current CEO Dr. Oliver Worsley and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Albert Dashi. Supported by Enterprise SG, A*STAR, Singapore Genome Research Institute, IndieBio New York, SOSV, and Johnson & Johnson Innovation.
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Hidehiko Ohtake, President of Corundum System Biology said:
“Sequential Skin is our first direct investment in a skin microbiome company. The way to solve skin problems has not changed for a long time, and as the need for personalized skincare continues to grow, our investment will provide momentum for the company’s operations. I hope that it will be a driving force.”
Corundum System Biology aims to be an innovation hub in the field of the microbiome. Based in Tokyo, we are active in three pillars: the development of new businesses, the development of biological information databases and data analysis platforms, and the provision of subsidies to promote and accelerate research and development.
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