Cosmo Root Co., Ltd. Cosmo Root Co., Ltd. publishes “Comparison of 44 legal DX tools”

Cosmoroute Co., Ltd.
Cosmoroute Co., Ltd. publishes “Comparison of 44 legal DX tools”
Cosmoroute Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Naoki Maeda), which provides the cloud service “Legarage” that converts the flow of contract work into DX, has released “44 legal DX tool comparisons”. I was.
[Image 1:×1080.png] Increase in DX tools in the legal department and background of creation According to a research company, the domestic legal DX market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.3% from 2020 to 2025, reaching 267 billion yen in 2025. Various tools such as contract management are participating in the legal DX market. Legal departments need to handle a huge amount of documents and information in tasks such as contract management, legal research, and litigation. These tasks require a lot of time and effort, and are prone to problems caused by human error. Therefore, automation and efficiency of operations are required, and DX tools are attracting attention as a solution.
On the other hand, as the DX tool market expands, new issues such as “difficulty understanding the differences between legal DX tools” have emerged.
Therefore, this time, we will create a “Comparison of 44 Legal DX Tools” to tell you about representative legal support services and DX tools.
Turn contracts into knowledge for legal teams
We have released a cloud service “Legaledge” that DXizes the flow of contract work for legal departments of companies, with the vision of “realizing value creation in the digital age together with customers”. I’m here.
As the legal DX tool market grows rapidly in Japan, we believe that it is important to work hard with legal DX tool providers and bring about innovation in order to create that ecosystem. For that reason, we hope to continue to be a company that pleases our customers by providing highly specialized knowledge and spreads happiness throughout society through a chain of joy.
Through the release of this legal DX tool comparison table, we will contribute to the further development of the legal DX tool market and the improvement of customer experience.
About the features of “Comparison of 44 legal DX tools”
It is divided into the following 7 categories. In addition, as important items for comparison, we have created mainly the usage fee, compatibility with other tools, and the presence or absence of support.

Contract management (digital management of contracts, etc.)
Contract review (review by AI, streamlining legal document work, etc.) Contract drafting (contract drafting support, etc.)
Electronic contracts (e.g. signing contracts)
Legal research (searching for legal information, etc.)
Application application (registration support, etc.)
Dispute resolution (e.g. online legal dispute resolution)
About document download
“Comparison of 44 legal DX tools” can be downloaded from the link below.
Download here▶︎ * Links to companies that provide services, specifications, etc. are also posted. If there is a problem, please contact Cosmoroot Co., Ltd. ( for general inquiries, and we will take measures such as deletion.
*The contents of this document are based on survey data at the time of creation. Please contact each tool operating company for the latest information.
-About Legalage-
[Image 2:×643.png] The cloud service “Legaledge”, which converts the flow of contract work into DX, is a “cloud-type new contract knowledge management system” that automatically analyzes and registers contracts to streamline operations and reduce management costs. A tool to make it happen.
Efficient management and operation of confidential documents and contract documents containing a large amount of important data and sharing of that knowledge not only reduces personnel costs in companies, but also strengthens the company’s internal structure with the right people in the right positions, thereby increasing ROI. It has the effect of maximizing management and performance improvement. -Corporate Information-
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