Cosmos Hotel Management Co., Ltd. Promoting health together across generations. “Kyoto walking trip with fam ily and friends”

Cosmos Hotel Management Co., Ltd.
Promoting good health across generations. “Kyoto walking trip with family and friends”
MIMARU Wellness & Ageless Tourism Promotion Project

Cosmos Hotel Management Co., Ltd., which operates APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU, a spacious guest room equipped with a kitchen where you can stay together with your family and friends. A walking trip in Kyoto @ MIMARU SUITES Kyoto CENTRAL” was held for three days and two nights. People in their 20s to 90s, including married couples and daughters, families with small children, company friend groups, and the Kimiko family, who were selected through public offering, participated. While learning tips on how to walk with the correct posture and beautiful poses for photography from a walking professional, participants experienced a trip that was fun and healthy. We were able to rediscover the charms of Kyoto through early morning walking, off-the-beaten-track courses, and a “shifting trip” such as enjoying the rain.
[Image 1:×193.png] Posture walking A trip to walk in the fresh green of Kyoto with Mr. KIMIKO 1 Posture walking mini-lesson at MIMARU Kyoto Shinmachi Sanjo lobby 2 KIMIKO’s best Kyoto, original course walking
 ~Yasaka Shrine South Romon → Maruyama Park → Yoshimizu Benzaitennyo → Ryokan Yoshimizu → Chionin Temple → Jingūmichi → Yudofu Kaiseki Lunch~ 3 Take an early morning walk to the Kyoto Imperial Palace, and taste Kyoto’s three famous waters at Nashinoki Shrine
The “wellness tourism” proposed by MIMARU is to enjoy the history and culture of the travel destination and meet people while walking steadily and becoming energized. The curiosity and stimulation of travel will be the vitality of tomorrow. And “ageless tourism” means enjoying travel no matter how old you are in the age of 100 years of life. Traveling and interacting with family and like-minded friends is a joyful and irreplaceable time for all generations. In this “Kyoto Walking Trip”, Mr. KIMIKO’s humorous walking lessons and explanations of recommended spots made us smile while walking, and we received comments such as “It was fun” and “I got power” from people of all generations. I was. After walking, return to the 85m2 2-bedroom “MIMARU SUITES KYOTO CENTRAL” where you can relax in the spacious living room, have dinner in your room, or soothe your tired feet in the bathroom. was MIMARU will continue to deepen its proposals for futuristic tourism through these activities.
MIMARU is advocating “wellness tourism” and “ageless tourism” as futuristic tourism in 2023. Reference:
Posture walking lesson by KIMIKO in the morning
[Image 2:×403.png] Posture walking is an efficient exercise for building a healthy and beautiful body, which is perfect for wellness tourism. Everyone who participated was excited about the new learning experience. They were surprised by the difference in their own postures before and after the lesson, confirmed how to walk with each other, and prepared to walk beautifully. The forecast for Kyoto that day was light rain in the afternoon, so I learned how to walk without splashing water on rainy days.
For walking, enjoy a “shifting trip” on an original course that is slightly different from the standard.
[Image 3:×412.png] The walking starts from Yasaka Shrine. Instead of the bustling West Romon, I chose the South Romon, which is actually the main gate. After purifying yourself with sacred water, head east, climb up Maruyama Park, and visit the quiet Yoshimizu Benzaiten-do. This course, which leads to Chion-in Temple’s famous New Year’s bell, has few tourists. On the way, it’s shooting time with a lesson on beautiful photo poses. The sight of the 90-year-old grandmother walking with a smile from beginning to end, being led by her grandchildren, seemed to cheer everyone up. During lunchtime, questions were thrown around and the mood was relaxed from beginning to end.
Wake up early on the final day and walk early in the morning to the Kyoto Imperial Palace
[Image 4:×421.png] From “MIMARU SUITES KYOTO CENTRAL” where you stayed, you can walk to the Kyoto Imperial Palace in 15 minutes. A walk in the quiet morning with few people coming and going and the air clear was exceptional. I experienced Kyoto, which is beautiful even in the rain, with fresh green trees bathed in the blessings of rain. We stopped at Nashinoki Shrine, which was recommended by the front desk staff, and drank water from the chozuya, one of the three famous waters of Kyoto, on our way home. It is recommended that you can avoid the crowds and make great discoveries just by changing the time, place, and activities of your trip.
Stay at “MIMARU SUITES KYOTO CENTRAL” with 85 m² and 2 to 3 bedrooms, a 3-minute walk from Karasuma Oike.
“MIMARU SUITES KYOTO CENTRAL” is located in the center of Kyoto with easy access to two subway lines, Kyoto Station, world heritage sites, and popular shrines and temples. After checking in, the guests were surprised by the large space of 85 m² in all rooms. In addition, all rooms are suites with 2 to 3 bedrooms, and have been highly evaluated for being able to cherish private time even when traveling with parents and children or with friends.
[Image 5:×394.png] Spacious living room, kitchen & dining room, flexible tatami space, separate bedroom
Surprise gift for all participants!
For all of you, KIMIKO-sensei handed out a handwritten message along with a gift selected in Kyoto. MIMARU helps families and friends on their trips by preparing small surprise gifts and by sending letters to them about things they usually don’t communicate, deepening their ties and making their trips more enjoyable.
Introducing some of the comments of the guests who participated “I found walking interesting, and the teacher was cheerful and fun. I was able to solve my doubts about how to walk.” It was my first trip.I spent the night in my room, and I was able to spend the night without worrying about my child crying!”
KIMIKO teacher profile
[Image 6:×397.png] Posture Stylist (R) President of THE POSTURE Co., Ltd. Representative Director of POSTURE WALKING Association Member of the Japan Walking Society, Lifelong Sports Society, and Japan Society of Physical Education
Born in Okayama in 1961: As a result of devising walking to overcome the collapse of the body shape after childbirth, perfected “posture walking” to improve posture, hip lift, lower body weight loss, muscle mass and bone density. It also conducts corporate training, lessons for the general public, lectures, events, and product development. With a dream to be included in school textbooks, he became a graduate student in the need for more scientific proof, and completed his master’s thesis, “Elucidation of the Functionality and Aesthetics of Posture Walking.” “Posture” means “posture” in English. His motto is, “Life is all about posture.” As a shining “Platinum Age” over the age of 60, he was awarded the 2022 Sports and Health Division Platier Ageist.
“MIMARU SUITES KYOTO CENTRAL” has 19 suites with 2 or more bedrooms. 1 premium 2-bed suite (for 4 people), 16 2-bedroom suites (for 4 people), 2 3-bedroom suites (for 6 people) with futon on the tatami space, all rooms are 85 m² It consists of Located in the center of Kyoto, a 3-minute walk from Karasuma Oike Station, Nijo Castle, the Kyoto Imperial Palace, and Nishiki Market, Kyoto’s kitchen, are all within walking distance. It has good access to subway and private railway stations, including Kyoto Station, making it an ideal base for sightseeing in nearby cities such as Osaka, Nara, and Shiga. Weekly and monthly plans* for long stays are also available. In addition, since there are many overseas guests traveling between Tokyo and Kyoto, we plan to prepare a free luggage delivery service for carrier bags and other items only between MIMARU SUITES Tokyo and Kyoto to make it easier to move between MIMARU SUITES Tokyo facilities. is. * Scheduled as of May 2023. Prices vary depending on the room and season. For details, please visit the MIMARU official website.
[Image 7:×275.png] Address: 154-3 Nagahama-cho, Korotana-dori Oike-daru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto Access: 3-minute walk from Karasuma-Oike Station on the Kyoto Municipal Subway Tozai Line and Karasuma Line
11-minute walk from Karasuma Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line Facility: 10 floors above ground, 19 guest rooms Open: Thursday, June 1, 2023 Total floor area: 1,944.60 m² Homepage: hotel/suites-kyoto-central/
About Cosmos Hotel Management
[Image 8:×177.png] Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Hideki Fujioka
Cosmos Hotel Management operates APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU, where everyone stays together. Spacious guest rooms from approximately 40m² equipped with a kitchen, living and dining space, where you can relax with your family and friends and enjoy a trip that feels like home. Open the door to excitement and discovery, and encounter a new Japan that will change your sense of values. At MIMARU, with the tagline “Unlock Your Japan”, staff members who love Japan from all over the world will create a journey together with you.
Sustainability: From people to society, connecting the future with joy. Based on the three themes of “diversity in people and work styles,” “connection with guests and local communities,” and “environmental consideration,” we aim to create a society in which a chain of joy spreads from guests to the community, from the community to the world, and to the future. , we will make steady progress toward achieving the SDGs.
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