CyberAgent Capital, Inc. Launch of a new accelerator program “Monthly Pitch Accelerator: Generative AI” to support startups in the field of generative AI

CyberAgent Capital Co., Ltd.
New accelerator program “Monthly Pitch Accelerator: Generative AI” launched to support startups in the field of generative AI
A new accelerator program to support startups in the field of generative AI, linked with Monthly Pitch, which has raised over 100 billion yen in funding

CyberAgent Capital, Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya, Tokyo), a
consolidated subsidiary of CyberAgent, Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Susumu Fujita, Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market: Securities Code 4751), which develops venture capital business Ward, President: Hirofumi Kondo) is pleased to announce that it has launched a new support program “Monthly Pitch Accelerator: Generative AI” for startup companies in the rapidly evolving generative AI field. This program is positioned as part of the pitch event “Monthly Pitch” for entrepreneurs in the founding period that we operate.
[Image 1:×788.png] ■ Monthly Pitch Accelerator: Background of the Generative AI Program In recent years, generative AI (generative AI) technology has been developing rapidly around the world, and along with that, new business opportunities have emerged. We believe that a strong ecosystem is necessary for Japan to catch up with and even lead this rapid change. Against this background, we have started the “Monthly Pitch
Accelerator: Generative AI” program to be announced this time. Since 2016, Monthly Pitch has been working as a bridge between startups and investors. Especially in rapidly evolving fields such as generative AI, the situation changes dramatically on a daily basis, and the ecosystem to respond to it also needs to be able to respond quickly.
This program will specialize in supporting startups in the field of generative AI with the aim of holding a demo day at the monthly pitch event “Monthly Pitch”.
[Image 2:×788.png] ■ Schedule overview
1st of every month: Application deadline
1st week of every month: Announcement of selected companies, face-to-face meeting
About 1 month: Mentoring period
2nd Wednesday of every month: Demo Day@Monthly Pitch
The application deadline for the first round will be June 1st (Thursday), and July 12th (Wednesday) will be Demo Day.
■ Participation conditions
Participation in “Monthly Pitch Accelerator: Generative AI” is open to those who meet the following conditions.
Those who are interested in generative AI related business
Seed to Series A startups
*There is no problem even if the company is not registered.
If you are a startup company that would like to take the stage, please apply from this URL.
■ Details of support programs
Expertise and resources
Through our network of Monthly Pitch, we provide expert knowledge and resources from industry experts and technologists familiar with the area of ​​generative AI. This allows startups to incorporate the latest technology and trends into their services.
mentoring and coaching
We provide mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs and investors. Receive specific advice on how to overcome a variety of business challenges, including developing business strategy, accelerating product development, and effective marketing and sales strategies. funding opportunity
Pitch opportunities will be provided to investors through the Demo Day at the pitch event “Monthly Pitch”. It is also an opportunity for startups to receive feedback as well as an opportunity to raise funds. ■ Acceleration Partners (*Alphabetical order by English name) Mr. Hiroshi Hata, General Manager, Startup Business Development Department, Amazon Web Services Japan
[Image 3:×400.png] Joined IBM Japan, built a new core system for a telecommunications company as a mainframe SE, later worked as a technical sales and consultant. Launched and promoted business as a founding member of iTicket (healthcare startup, currently a subsidiary of M3) and executive officer in charge of business development, sales and marketing. Joined MISUMI and launched and promoted a new EC business as a business director. Joined AWS Japan, launched and promoted the AWS startup support team, launched the CTO community, CTO of the year and AWS Startup Loft Tokyo.
CyberAgent Senior Managing Executive Officer Yuta Iizuka
[Image 4:×400.png] Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1990. Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Economics.
In 2011, when he was a prospective employee of CyberAgent, he launched the smartphone application “My365”, which was developed and operated with friends to post and share photos once a day. Appointed (current position). In 2014, at the age of 24, he became the youngest executive officer of CyberAgent. Appointed as CEO of CAM Co., Ltd. in 2018 and CEO of Tapple Co., Ltd. in 2020 (current position). Appointed Senior Managing Executive Officer of CyberAgent in 2020 (current position). Datagusto CEO Mao Per
[Image 5:×400.png] Completed master’s course (economics) at Osaka University. After entering the doctoral course at Ochanomizu University, joined PwC Japan in 2017 as the only female data analytics expert among new graduates. At PwC, he was the youngest member of a global project (UK, US, India, Japan) in the AI ​​and BI fields, and was also selected as a Tableau Evangelist. After that, he changed jobs to AI venture ABEJA and was in charge of business development. Launched new business with Google Japan. Founded datagusto in 2020.
Google Cloud Japan Venture Capital Business Development Manager Takeaki Dota
[Image 6:×400.png] Doctor of engineering. At Google, he leads AI/Web3 cloud business development, VC community and startup investment as a venture capital business development manager. Research and development and start-up founding in Japan, Europe and the United States. After engaging in intellectual property legal affairs for the Toyota Motor Group, after conducting research and development at Kyoto University, he was in charge of technical advisor and chief intellectual property officer of Preferred Networks Co., Ltd. Since 2017, he has been engaged in technical support business development for computing and AI/ML as a technical business development manager in the AWS Asia region. After working as UTEC Venture Partner and CDO of Shionogi & Co., Ltd., he has been in his current position since 2022.
Mercari Executive Officer VP of Generative AI/LLM Yuki Ishikawa
[Image 7:×400.png] Joined Nintendo Co., Ltd. in 2012 after graduating from the University of Tokyo. Joined Moi Co., Ltd. (TwitCasting) in 2014 and engaged in various developments and new launches. In June 2017, joined Souzoh Inc. (former) of the Mercari Group. After that, he moved to Mercari, Inc. and became Merpay’s VP of Product in July 2020. CEO of Souzoh Co., Ltd. from January 2021. VP of Generative AI / LLM at Mercari, Inc. from May 2023.
Microsoft Japan Cloud Business Development Startup Team Lead Daiki Kanemitsu
[Image 8:×400.png] Joined Microsoft Japan as a new graduate in 2016. After engaging in partner sales in the SMB area of ​​Microsoft 365 and Azure, he has been active in the startup team since 2018. Currently in charge of business and technical support for digital native companies and startups. In addition to leading the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub program in Japan, he is also promoting the quantum computing business as an Azure Quantum Ambassador.
Mr. Rei Ogawa, Representative Director of Timee
[Image 9:×400.png] Born April 13, 1997. Became interested in starting a business when he was in high school and experienced an internship at
Recruit/CyberAgent. In August 2017, he launched Recolle Co., Ltd., an apparel-related business, but decided to change the business in one year. From August 10, 2018, the service of the skimmer byte
application “Timey” started. Based on the vision of “enriching each person’s time”, we aim to create a platform that allows you to easily work in various industries and occupations.
Mr. Eiko Hashiwa, Representative Director of VisasQ
[Image 10:×400.png] After experiencing investment banking at Goldman Sachs, budget planning and management at Japan L’Oréal, and PE investment at Unison Capital for 5 years, he established walkntalk Inc. (currently VisasQ Inc.) in March 2012. Founded and officially released VisasQ in October 2013. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo, and obtained an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

■ About VC mentors
[Image 11:×540.png] (*Alphabetical order of English names)
This program is held as part of the “Monthly Pitch”, which has a vision of producing promising startups from Japan to the world. We plan to work together to support selected companies. In addition, we will continue to call out to VC mentor partners in order.
■ What is Monthly Pitch?
[Image 12:×78.png] “Monthly Pitch” is a startup that is held on the second Wednesday of every month with the aim of building a startup ecosystem where “entrepreneurs from all over Japan and Asian countries can raise funds efficiently at the best timing”. is a select, invitation-only fundraising pitch event for In April 2023, it was announced (*) that the total amount raised after participating startups had exceeded 100 billion yen. *Monthly Pitch, a fundraising pitch event held monthly where entrepreneurs and investors gather, and the cumulative amount raised after the start-up stage exceeded 100 billion yen
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